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the Vampires of Sodom and

By Josef Howard
(c) 2007

Chapter One
He had the kind of body I worshipped and he was the kind of guy that ordinarily never looked twice at me. Yet from the minute he bumped into me in the bar he hardly took his eyes off me, and he was so gorgeous I couldn’t take my eyes off him. It was hard to keep from blushing as I looked down into those adoring pale blue doe-like eyes. He was shorter than me by about four inches, but what he lacked in height he more than made up in girth. He must have been more than 275 even at only five foot nine inches, and I had never seen a man as big as he was who was still so lean. His waist was no more than thirty inches, but his arms had to be at least twenty-five and his chest must have been sixty. Some guys that big and broad are top heavy, but if anything his gluts and thighs were even more outrageously developed. Why the fuck was this twenty year old muscle stud so into a forty something guy like me? I don’t say that because I’m ugly. Plenty of people say I look like a movie star, but they mean guys like Harrison Ford, not Chris Evans.

He said his name was Hammond. He was local. I was just in New York on business having a drink at my favorite bar in mid town. We talked a lot about politics. I was impressed he knew so much, not just about contemporary events, but history – things that I lived through but that had to have happened before a guy his age was born, and he had a perspective on them that belied his years. Okay, so maybe he was just a bright guy who enjoyed the company of mature men with intellectual depth. It would have been hard for him to find someone his own age that would talk about the kinds of things we talked about. At some point you stop questioning and go with the flow.

After we finished the second round of drinks he asked where I was staying, which usually means a guy wants to be invited back to your room in my experience. I told him I was staying in mid town. Before I could extend an invitation he suggested we go back to my room.

I should have worried that it was a set-up, or that he wanted money for his attentions, but he seemed so genuinely into me. In the back of the cab kissed me on the mouth. In an instant we were sucking face and squeezing each other’s dick through our pants. His did honor to the rest of him. It lay firm and hard out around his hip and it was so long that I didn’t even find the head before we broke it off. I don’t think the cab driver even glanced back at us. Typical New York cabbie.

He took off his shirt the minute I closed the door to my room, and I have to say his body was even better than I thought it was. His pecs were so damn thick you could bury your fingers between them at the breast bone. Even the grooves between the stones of his abs were deep, and he wasn’t flexing them. He was just breathing!

My eyes widened. My jaw probably dropped. He grinned and called me over. He unbuttoned my shirt and tossed it to the floor. Then he wrapped his ham-sized arms around me tight and picked up our tongue wrestling match from where we left off in the cab. Amazingly for a man my age, I was still hard from before, but the second kiss made me so horny I thought I was going to cum.

“Take off your pants,” he said when he broke our kiss.

I dropped them and he knelt down and sucked up my whole cock in one gulp. He nuzzled me backwards to the bed as he sucked and simultaneously pulled down his pants. His huge arms and shoulders blocked most of the view, and it was hard to concentrate with his vacuum cleaner mouth working my cock, but when his dick bounced up hard against his abs it must have been way over a foot long. I struggled to see it as I ran my hands over his rock hard upper arms and shoulders.

In another instant I burst and he dove down to the root, forcing my cock down into his throat and sucking even harder with his lungs. As long as he sucked I kept cumming, long past my normal capacity. When the gusher finally subsided, he looked me in the eyes, licked his lips and smiled like a Cheshire cat.

Hammond slurped his way up my tight abs, working my nipples with his tongue and his fingers before kissing me deeply again as he smothered me with his huge, hard body. My cock, pint sized next to his, rubbed against his stone hard stomach and strained against his fat, hard log.

It wasn’t just Hammond’s body that engulfed me. It was his presence, the force, the thought, the idea of him. He bound me like a blanket around an infant. I felt helpless to resist him and secure in his embrace, loath to be released.

“Do you want me to fuck you?” he whispered in my ear softly.

I wanted him as close as he could get. I wanted him on top of me, around me, and inside of me. Although I wondered how deep he’d be able to get, I whispered yes.

He lifted his chest with his massive arms. “Ask me,” he said and he rubbed his cock head at the crack of my ass. My anus spasmed with desire.

“Fuck me,” I begged. “I want you to fuck me more than I want to breathe!”

“You won’t be sorry,” he whispered in my ear. He lifted my legs by the ankles and dug his tongue deep in my ass, poking hard and working it the way a cock would. Then he spit a few times on the head of his gargantuan cock and slathered it with saliva. As he held my legs up high, he raised and lowered his cock with the muscles of groin and guided it right to my winking hole. He shoved and it slid in, stretching me wide and squishing my prostate. My cock bounced in delight.

“Are you okay?”

“Yes,” I groaned.

“I didn’t think I was hurting you. You’re smiling too much. Just wait, once we get going I can make you cum just by fucking you. I bet no one’s ever done that to you before.”

I’d been stretched by some of the biggest and God knows it could feel great, but even though I heard about anal orgasms I’d never had one.

