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By Josef Howard

Chapter One
The Allegro Corporation did not advertise. Few knew it existed. Some of its employees didn’t even know what it did, because, even in the enlightened world of the late 21st century, Allegro’s business was illegal. If Leonard had not met someone who knew someone else who had a friend who had been a customer, he wouldn’t have been there.

Leonard sat on a low-slung modern chair in the sparsely furnished waiting room alone with the spectacular view from the 235th floor. He had completed the screening process and was ready to meet with the doctor.

Leonard heard voices, footsteps. His pulse quickened. He tried not to become anxious – he had heard these sounds several times – but this time they were louder. The door opened.

“Leonard? I’m Dr. Saud.”

Nothing about the doctor’s appearance hinted of his specialty. He was handsome, but of average height and build. How could he have resisted a taste of the fruit of his discoveries?

Lost in his observations, Leonard missed the doctor’s social pleasantries. The next words he heard were all business.

“We constructed a psychological profile of you based on the tests you took during the screening process. I think you will be very happy with what I have to show you.” Dr. Saud touched the intercom button on the phone attached to his collar and spoke to it. “Send in HRO-3498.”

The door opened. A young, tall, extremely muscular, adult male walked into the room wearing only loose drawstring hospital pants. He stood in the center of the room, arms at his sides, and smiled at Leonard and the doctor. He was more muscular than Leonard could ever have imagined – bigger than a bodybuilding champion. His muscles were so full, so well rounded, and so well proportioned – a body so perfect that it couldn’t have been a genetic accident. His arms were almost the size of his waist; his shoulders were three times its width. It looked like it took all the strength of the taut, tower of his abs to hold such a magnificent frame erect.

The sight of him alone made Leonard erect, though he was old enough to retire, long past the age at which erections came easily. Leonard’s eyes drank in the sight of him. “This is worth every cent of the ten million I had saved for my retirement.”

“Oh, I’m afraid this model is considerably more than ten million,” the doctor said.

Leonard’s heart thudded to a near halt. “What? Your brochures say ten million!”

“Our brochures say ‘starting at ten million’, but don’t worry. You can finance the rest. A healthy young body like this has many, many productive years ahead of it.”

Leonard’s excitement overwhelmed his caution. He hadn’t felt this alive in thirty years. He was ready to pay whatever it cost.

The doctor tugged at the drawstring on HRO-3498’s pants. They fluttered to his ankles. Leonard gasped. Its equipment was even more impressive than its musculature. Its balls were like ostrich eggs. Its dick was like a boa constrictor.

“Do you like it?” the doctor asked.

Leonard’s eyes were wild. “Can I touch him?”

“Be my guest. It’s not really alive.”

“But he walks; he smiles.”

“It is a shell. It is intelligent, but it has no personal memories, no soul, if you believe in such things. How we put you into this body is too complicated to explain, but it is not a brain transplant or a memory overlay. We strip that which is you from your body and weave it into this magnificent shell. When we are finished it is as though it had always been yours, but no part of this Human Replacement Organism is destroyed or violated in the process. That would be unethical.”

Leonard walked toward the HRO.

“Don’t be shy,” the doctor said. “Touch it anyway you wish.”

Leonard felt the broad, warm, stone-hard chest. The HRO’s penis sprouted an inch and thickened. Leonard massaged a thick, rubbery nipple. Its penis climbed outward and upward. It smiled at him. Its penis stretched and swelled. It rose level to the floor, then higher, longer, until the head swung up to its chest.

Leonard leaned over and sucked it. The HRO laid its hand on Leonard’s neck and it moaned. He took more of it in his mouth. Its hand pressed him downward. Leonard fell to his knees and pulled the HRO’s penis downward with him. He used both his hands to spread his copious saliva down from the eight inches he could swallow to the base. Leonard had never had an erotic experience as fulfilling. It was not just the HRO’s size that lit him on fire. This body he made love to was going to be his. Taking it now, like this, was only the prelude.

