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One Hundred and One: Wolverine Fan

By Josef Howard

The guys who’d been coming regularly to the support group recognized Cal right away when he stepped forward at the meeting. Cal was one of the guys who told his story in the early meetings, and he had a distinctive look. He was the shortest guy in the group – only about five foot six – and not only really hairy, he was one of the most muscular guys in the group. He was three hundred pounds and zero body fat. His upper arms were as big as his head. If you like little hairy guys and you love muscle, he was a soaking wet dream on two tree trunk legs.

It was one of those rare warm days in October and he’d come to the meeting in just a black tank and mid calf baggy shorts. Only they weren’t baggy on Cal. They were as tight as his tank top, and they exposed his furry, watermelon-sized calves. His chest hair was like a freaking carpet that thinned around his clavicle and at his deltoids to a sparse forest that covered every inch of exposed skin.

He sat at the chair at the front of the room and leaned forward, bracing his tank-sized torso with his elbows on his knees. Bending his arms forward like that made his biceps pop up bigger than cantaloupes, made his upper arms bigger than his head. He grinned.

“You probably figured you’d already heard my story a few months ago,” he said. “I admit it sounded pretty complete. I told you all about my shot at the clinic, my explosive muscle growth and the change in my sex life. What more could there be, right? But there’s more. Some of you might have even read about it in the campus daily, or seen it on the local TV news.”

Cal’s hairy hand brushed a dangling lock of coal black hair from in front of his square Polish face and hooked it behind his ear.

“I can hardly believe what happened to me after I told you my story the first time and I’m a freaking comic book fan. I’m used to strange stories. Most of my life I’ve expected the unusual to happen, but my life since then has been un-fucking-believable!

“How many of you are in a frat? Yeah? Not many. I know I never thought I’d be asked to join. I was just too fucking geeky until last year. But a few weeks into last semester I couple of hot jocks corner me as I’m walking to class and started talking to me – guys who would never even have said hello to me in the old days.

“But the really freaky thing is that even though they acted straight both of them were checking me out. Every time I locked eyes with one of them, the other one was looking me over – even staring at my crotch. It made grin like a Cheshire cat, and inside my pants my dick stirred as I looked into the tall one’s pale blue eyes. I gave quite a show to his pal, who was not as handsome, but still fuckable.

“The two of them asked me all that straight guy shit – what sports did I play; what was my major. They made a big deal about what a chick magnet I must be, but of course guys always think girls are into muscle, but girls always get scared of guys our size. But I let ‘em think I was just between women, playing the field.

“That weekend they had me over to their frat house at a big party with lots of women and beer. The whole house was so into me I could hardly circulate. Have you guys ever noticed how straight jocks are like school girls when it comes to big guys like us? Every where I stood there were ten guys milling around asking me questions and struggling to keep my attention.

“A week later they voted me in the frat. The tall guy with the blue eyes – Steven – was president. He kicked his roommate out and put me in the big room with him. He had the biggest crush on me. Every night when we turned out the lights he chatted me up in the dark like some school girl. When I undressed in front of him his eyes drilled holes into me. The first time I took off my under shorts in front of him and let my dick flop in full view he gulped in disbelief. Not a surprise, right? What normal guy wouldn’t be intimated by fifteen inch cock flesh? I’m sure he wondered just how big it got when it was angry, you know?

“Steven kept saying his girl friend had this friend they could introduce me to, but I got the idea what he wanted was for the four of us to end up in his room fucking so he could watch me get my rocks off.

“One weekend near winter break when most of the guys had gone home, Steven brought in this straight porno DVD and a half dozen joints. We both got shit-faced and then he popped in the DVD and we sat on the floor at the foot of his bed and watched. Steven started massaging his dick through his sweat pants and it was pretty impressive for a regular guy. He took off his shirt. He has this tightly muscled body that’s really hot – kind of like a fitness model – with hard abs. Although Steven was watching the movie as he rubbed himself, I could see in the mirror that he kept glancing at me. I kept my cool. I watched the movie and even though I prefer guys, my dick was pretty stiff. It filled out along my thigh inside my pant leg like a third leg, but I didn’t touch it. Not yet. I wanted to tease him. I wanted Steven to want me to touch it so bad that he almost reached over to touch it himself.

“Still I’m only human and after it while it was so hard inside my pants it hurt. I tugged down my jeans and up popped all nineteen inches, all the way to my chin. That was when Steven stopped watching the movie and started watching me.

“I kept my eyes on the television as I jacked my huge cock with both hands, but Steven turned to face me as he masturbated. Then, slowly, he put his hand on the top half of my cock and started helping me. Then the other one. Four hands weren’t enough to do it justice, but they sure felt better than two.

“Steven abandoned pretense. He sat down in front of me. He leaned into my cock and licked the head. Then he took the whole knob in his mouth and in another couple seconds he was sucking as much as he could handle while I encouraged my straight jock roommate with a hand on the back of his neck.

“And so began my low key affair with Steven. Hardly a night when by after that one without Steven reaching into my shorts and helping me cream. Sometimes he only used his hands, but most of the time he tried to suck it. The longer it went on the better at it he got. He never got much more than half inside his throat, but half is fucking good. I kept the mystery up about the rest of my sex life so he thought I was straight, and from what I could tell the sex with his girl friend only got more intense as a result of our affair. I think he got off fucking her imagining he was me, you know?

“But the story about Steven and the frat isn’t why I wanted to speak tonight. The rest of the story is the spectacular part.

“Is it hot in here?” Cal asked. “Does anybody care if I take my shirt off? I didn’t think so.” Cal was a magnificent fur rug down the front of his torso, but even with all that hair you could appreciate the balloon size pecs and the thick divisions between his abs. Leaning forward he looked like he was pushing out a ‘most muscular’ as he continued his story. There wasn’t a dry crotch in the room, and several of the big guys made a mental note to give him their number after the meeting was over.

One Hundred and One: Wolverine Fan