The deeper he went the more I believed it was possible. Every inch it seemed like he couldn’t have more to give, like there wasn’t any more room inside me, but he did and there was. Finally he fucked the last inch inside me. His furry balls smashed against my buttocks and I felt his big fucking cock quiver and leap inside as my ass squeezed his root.

“God, I need this!” he growled as he dug deeper. I clawed the bed sheets with my fingers. He relaxed and slid back an inch and then he began to fuck. I couldn’t imagine how it felt for him to have over a foot of cock buried inside my ass, but I could swear it felt even better for me. My cock was purple and burbling with pre-cum. I wanted to cum but I didn’t want him to ever stop fucking me. Every few strokes he withdrew completely and licked my dick from the stem to stern, then plunged back in and fucked me hard and fast.

After more than an hour I finally couldn’t take it any more. My anus tightened uncontrollably around Hammond’s battering ram. The tip of my dick opened and closed like a fish breathing water and splattered cum all over my face and my chest.

Hammond’s face grimaced, he let himself go, and deep in my guts I felt his hot cum flooding my insides. The scum exploded from both of us like water from a fire hydrant. When it finally stopped, Hammond kissed me again, then licked every drop of mine from my body. When he finished he slowly withdrew and lay on top of me, supporting most of his weight on his elbows. I ate up the feeling of being surrounded by his muscle. His open mouth joined with mine and we kissed.

Fucking had only intensified my feelings toward him. I had never felt so out of control. Feeling his hard body on top of mine made my breath short and my heart beat fast. As crazy as it was to imagine us continuing beyond this one night, I knitted an entire future history of us together as we lay against each other.

Eventually Hammond rolled over on his back and we slid over to the head of the bed, lying next to each other, naked on the mussed up bedspread with the half dozen hotel pillows under our heads. Hammond laid his ankle over my ankle and intertwined the fingers of his hand with mine and we started talking again like we had in the bar, like the interlude we’d had had been no more than a waiter’s interruption bringing us another drink. Our nonsexual conversation only deepened my feelings for him.

Even though we were talking about politics and movies it wasn’t long before he was hard again. I couldn’t take my eyes off the fat log that lay in the deep ridge between the twin towers of his abs. I positioned myself between his thickly muscled thighs and began to slurp his big balls. He roughed up the short hair on my head with his hand. I raised my head. He spread his legs. I grasped the root and flipped it up to my mouth.

“Many a man has tried and failed,” he said with a wry smile barely visible over the mounds of his pecs, abs and delts.

Just holding it in both my hands and licking it had me all hard. I wet my lips and opened my mouth as wide as I could and forced the head inside. I pushed my head down as it rubbed against the roof of my mouth and my tongue. It was sticky with cum and butt juices. Ordinarily the smells would have turned me off, but with him the thought that I sucked him in spite of it just made my dick harder. I arched my back and put my throat in line with my mouth and devoured more of it as I looked up into his face submissively. Hammond put his hands behind his head and settled in. I forced the head down my throat and he moaned appreciatively.

There was still about a foot left, but I decided not to get greedy all at once. For a while I just sucked on what I’d conquered and slathered the rest with spit in my hands. It was enough to make Hammond happy. I felt the crown get firmer.

Supporting my weight with my hands on the bed on either side of Hammond’s hips, I lowered myself further, allowing the weight of my upper body to drive it deeper. Hammond put his wide paw on the back of my head and gently encouraged me. On the fifth try I made it within four inches of the root. That was all I could handle. The closer I got to the base, the wider it got and my mouth just couldn’t open that much.

Hammond grabbed the last few inches with his other hand and fisted it as I sucked what I could. Before long the hand on the back of my head became more insistent. I felt his cock pulsing. Fluid rushed up inside it and blasted down my throat. Lust like I had never felt before washed over me and without so much as touching my dick, it began to jerk and I felt myself begin to cum. Somehow Hammond knew. He picked me up as effortlessly as he would a pillow, flipped me around and devoured my cock as it fired. Meanwhile I swallowed his spunk greedily, pulling back occasionally to allow myself a taste of his semen. When he finished I pulled off him and worked his firm cock with my hands, squeezing the last drop of juice from him.

Afterwards we lay next to each other. I laid my head on one of his monster thighs. He kissed and sucked on my limp cock, licking every last drop of cum from it and from around my crotch.

I fell asleep for a while. When I woke I was under the covers with Hammond’s hot, hard body against my back, one of his arms under my head and the other around my waist. His dick was sandwiched between my thighs, touching my balls.

Hammond wasn’t asleep. He just lay there with me, like my bodyguard, making me feel safe as I slept.

I rolled around in his arms and faced him. He smiled at me and kissed me gently. I should have been sexually exhausted. I had never cum that many times that fast in my life before, but there was something about Hammond’s scent, the touch of his body against mine, and the look in his eyes that made me endlessly horny.