In the back of his mouth, the HRO’s prick swelled yet again. It stiffened all the way down to the testicles, which had drawn up tight. Leonard’s hands felt the semen rush up its length like water through a hose. He buried the head down his throat and sucked with his lungs. For as long as he could, he kept it enveloped in his throat, feeling the cum squirt and roll down inside. It was still squirting when he pulled back just a bit to catch a breath through his nose. It filled his mouth and he gulped it down. He looked up over the rocky ridge of its chest muscles at its wide-open mouth, its tightly clenched eyes, its jaw twisted in ecstasy.

Even after he had his fill and had limply released the HRO’s fuck pole, it was still squirting over his face, his hair and his clothing.

Dr. Saud was smiling when he looked up. “I take it we have made a sale?”

Chapter Two
When the doctor left the room with the HRO, an orderly showed him to the bathroom so he could clean up. Legal representatives led him through the paperwork, which assigned all his assets to the Allegro Corporation in exchange for the possession of the HRO unit in perpetuity. Hours later they sent him home to wait the requisite number of business days until the financial and legal transactions could be completed.

Leonard told his friends and relatives that he was going into the hospital for a routine surgery. They would be told he died in a freak accident of surgery. The company had created a new identity for him and would give him a small stipend until he could find work. All his credentials and some of his relevant work experience and references were replicated in his new identity. He’d have no difficulty getting a job in his old field if he wanted.

As Leonard lost consciousness on the operating table, he said goodbye to his old life, and enthusiastically embraced his new one.


A deep breath made Leonard aware he was in his new body. As his lungs expanded he felt his chest rise and his lats push his thickly muscled arms away. He opened his eyes to crystal clear vision. He felt vital, energetic, strong as a bull and eager to test that strength. His muscles were taut, hard, under skin stretched as thin and tight as a balloon.

Using only his ab muscles, he sat up in his bed. He stretched his arms. He flexed them. His biceps were so huge it made him laugh. He wished there were a mirror in his room so he could see himself better. The electric sense of power that tingled through his muscles as he tensed and flexed them made his snake-like cock jump in his lap. He grinned.


Leonard’s new home was a clean, but dilapidated residence hotel in a bad part of town. When Leonard entered the lobby with his one piece of luggage, the desk clerk couldn’t take his eyes off him. Leonard suspected most people would have that reaction to his appearance from now on. Even if he didn’t sexually excite them, they would be astounded at his physical development. He doubted many would ever have seen someone as big. But he could tell by the boner in the clerk’s pants, that he wasn’t just admiring a phenomenal physique. The financial arrangements for the room had already been made by Allegro, but the clerk volunteered to show it to him. The handsome young man introduced himself as Thann, which Leonard assumed was short for Nathaniel.

“I guess it’s pretty obvious that you’re a bodybuilder,” Thann said as he led Leonard up the narrow staircase. “There’s a gym a few blocks away, in case you’re looking.”

He unlocked the door and led him into a room barely bigger than a walk-in closet. The only furniture was a steel frame bed with a sagging mattress and small table with a lamp.

“Bathroom’s back out here, down at the end of the hall,” Thann said.

As Leonard looked around his new home, Thann’s eyes raked up and down his tight body, clearly revealed through a tight, light-weight pull over and skin tight leather pants.

Leonard’s eyes caught Thann’s eyes and he grinned. “Like to see a couple poses?” he asked. Leonard didn’t wait for a verbal response. He could tell by the way Thann’s eyes widened and his breath quickened that he did. Leonard slowly tugged his pullover out of his pants. His eyes held Thann’s in silent acknowledgement of his attraction. He slid the shirt over his head and admired his arm as he flexed a biceps.

He looked back at Thann, stunned at his size and definition. Leonard raised the other arm and did a double biceps. When he released it, he paused just long enough to allow the young clerk to doubt there was more to the show, then he popped the top button of his pants. Thann’s young cock pushed the front of his pants out like a tent pole.