The instant he kissed me my cock sprang to life. He threw back the covers and devoured it. For more than an hour he sucked and every time I came I thought I would finally be satisfied, but I still wanted more. It seemed impossible that I could have any juice left inside me, but I came like a garden hose every time. Hammond kept his mouth on me the whole time. He never lost a drop. He was like a child suckling his mother. It seemed like he just couldn’t get enough.

Finally physical exhaustion trumped my sexual desire and I fell into a deep sleep. Hammond was as much in my dreams as he was in my bed. In my dreams we spent the rest of the weekend together. When I went home we talked for hours every day. He visited me. We moved in together.

When I woke it was late morning. Hammond was still in bed next to me, as wide awake as if he hadn’t slept at all, like he didn’t need to sleep. He folded back the sheets and ran his hands over my body.

“You go to the gym?” he asked.

I told him I did. I’d been going my whole adult life, and even though I’d never attained anywhere near the proportions of someone like him, I was still proud of my tight body. My arms, chest and shoulders were my best features. My arms stretched the tape to 19 inches. My shoulders were naturally wide and I had taken good advantage of that, working my delts into big round balls that showed even under loose fitting dress shirts.

“You ever want to get really big?”

“Sure, but it’s probably not in the cards anymore. Even on steroids I doubt I’d get really big at this stage of my life.”

“How old do you think I am?” he asked.

“Your face is so masculine, I think it makes you look older than you really are, but then again your physique is so huge. Guys don’t get as big as you are until they are at least 25.”

“I’m fifty,” he said with a straight face.

“Fuck off!” I said.

“I’m not joking.”

I didn’t know what to say. He couldn’t have been that old, but he didn’t seem like he was lying either. I decided it just didn’t matter and let the subject drop.

“Usually when I meet a guy who can’t take his eyes off my body, it’s a guy who not only likes what he sees, he wants to be as big as I am. I could tell you were a guy like that the minute I walked in the bar.”

“I fantasize about it all the time. It’s just not going to happen.”

Hammond was quiet a moment. He looked beyond me, outside the room we were in, outside the time we shared.

“I’m about to tell you a story that was told to me by the man who gave me what I am offering to you. It sounds fantastic, unbelievable, any maybe it’s not true, but it’s as good an explanation as any.”

And then Hammond told me the story. He was right. It was so incredible that if he’d told it to the wrong person they would have had him committed.

“Long, long ago when the world was new, angels walked among men to protect them from evil. Their bodies of God’s angels were so magnificent they were desired by men and women alike, and some of them gave themselves freely to both. The women they slept with bore their sons, creatures not fully men and not completely angels, bigger than both – taller, more muscular. They were stronger as well and they flew like the angels even though they didn’t have wings. This was not the only way in which they were unusual. They fed on the life juices of human men. It was fortunate for them that all men found them irresistible and gave of themselves freely, regardless of their usual sexual desires. Yet none of these new men could have children themselves, even though they could have sex in the normal way, and women desired them even more than they had desired the angels.

“Many of them settled in the cities of Sodom and Gomorrah, and as with every place they lived through the ages, they were so adored eventually the customs of Sodom and Gomorrah changed to suit their needs. Outsiders thought they were wicked and burned Sodom and Gomorrah to the ground in the name of their ill conceived god, but as long as they could feed, the new men were as indestructible as the angels who were their fathers.

“For a time they scattered over the earth. Eventually many of them settled in ancient Greece, which led to the popularity of man/boy love, the adoration of athletic achievement, and the rise of the Greek army. With only a hundred of them an army could defeat any enemy. They marched with Alexander as he conquered the known world. One of them was his lover.

“They marched in the Roman legions and subjugated millions, building the Roman Empire and defending it for hundreds of years. When they clustered again in the Middle East they buttressed the Islamic hordes who swarmed over Africa and western Asia. Although Islam never embraced homosexuality the extreme segregation of the sexes in Islamic culture suited their needs well.

“A few years ago I met a man who claimed to be one of them – not one of the original, mind you, but one of their progeny. Like vampires they propagate by conversion. They can feed from a man without affecting him until he dies, but if a man feeds from them more than twice their seed takes root inside his body. He becomes one of them. Even one feeding and he is bound to the one who fed him, unable to resist his will.

“They can be content to live without propagating for many years, but eventually the need to create progeny takes them over and they seek out men who want to join them.”

I didn’t say anything for a while. The story was beyond fantastic, although it suited my wildest muscle growth fantasies completely and I would have loved to believe it. Yet what explained my uncontrollable attraction for him? Just sex?

“So you are saying that sucking your dick explains how I feel around you?” I asked. “And if I suck your dick two more times, I’ll become like you?”

“Or fucking. Me fucking you counts too. Once more now.”

My dick had been hard since the minute I woke up in Hammond’s arms. He didn’t need to tell such a fantastic lie to fuck me again. I’d have fucked him forever if he wanted me. The odd thing was I think he knew that. Which meant that he was either delusional beyond any reckoning, or what he was saying was true. Either way it wasn’t like there was a downside.