The prodigious size of Leonard’s equipment had been obvious even when it was packed tightly in his pants, but once it was released Thann could hardly believe his eyes. And seeing the effect it was having on Thann was making Leonard’s long hose expand and grow longer. Leonard finished peeling off his pants. He drew Thann closer and undressed his young friend as they stared into each other’s eyes and felt the heat radiating from their bodies.

When they were both completely naked Leonard engulfed the young man in his wide shoulders and thick arms. Leonard’s long, thick penis was sandwiched between them in the ridge between the columns of his abs and the valley between his pecs. Thann’s shorter cock stood against it hard as a nail. Thann devoured Leonard’s lips with his mouth, and Leonard couldn’t wait to feel them on his chest, arms and cock.

Leonard felt Thann’s hungry hands on his thick pole. It was plain that his cock exceeded Thann’s wildest expectations. He rubbed it and twisted his hands around it as their tongues intertwined. Leonard felt his load building at the base of the monster. He reveled in the sensation, as the load swelled and swelled inside his groin way beyond what he thought was his capacity. Lost in lust he neglected to push Thann’s hands away before his cock drew back like a recoiling rifle and fired the first blob of cum on their faces. Thann redoubled his efforts, and Leonard’s orgasm intensified. As strong as his legs were, his knees almost buckled. With each spasm every muscle in his body clenched, and the rapture of each release was so rich Leonard thought he would go mad. Giving Leonard such immense pleasure made Thann feel so powerful that he came too. As he emptied himself, he thrusted his erection in the cleavage of Leonard’s abs and squeezed harder on Leonard’s fuck pole.

Eventually the convulsions in Leonard’s cock trailed off. The two fell apart slightly and smiled at each other in mutual amazement. Leonard almost regretted cumming so soon, until his body demonstrated its staying power. After slipping down to a forty-five degree angle for a few seconds, it began climbing skyward again and the juices started to build inside him. Thann’s eyes widened in a mixture of excitement and fear. He was about to step back when Leonard’s arms grabbed him by the shoulders, firmly turned him around and bent him at the waist.

Leonard barely knew what he was doing. His limbs, including his exceptionally demanding, club-sized fifth limb, seemed to have a separate intelligence. Flung into the backseat, he merely enjoyed the ride.

As Leonard’s penile pole poked at Thann’s ass crack, both of them moaned in anticipation. It took several attempts to pierce Thann’s puckered ass lips, but when Leonard was inside, Thann gasped at the fullness of him stretching the first inches of his insides to accommodate the rest. As they pushed into each other, Thann felt a little fright for what was to come. Surely no one could take a prick the size of this stranger’s, no matter how desperately he wanted it, and live. Then as Leonard plunged deeper, the ecstasy Thann felt purged all thought of turning back, no matter how much trepidation he felt for what was to come.

It was true, Leonard discovered, as he slid deeper, that bigger men felt more pleasure than smaller ones. Now inside Thann twice the length of his old equipment, he felt more excited and pleasured than he ever had in his prior life. And there was twice as much more to bury! Slowly, inexorably Leonard sunk more and more of himself in Thann’s ass, and he relished the steady climb of Thann’s ass lips up his shaft. At last he reached a point where no more would fit and he began to slowly withdraw.

The intensity of feeling – sweet fullness, stinging pain – had Thann beside himself. Sweat coated his skin and he tossed his head like a bucking horse. As Leonard reversed again and thrust back inside him, he thought he would explode. A few more thrusts and Thann was wishing it would never end.

The fucking became animal -- frantic thrusts without rhythm or reason --desperate fucking almost without hope of sating either’s desires. It was not without release, mind you, but none of the orgasms that either took separately or shared with the other took the edge off their desires.

It was the middle of the night before they exhausted themselves. Leonard awoke near morning on the cool, dusty, vinyl floor, Thann still underneath him, his prick still firm and partly buried in Thann’s ass. Just a slight shift of his weight as he lifted himself sent a shockwave of intense pleasure through his groin as his cock slid around inside Thann. It took all his will to resist humping him again while he lay asleep on the floor, his ass lips red from their fucking.

As he rose and knelt on his knees behind Thann’s sleeping form, Leonard’s cock stiffened further, enough to elicit a moan. He gripped the club-like flesh that sprang from his loins at its base like a bat and wrung it like a nervous ball player. Another electric jolt stiffened the muscles of his bountiful body and cum erupted from inside again.

Leonard rocked back and forth, hanging on to himself for dear life, as his heart pounded in frantic joy.

Where was the end to the sexual stamina in his new body?

Chapter Three
Although he didn’t need to workout to maintain his physique, Leonard decided to visit the neighborhood gym that Thann had mentioned, just to put his new body through its paces.

Like the hotel and the rest of the neighborhood, the gym was exceptionally seedy. Its floors were bare cement and the equipment was so old, so primitive that it was actually made of iron and steel. But the scent of the place -- mold with a twist of sweat -- was erotic, and Leonard thought that since it was almost empty it would be easier for him to experiment.

It was the kind of gym that no one cared what you wore – just what you could lift. He didn’t have workout clothes. He just wore an extraordinarily strained pair of ordinary pants and street shoes. He shed his shirt and dropped it in a corner on the floor.

Leonard picked up the bulkiest pair of dumbbells he could find on the rack and curled them. He could tell they weighed something, but lifting them was no effort at all. One hundred kilos a piece and they weren’t even a challenge. The only thing about the set that was hard was his prick, which enjoyed the tremendous feeling of power at elevating them up to his chin and the pulsing of blood through his body. The veins in his arms were filling, raising and twisting like snakes over his smooth, hard muscles as he squeezed his arms.

Across the room through the mirror he could see an admirer, an Uzikan, one of the near-system alien races that visited Earth occasionally, now that the government had liberalized off-world trading. Besides their natural strength and mass, Uzikans were known for their fantastic healing abilities. An Uzikan could recover from a near fatal wound in minutes. Leonard wasn’t sure he could accurately read Uzikan facial expressions, but he thought the alien looked impressed with his strength and maybe a little miffed that a mere human appeared to be in his league.

Leonard loaded up an old-fashioned weight bar at the bench press. The bar could have held more, but Leonard stopped loading it at 400 kilos. The Uzikan stared. Leonard lay down on the bench, extended his arms and lifted the bar from the stand. He grinned as he lowered the bar to the edge his protruding chest. It was as easy as curling the dumbbells. Just for kicks he finished a set of sixteen, then loaded the bar to its capacity. Leonard had to borrow 50 kilo plates from all around the gym, giving the Uzikan plenty of opportunity to stare. The bar now weighed 720 kilos.

Leonard licked his lips and wrung his hands as he sat down on the bench. This time the lift was an effort, but not a real challenge. He pushed out twelve reps and set the weight back down – mildly flushed.

The Uzikan was standing nearby now, working his arms with dumbbells where Leonard had been a few minutes ago. Leonard watched him strain with a pair of fifties. He worked to failure, set the weights down, and tensed his arms admiring the pump.

Then it was Leonard’s turn to be amazed. Right before his eyes he saw the Uzikan’s arms swell. The Uzikan flexed a double-bi and grinned. He picked up a pair of sixties and curled an equal number of reps with the heavier weight. As soon as he set the weights down, his arms swelled again.

The Uzikans’ healing ability extended to muscular recovery -- GROWTH!

From the corner of his eye the Uzikan watched Leonard’s reaction – the open mouth, wide eyes and throbbing cock tugging at the legging of his pants. Leonard thought if he wasn’t careful it might tear free! The Uzikan worked his way up the rack until he finished his final set with the hundred kilo dumbbells Leonard had used. Then he moved to the squat rack and repeated the performance.

Leonard was dizzy with desire. The sight of the humanoid growing more and more muscular right in front of him -- to almost impossible proportions -- had Leonard squirting pre-cum like a leaky pipe. His nipples stood out like tiny fingers and Leonard thought he could feel them wiggling. His pounding prick stretched the crotch of his pants like an iron poker. Finally the fabric gave. His prick tore free and climbed up past his stomach. Leonard felt wetness on his chin. He was drooling!