He rubbed his gigantic prick provocatively between my thighs. The feeling of it rubbing against my scrotum made my cock wet.

“I can’t seduce you into it,” he said as lust roiled over me like the pounding waves of the ocean. “You have to ask me for it, if you want it,” he whispered in my ear. “My control over you allows me to suck your cum as much as I want, but I can’t seduce you into feasting on my cum. You have to really want me. I can’t take you otherwise.”

Memories of his cock fucking the cum out of me last night stirred my lust and I shuddered. “I can’t promise it’s me that’s talking. I can’t tell where the effect you have on me ends and the reality of my lust for you begins. All I know is I want you in me more than I want to live,” I said to him. “Fuck me again and make me cum with you inside of me. Drink as much of my jism as you want. Make me big like you or not. I don’t care if it’s real or all a lie. I just want you.”

Something came over his face I had never seen there before, a tender sadness, as though this mountain might begin to cry. For an instant I thought I might mean as much to him as I felt he meant to me. I thought perhaps the act of procreation, however it is accomplished, must be profound for any one.

Hammond rolled me over on my stomach, raised me up on my knees with my head down and my ass in the air. His blunt cock bumped against my tight hole and forced its way inside. My ass enveloped the head. He pushed deeper. He felt even better inside me the second time. I welcomed every inch home, and the ease we felt with each other this time deepened the pleasure we both felt. It loosened the bounds around us. Hammond poked at me more playfully, less afraid he might hurt me. I wiggled my ass as he fucked, inviting him to be more aggressive.

In a matter of minutes his cock had me cumming uncontrollably, and crying at the same time. Hammond caught some of it in his hands and lapped it with his tongue as he continued to fuck me, but drinking it wasn’t his endgame any more, it was only sport.

When I stopped, he lay his chest against my back and kissed my neck as he bucked into me with his hips. Eventually his weight wore me down. I lowered my stomach to the bed and he lay on top of me driving himself harder into me. His thrusts rubbed my cock against the sheets, making me firm again. Each time he bottomed out inside of me, I reveled in the feeling of exquisite fullness. I could feel him getting thicker and harder inside me. I could feel the ridge around his cock head strafing my insides. It made me harder too.

Hammond pulled out. He lifted me from the bed and stood me against the mirror on my hotel room wall. I put my forearms against it and braced my head against them. I had to stick my butt out away from the mirror to lower my ass for him. He stood behind me and slid inside me anxiously, steadying himself with his hands on my shoulders. As much as he had contained himself as we began, he started becoming more frantic, pounding me so hard it was all I could do to hold still. Then with a guttural roar I’d never heard from a man before he pounded even harder, and I felt hot liquid filling me inside. My cock burst like a geyser, coating my arms, my face and drenching the mirror. Both of us kept squirting until the carpet was wet at our feet with our cum and our sweat.

Unhitched, we fell into each other and lay on the floor hugging as tightly as we could. Inside of me I felt warmth, like life, and the gentle agitation of change. I felt flush. My muscles felt full and my skin was tight, like I’d just done supersets with every muscle in my body. I stretched watched my muscles jump into bold relief all over my body, hardening, throbbing, swelling.

Hammond raised his head. “It’s beginning,” he said.

As exhilarated as I felt, I also felt frightened. What was about to happen was the fulfillment of a fantasy I had had since childhood, but it was also the unstoppable, irreversible beginning of the end of my life as I had known it.

Hammond sat up. He lifted my shoulders and wrapped his bulging arms under mine, cradling my upper body on his crossed legs and rocking me as he kissed my head.

My heart began to beat stronger. Blood rushed to my groin and I got major wood. It was so hard it almost hurt, and it was at least an inch longer and thicker than it had been a few minutes ago. My balls were swollen to twice their normal size and squirmed inside my scrotum as if fighting for their freedom. It was such a breathtakingly sexual feeling I forgot my fear and anxiety. I grabbed my cock in front of Hammond and just started jacking it, wetting my hands with the cum on the mirror to lubricate myself.

Hammond rubbed my swelling pecs with his hands. Every time his fingers touched my nipples I shuddered all over. I tilted my head back and he gave me an open mouthed kiss. Our tongues entwined and I blasted the air with my cum.

We broke our kiss when I stopped cumming. As I caught my breath I caught a glimpse of myself in the cum drenched mirror. Every muscle was larger than before, more full and round. My arms were over twenty inches now. My chest was thick and hard. I could feel the muscles in my back spreading my arms and lifting me from Hammond’s lap. My quads were deeply separated and for the first time in my life they were almost as thick near the knees as they were at my groin. I stretched my feet and watched my calves turn into chiseled diamonds.

The most amazing thing was my face. I looked ten years younger, and I could almost see the lines in my face fading as my skin tightened and became more elastic.

Though my dick was soft, it was longer and thicker than it had been when I came – a real butt buster. I could hardly believe it was sprouting from between my legs. I saw every muscle in my body expanding, filling the gaps between my joints, encroaching on one another, reaching what seemed like the limit of their growth, then inflating again, bulging, enlarging until it seemed like they should burst.