The Uzikan was posing in front of the mirror now, admiring a physique that had become Leonard’s equal in every way, but his eyes strayed in Leonard’s direction, obviously aware of the effect his transformation was having.

All Uzikans were male. Uzikans wrestled before they mated. The winner impregnated the loser by forcing his genetic material into his body. The impregnated Uzikan hosted the material as it grew to gestation and burst free. An Uzikan could survive giving birth because of their healing abilities – other species, maybe not.

The Uzikan tugged down the front of his workout trunks. At first Leonard thought he was just displaying his severely striated abs, but he tugged lower, lower, until his sexual equipment tumbled out for Leonard to see. His penis was in the same league as Leonard’s too. The Uzikan grinned at him through the mirror, then turned toward him. The waistband of his trunks slipped up behind his equipment as it started to swell and stretch.

Leonard stood. He knew nothing about how Uzikans wrestled, but he knew that as much as the Uzikan had grown, he had only grown to the limits of the equipment in this gym. Leonard knew he exceeded those limits. He was still stronger and so horny that he would tackle a T-Rex if it meant he’d get laid.

The Uzikan extended an upraised arm. Leonard mirrored his action. The Uzikan’s hand gripped his and began to twist Leonard’s arm backwards. Leonard pushed back. His arm held fast. The Uzikan began to sweat. He bared his sharply pointed teeth. As he threw all his strength into the struggle, his whole body began to grow thicker and stronger. His skin grew so taut it seemed to dissolve. Leonard could see striations on striations, and his prick began to squirt pre-cum again as waves of desire flooded his body. But instead of getting weak in the knees, he became more determined. He was going to fuck this arrogant alien asshole into next week. Slowly Leonard’s arm began to push the Uzikan’s fractionally backward. The Uzikan grimaced and broke off the grip.

It wasn’t over yet. The Uzikan dropped the knuckles of one hand to the floor like a football player. Leonard mimicked. The Uzikan shouted something unintelligibly alien and charged. Their arms and shoulders locked. The Uzikan drove hard. If Leonard gave an inch, he knew he’d fall on his back. But as big as the Uzikan was now, Leonard was still much stronger. It took barely more effort than standing to hold him back.

Leonard pushed harder. The Uzikan slipped an inch and dug in. Leonard wrapped his arms around the alien and doubled his efforts. The Uzikan began to quiver. His back muscles, shoulders and arms began to get thicker, swelling right under Leonard’s vice grip. Bigger, bigger – until his muscles looked too large to be held by his frame. His arms were larger Leonard’s legs. His legs were as thick as Leonard’s chest, but still Leonard’s artificially engineered body was stronger. Leonard pressed harder. The alien fell back a step and fell backward to the floor with Leonard on top of him.

A sinewy sandwich, they thrust and squirmed. Leonard had won the battle, but claiming the spoils was also a struggle. He raised one of the Uzikan’s thighs, pinning his back on the ground and allowing him to examine the orifice he was taking. He stick in a finger. It was syrupy wet. He slid in several more. The Uzikan quivered. It was clear that no matter who ended up on top in the Uzikan mating ritual, both parties were winners.

Leonard bucked and fucked. The Uzikan began to work with him. Their bodies slid into each other. If Leonard slowed, the Uzikan coaxed him to fuck faster. The Uzikan’s insides were just as enthusiastic. Leonard could feel hundreds of tiny tendrils pulling at his penis, tickling it and teasing it, keeping him at the peak of his arousal, the edge of release, but denying him ultimate pleasure no matter how desperately he fought for it. He felt more and more cum building inside of his balls, like the Uzikan’s body was drawing it up inside of him, maximizing his load to ensure a fertile union of their bodies. He could have come three or four times with the cum he felt inside him – great gushing orgasms that would have filled buckets. Yet part of him relished the immensity of the pleasure his felt along his gargantuan prick as it slithered and poked inside of this impossibly hulked-out alien.

When the fluid inside him finally burst free, there were no words to describe the intensity of feeling that racked his entire body. As much as he came, the Uzikan’s insides absorbed all of it. And when he was finished, he found he was unable to pull himself free. The Uzikan’s body still milked him, sucking every last drop of seminal fluid from his thick hose, and tickling his entire prick, inside and out – almost enough to make it hard all over again.

It was almost an hour later when he was released. Leonard pulled himself off the Uzikan and free of his tight hole. The Uzikan rose. The two of them were pulling on their shorts just as someone else entered the gym. Leonard checked the Uzikan out. He snarled just as much as when he’d first seen him. Leonard chuckled privately. Only now, ten months from now, the two of them would be daddies.

Chapter Four
“Dr. Saud! Thank God I got hold of you!”

Leonard had been trying to reach Dr. Saud for over an hour. He’d been tossed around by a multitude of receptionists, secretaries and nurses until he finally convinced one of them he had an emergency.

“What is it? Who am I speaking to?”

“It’s Leonard Friedman, Dr. I’m one of your patients. Or at least I was.”

“Yes, yes. What is it?”

“It’s about the HRO unit?”

“I’m afraid this is not a subject I can discuss by phone. Come back to the office and tell my secretary I said I would see you.”

No taxis cruised the neighborhood around the hotel. Leonard had to find a tube station and take the pneumatic.

The Allegro Corporation lobby conjured up images of his first hopeful visit a few days ago when he was still the aging nebbish who dreamed of renewed youth and an explosively muscular physique. Dr. Saud had answered all his prayers that day and set him on the path to what ought to be the best time of his life. Dr. Saud’s company had transplanted his consciousness into an artificial construct that was everything his own body never could be. It was well over six feet tall and more muscular than any of the genetically enhanced and professionally trained bodybuilders of the late 21st Century. Its artificial muscles were ten times as strong, and sexually he was both immensely impressive and insatiable.

And that was the problem he was bringing to Dr. Saud. Leonard could never have imagined himself having sex in public, but that is exactly what he had done with the Uzikan in the gym. He never would have seduced a hotel desk clerk either, but had. In fact he seduced the pizza delivery man and the housekeeper too. Leonard’s sexual needs gnawed at his groin like a wild animal.

Eventually the door opened and Dr. Saud entered.

“First let me tell you that if you ever again attempt to discuss the things I have done for you over an unsecured line, I will not only hang-up, I will turn your name over to our private security office. I keep myself ignorant of their methods, but I assure you that no one they visit ever causes us trouble again.”

Leonard completely understood. What Allegro had done for him was completely illegal. He was sure it employed many unsavory tactics to protect itself from discovery and prosecution.

“You have my word, Dr. I won’t endanger your security again.”

Dr. Saud relaxed.

“What is the matter?”

“This body you have given me is faulty.”

“I beg your pardon? In all the history of this company we have never allowed a patient to receive a body that is less than perfection. What is the nature of this problem?”

“It’s my sexual urges, Dr. I cannot control them.”

Dr. Saud tapped his easel and called up Leonard’s records.

“The unit we gave you – HRO 3498 was matched to your psychological profile. Our tests indicated that you have a deep-seated desire to free yourself from your inhibitions. This HRO model has sexual instincts that direct its action. In this one regard it cannot be controlled by the personality that occupies it. Its sexual appetite is insatiable and its sexual activities are uncontrollable.”

“Then you have to disable it! I can’t live with this. How could I ever lead a normal life?”

“A man who chooses the physical stature you have cannot possibly desire to lead a ‘normal’ life – whatever that is. Tell me honestly that you do not enjoy losing yourself in sexual pleasure.”

The door behind Dr. Saud opened. An attractive orderly entered and whispered into Dr. Saud’s ear. As Dr. Saud listened, he caught Leonard’s eyes staring at the orderly. The orderly stopped talking and waited for the Dr. to respond, but Leonard responded first. His python-like prick grew longer and thicker inside his loose fitting pants.