I held my huge biceps in my opposite hand and felt its heft and undentable hardness. I felt my huge shoulders and moved my fingers inside the grooves between the muscle heads.

Hammond’s dick had gotten hard as he watched me grow. It had settled in the deep canyon of my back. I could feel it throb under me, and it made me horny again. My cock was enormous now, over a foot long even soft. As it swelled and stiffened it stretched. It rose up and flopped back against my abs, the cock head stopping a couple inches from my face.

I stood up. Hammond stood behind me. We were the same size now, except for minor genetic differences. My arms were bigger than his. His chest was larger than mine. My cock was fatter, but his was longer. Both of us had the chiseled faces of hyper-masculine twenty-year-olds. I raised my arms and flexed in front of the mirror, enjoying the view in the confident, detached way of the professional bodybuilder, but neither of our cocks lost a bit of wood. When I ended my muscle show I reached behind my back and fondled Hammond’s hard dick.

Watching us in the mirror, I dropped to my knees in front of him and devoured his prick, stretching my mouth and throat around it, washing it with my spit and enjoying the feel of it deep inside the other end of me. It was no trouble now devouring the whole thing, pulling his hard butt into me and slurping it from the root to the tip. I poked it against the sides of my throat. I held it deep inside without losing my breath. None of it was difficult for me now. In fact from the roof of my mouth and my tongue to deep down in my throat I felt a tremulous tingling sensation every time Hammond’s cock rubbed against my insides. It was almost as great as getting sucked.

I could feel Hammond going wild at my attentions. His cock was getting thicker and firmer every time I downed it, but I wanted his tension to build until his knees almost buckled. I wanted to give him the best blow job of his life, so I slowed my assault and held him on edge a few minutes before letting him blast down my throat and slurping it all up like chocolate syrup.

“Mmmm,” I said. “My first meal.”

But Hammond gave a wane smile and said, “I’m afraid sucking one of ourselves is a bit like drinking diet cock. It takes great, but there aren’t any calories.”

“What do you mean?”

“I mean we need to suck other guys,” Hammond said sadly.

And then I realized my fantasy wasn’t quite as complete as I’d thought it was.


Chapter Two
The really big guys, the kind men-who-like-men really want to see nude, don’t use the gym locker room. They drive to the gym in their warm-up clothes, strip down to tanks and shorts as they progress through their workout and then drive back home to shower.

I still like to use the locker room though. Arnold once said that an accomplished bodybuilder doesn’t show off. Like a man who has owned a Ferrari for a few years, he doesn’t feel the need to compete with other guys anymore. Maybe it’s because I haven’t had this body that long, but I ain’t over giving the regular guys a thrill.

Sometimes just after I’ve undressed, before I’ve put on my gym clothes, I’ll see myself in the mirror above the sinks across the locker room and it’s quite a sight. Me, over six foot tall and with the musculature of an Olympia competitor a foot shorter. It's like I have Lee Priest's physique, but enlarged all over to compensate for the extra foot in height. It doesn't stop with the muscle. I have short dark brown hair, pale green eyes, high cheek bones, concave cheeks, a lantern jaw, a cleft chin and a deep five o'clock shadow, though it's only six in the morning. The hair on my pecs is so dense it could be combed, but the rest of my chest is smooth. The division between my round abs is so deep you can hide a fingernail in it even when my stomach is relaxed. My lats stick out from my sides like I'm wearing a turtle shell on my back. Even when they aren't flexed they hold my beefy 27 inch arms out just enough to make my hands dangle a few inches from my hips. When I raise my arms, my serratus muscles pop like rows of silver dollars. The hair on my legs is thick, but not so thick that it obscures the deep separation between my quad muscles or the sharp ridge of my diamond shaped calves. My quads are so large they are almost as wide above the knee as they are below my hips. And hanging between them is the dick of an elephant that drops almost to my knees even soft.

Every eye in the locker room stares at me as I admire myself. It don’t matter if they’re straight. They may think it’s just admiration or jealousy, but I’ve seen too many boners spring up around me to believe that’s all it is. The stares continue even after I get my workout clothes on, some head-on, some surreptitious through the mirrors as I put my body through its paces.

It’s only been a couple weeks since I drank the cum of one of the vampires of Sodom and Gomorrah and became one of them. Only a couple weeks of enjoying the stares I get every wherever I go, of digging the way the sight, scent and touch of my body drives even the straightest man wild with lust, and drinking quart after quart of their cum as I suck their horny dicks.

The reason I am here so early is to meet the pros. They’re all in and out before nine. The one who goes to this gym in Florida has been a favorite of mine for years, since way before I became the man I am today – two time Arnold winner, top three at the Olympia twice in the last five years – goes by the name of Rex. Sometimes the magazines call him the Rexster.

This morning he arrives in his Hummer with his entourage close behind around 6:30am. He walks in and the guy at the front desk doesn’t bother to check his card. He drops down his bulging gym bag on the floor near the dumbbells and benches, and he and his buddies spread out around him. Two of them load up a barbell with some forty-fives. He lies back on the bench and presses out twenty, easy, methodically. He pulls his sweatshirt over his head as his workout crew loads up the bar. He’s wearing a tight tank top with his company logo underneath. His shoulders, arms and pecs burst out the top of it. Rex looks at himself in the mirror and squeezes out a most muscular, then a double bi. He lifts the bar. Two of his friends steady it. Then he lowers and raises it a dozen times, forcing blood into his chest and arms and making his veins bulge.

Meanwhile I’m setting up next to him, loading my own barbell. After his second set he sees me settling in on the bench. He’s nonchalant but I can tell he’s copping stares as he carries on a conversation with his pals. He’s never seen a man as big as I am, and he sees I’ve got about six more plates on the bar than he does for my first set. He lets me start before he does his next set. His eyes widen as I pump out my first reps. When I stop to add four more plates his jaw almost drops. None of his guys notice his reaction because they’re all staring at me too. I wink at him through the mirror. He looks away.

“Let’s get moving!” he says to his team. “The Rexter’s ready to roll!”

I watch him lift the bar eleven times with complete control. On the twelfth two of his guys step in and steady the bar. He racks the bar. His brawny chest heaves. He’s not as strong as I am, but watching the veins pop on his pecs still starts to get me hard, which puts on another kind of show for the gym. My tightly wrapped dick swells. It unfurls inside my shorts and pushes out to the side, thick and pronounced for all to see. I can’t stop it, and knowing I can’t stop it is so hot that it makes me harder, faster. The head starts tugging at my shorts and pushing out like a mizzenmast. I watch the guys stare, too enthralled to notice how obvious they are, too engrossed to notice the other guys are staring too. I decide to go for broke. I tug my tight shirt over my head and drop it on the floor. Their eyes shift to my hairy bare chest and my unbelievably tight abs, which leads them right back to my burgeoning dick because the head has popped up above my waist band. I ignore it and lie back on the bench. I pump out another set, arching my back and lifting my groin slightly to keep their attention on my cock, which has now slid straight up my stomach to my pecs. Blood engorges my chest and arms. After my set I offhandedly force my cock back into my pants without looking directly at any of them.

I leave the benches and let the Rexster finish his workout without further distraction, but I know neither he nor his buddies can get their mind off what they’ve seen.

An hour later while he’s working arms, I come back. He’s doing dumbbell curls with 180 pounds in each hand. His form is strict and the lift is very impressive. I’ve always loved his arms. They look two sizes too big for the rest of him. His gang is spotting him, coaxing him to lift more, cheering him on. It’s my turn to stare.

I put a knurled bar on the preacher bench and load it with forty-fives. Four hundred fifty pounds. I sit at the bench and start curling. Rex finishes his set and drops the weights on the floor. He’s flexing his huge arms, checking himself out, when his eye catches me in the mirror. His mouth falls open. By now my biceps are so pumped they look like watermelons, squeezing into impossibly large peaks with every contraction. My face doesn’t even show strain as I lift, because I’m even stronger than I look. When I set the weight down in the cradle I pump out a double bi and my arms swell larger than my head. Rex’s dick is tenting his shorts as he watches.

By my design, we wrap up our workouts at the same time. Rex separates from his entourage and shakes my hand, glancing at my pumped biceps. He complements me on my physique. He asks if I compete. I say no. He says it’s a good thing or he’d be placing fourth at the next Olympia instead of third.

“We’re headed to breakfast. You eat yet?” he asks.

The only thing I need to eat comes from between his legs, but it doesn’t mean I can’t eat regular food, and eating breakfast with these guys could lead to eating what I need, so I join them. They eat at diner around the corner that makes special order food for the hardcore guys at the gym – lots of egg whites and dry chicken with rice. Rex eats enough food for three guys. His entourage is only slightly behind him.

After breakfast Rex asks me back to his house with his crew. I see looks of surprise on the other guys faces, like this is not part of the normal routine. Rex has a big house in the suburbs. We settle in the media room. Rex leaves us to take a shower. He offers me the guest bath to do the same. I take him up on it.

When I get out of the shower, Rex standing in the guest bath holding a towel, another one wrapped around his waist. As I take the towel from his hand, he lets the one around his waist drop to the floor. His magnificent body isn’t shamed by the piece of himself he’s kept hidden from me so far. His cock is very thick, and easily eight inches long now that it’s started to engorge. His nuts are as big as baseballs, and his extra large legs push the whole package forward.

Rex’s eyes are wider than saucers as I dry myself. He’s caught a glimpse of my pipe wrench sized tool peaking out in the open at the gym, but seeing it wagging completely free astounds him.