The orderly’s eyes widened. It was not that he wasn’t surrounded by hundreds of studs the equal of Leonard in his job everyday, but he was as unable to ignore Leonard’s arousal as Leonard was unable to ignore his handsome face.

When Leonard saw the orderly looking back at him with lust in his eyes, the blood began to pour into his prick. It lifted the leg of his pants and stressed the seams. The orderly approached Leonard, his eyes riveted to the Leonard’s cock. He petted it through his pants and then knelt before him and tugged Leonard’s pants down to his ankles. Leonard’s cock rose around his kneeling body and over his head.

The orderly looked up at him with pale blue eyes and grinned. He grabbed hold of the base of Leonard’s erection and twisted the skin around it. Leonard moaned. The orderly stood. From a standing position he could bend his head down and slurp on the end of Leonard’s prick. The orderly opened wide and sucked the entire ostrich egg sized head into his mouth. Leonard moaned.

What the orderly did next would have taken Leonard’s breath away even if he had seen it done to someone else. The orderly’s jaw seemed to dislocate like a snake’s, and he began to take inch after inch of Leonard’s fabulous super-sized cock down his throat and deep into his gullet.

Leonard looked at Dr. Saud, who was smiling at them both.

“You look surprised, Leonard, to learn that we hire our own customer’s. Mr. Simon here is the beneficiary of a different kind of body that yours that suits his unique fantasies. After his operation he discovered the men that helped him live out his fantasies were other customers and stayed on as an orderly.”

The orderly, Mr. Simon, was working his full magic now, applying super human suction along the length of Leonard’s inhuman cock, crippling Leonard with sexual pleasure. The intense pleasure of a snake-like throat constricting around his immense penis as it drenched itself in lubricant weakened Leonard’s knees. He fell forward, then caught himself on the orderly’s shoulders.

“I can tell by the look on your face, Leonard, and your groans that you are enjoying Mr. Simon’s attentions. Can you honestly tell me the sex you can have now – the sex I assume you have been having nonstop since your operation – isn’t what you want more than anything in the world?”

Leonard gasped as the orderly’s mouth wrapped tightly around the base of his penis. “Noooo!”

“What’s that Leonard? No, you don’t want this?”

“Noo-oo—oo! I want it! I want it!! I want this and I want it all the time, every day until the day I d-iiii-eee!” Leonard screamed as he emptied cum down the throat orderly’s throat. He gripped the back of orderly’s head and fucked his face as hard as he could. It was liberating to know that no matter how hard he fucked his throat he wasn’t hurting him.

“I thought so, Leonard,” said Dr. Saud. “I hope you will excuse me, Leonard. I have other appointments. Mr. Simon, when you are done with your – break – there’s another patient in room three who needs your – attentions.”

Leonard hadn’t stopped fucking the orderly’s face and he hadn’t stopping emptying his load. The orderly’s lips were wet with saliva and cum dripped down his chin. Through wrenched cries of joy Leonard thought he could see the orderly’s throat muscles undulating around his thick penis, buried deep inside.

Dr. Saud stood with one foot out the examining room door proudly surveying the fruits of his labors, the creation of such astoundingly pleasing humanoid bodies. Although he was not, himself, homosexual, the sight of such intense sexual activity between two of his most magnificent creatures was enough to raise the front of his trousers. After all, this was the reason he made them so beautiful and endowed them with such spectacular attributes.

Dr Saud left the room and closed the door just after Leonard had stopped cumming and the orderly has started to milk him towards another orgasm.

The pleasure was so intense that -- for an instant -- Leonard worried he would never be able to disengage from him. Then the orderly’s throat began to undulate again and Leonard was lost in sensuality.

When the orderly had pulled the last orgasm from him and Leonard withdrew his purple throbbing cock from his mouth, the orderly grinned up at Leonard, proud of his sexual prowess and confident that no one had ever been able to orally satisfy Leonard as well as he had.

“Can I give you my number?” the orderly asked. “I’d like to introduce you to some of my friends some time.”

If they were half as skilled as the orderly Leonard couldn’t wait to meet them.