“Damn! What planet are you from?” he says as his cock lengthens more and lifts upward. Watching him inflate and realizing it’s because he’s getting off on me, even though I’m pretty certain he’s straight, makes the blood rush to my dick. It swells and stretches until it’s double the length of Rex’s equipment and half again as thick. He’s tugging at it with both hands, working it and getting off on the sight of it. Holding my hyper masculinity in his hands is like sharing it with me, like it’s almost his own.

Before the scene gets out of control and he tries sucking me, I decide to take what I need from him first. I hug his beefy body against me and lift him ever so slightly from the floor as I walk us over to the vanity. I set his ass on its edge and kneel between his legs, scooping his cock up in my mouth and down my throat. My lips, my tongue, even my gums, clamp down on it and suck its silky smoothness with such gusto that he can hardly get his breath. He braces himself on my wide traps as I work him into a frenzy fast. It’s been two days since my last feeding. I know I’m good enough to draw at least two more loads out of him in the next few minutes, so why delay my gratification? In a matter of seconds Rex squirts down my throat like a water gun. Each time I dive down to his root I feel another shot down my throat. I swallow everyone of them greedily.

“God damn!” Rex exclaims as I stand up and put my arms around his big chest. The orgasm was so intense his dick is still rock hard between our bodies, as is my cock. They slide against each other, mine dry, his wet. The sensation of my body pressed against his, my deep musky scent, keeps him horny beyond belief. He rubs his dick against my body like a humping dog. I push him back towards the mirror and lift his legs. I let a couple wads of spit drop to my dick and slick it up. It’s so stiff I don’t even need to guide it. It finds his hole and I push it in.

It’s probably the first time his ass has been fucked, but he doesn’t seem the least bit distressed. He encourages me, begs me to fuck him. Still I take it a little easy at first, but I enjoy the control fifteen fat inches inside his guts gives me over him, the way he leans the way it pokes him, the way he breaths to the rhythm of my rocking thrusts. His prick is purple-brown now and dribbling pre-cum. It won’t be long before he cums again just from getting fucked, just like a girl.

He grabs himself as he starts to shoot. I shove myself in a couple more times, then withdraw and pull his hands away, diving down on it again and milking every ounce. When he’s pumping blanks, I lick the rest of it from his chest and shoulders. I purposely kept from cumming inside him, because I know where that leads. Once and he’s bound to me, unable to resist me sexually. Twice and he’ll do anything I ask him to no matter what it is. Three times and he’ll change into a vampire like me. Another mouth to feed. Competition. Not what I have it mind, although it would be hot to see him get really big like me. From the size he’s starting at, he might even get bigger than me, if that’s possible.

I pick up my towel and wipe the sweat from our sex from my body.

“Shouldn’t we go back downstairs to your friends?” I suggest.

He wraps his towel around his waist. I can tell he’d rather not share me, but he puts on clean sweat pants. He leaves his chest bare. I put on the street clothes I wore to the gym, and we go downstairs. The entourage is watching a TiVo-ed football game, but I can sense the unease in the room the minute we walk in. They all know how long a shower takes. They all know what they’d have been doing with me upstairs, but they’re also just a little surprised to think their idol, Rex, would fuck around with another man.

“Anybody up for some weed?” Rex asks as he paws through a drawer in the media center cabinet. I can tell this isn’t the usual routine on a weekday for him and his boys. They grunt surprised affirmations. Rex takes out a small baggy of dried weed, a few papers and a roller. He rolls out four fat joints and lights them one by one, putting each one in rotation after it’s lit.

My pullover is chaffing my underarms and it’s time to kick the party up a notch so I yank it over my head and bare my chest nonchalantly. The guys take turns staring at me when I’m not looking in their direction. My nipples are stiff from the cool air and the weed. They poke out from the fur on my pecs. I see every crotch in the room erect a tent. My cock is draped to the side in my loose-waisted pants. It starts to grow and swell and lift outward. I sit back and lay my huge arms on the back of the couch, one arm behind a guy named Ryan and the other behind the one they call Tank. Rex is sitting in the chair across from us. My cock slowly creeps up inside my pants. The head rises above the waistband. A couple more heartbeats and the top half is pointing straight up against my hard stomach. Ryan and Tank can no longer take their eyes from it.

“Go ahead and touch it,” I tell them.

Ryan reaches for it first. His hand doesn’t even reach completely around it. I unfasten my pants to expose it all. Rex drops to his knees and takes it in his mouth. For a straight guy, he’s damn good at cock sucking. Maybe he’s had more practice than I thought. Still he can’t get more than half my fifteen inches in his throat. I let him struggle with it, enjoying the realization that I’m too much even for a stud like him. I game him. I let him get me real excited, stiffer than steel, dribbling pre-cum he can taste on his tongue and the head of my cock so full it seems like it’s going to burst, but then I lay back refuse to cum. I hang on a long time. If I feed him, he’s mine, and I’m not sure I’m ready to take care of a pet. I’m only two weeks old in my vampire life.

Then Rex slips a finger under my balls. It forages further and further until it’s poking into my ass. He works it in and out against my prostate. My breath gets shorter and my hips start to shake. He slides in a second finger, a third. Suddenly his got all four fingers inside me working the trigger as his mouth slurps over my cock and his other hand, slick with his own spit, jerks the last seven inches of it, and I’m blasting my juice inside his throat, yanking his head down on my cock and roaring. Damn the consequences, I’m cumming so hard I can barely breathe. There’s so much of it that Rex has given up trying to drink it all. He’s just jacking it out of me now as he continues to rub it out inside my ass.

Before I can stop him, the Tank leans down and slurps up some of the excess with his fat tongue. Ryan gets off on the idea and they lap it up like starving puppies. The other two guys are just staring at the scene from the adjacent sofa with their paws around their pricks, pulling out juice of their own. What a waste of spunk, I think to myself. Ah, well, now I have a litter of three to feed me all I want. Maybe five if I let the other two join them. Isn’t that the way with pets? When you have none getting the first one seems like such a big responsibility, but after two or three it seems like the more the merrier. Still I curse the pot. I curse my over confidence. And I curse those four fingers on Rex’s left hand that put me over the edge against my will.


Chapter Three
Rex gets up to wash his hands. He brings back a towel from the powder room on the first floor and wipes my chest dry. I can already see the heightened adoration in his eyes. My vampire senses pick up on his elevated pulse rate. He’s practically glowing while he’s in the room with me. Same with Ryan and Tank. The other two are just trying to regain their straight guy composure and cover their loss of self control with comments about the strange powerful shit they smoked.

Rex rolls another round of joints and lights them up. The game is still on the TV, but only Jerome and Yawar, the two not yet part of my litter, are even making a show of watching it.

I tell Ryan and Tank to help Yawar and Jerome, out of their clothes. Like good pets they do as they’re told, and although Yawar and Jerome are more than a little weirded out, the fact that it’s their buddies helping them disrobe lulls them into some semblance of security.

They both have tight gym bodies. Yawar is kind of hairy. Jerome is smooth. But the big surprise is Jerome’s cock. In every group of guys there’s usually somebody like Jerome, a quiet unassuming guy whose secretly well-endowed. When Ryan pulls Jerome’s sweat pants down, a foot long sausage flips up and slaps his hard stomach. I wonder if the others have ever caught a glimpse of it before. It’s a cinch they’ve never seen it as engorged as this.

I kneel between Jerome’s knees and he lets out an ecstatic yelp as I suck it all up in one gulp. I suck it hard, pulling my tight lips up the shaft, then washing the head with my tongue. Even though it’s hard as a rock now, I decide to take it up another notch before I suck the cum out of his hose. With my lips wrapped around the head, I elongate my tongue. The tip stretches out, thin as thread, forked at the end, and slides inside Jerome’s piss slit. Jerome can’t figure out what is happening as the tip of my tongue slips down inside over two inches, tickling his urethra and driving him wild. I can feel his dick get even harder in my mouth. I wrap my hand around his rock sized balls and tug on his scrotum. Before he can lose it, I withdraw and start slurping up the outside of his cock, taking every inch deep into my throat and drawing air like a vacuum cleaner. In just a few minutes he’s pawing frantically at the back of my head and squirting hard inside my throat.

Seeing his buddy so excited has kept Yawar boned and more than ready for his turn. As soon as Jerome stops spurting, I devour Yawar’s fat tool and give him the blow job of his life. Jerome is already tucking himself back in his pants and watching the television, but Yawar, sitting just six inches from his hip, is frenzied, gasping for air and trying in vain to fuck my face and hold my head still as I work him over, undaunted by his struggles. Finally he blows thick wads of syrupy cum into my mouth out of his stone hard cock. I keep on working him over, prolonging his orgasm and drinking up the extra juice.

When we’re finished, Jerome makes some excuse about needing to get to his job. Yawar and he drove to Rex’s house together, so he takes him in tow, even though I’m pretty certain Yawar would have stayed a little longer.

My pups are another story. Now that they’ve tasted my cum, they’d do anything for me. Their clothes are already off, their boners wagging in the wind like puppy dog tails. My vampire semen has not only affected their attitudes, it’s also affected their bodies. It takes three doses to change their physique and turn them into vampires like me, but the first dose is enough to make their balls double in size. They’re like semen milk cows now, forever horny and ready to cum.

I set Ryan in Tank’s lap, Tank’s cock slipping up under Ryan’s, and suck up the both of them at once. Rex is overcome by the sight of my bare muscle ass sticking out behind me as I squat on the floor. He kneels behind me and slides his fat cock up my ass. I don’t mind because the some of the semen he shoots inside me will find its way into my bloodstream. It’s not as efficient as down the throat, but if he’s going to squirt a load anyway, it’s better than letting it fall on the floor.

Tank earns his nickname. He’s not as big as his buddy Rex, but still he’s thick and well-muscled. His arms must be twenty-two inches, even if they aren’t extra hard and well defined. His forearms are hardly any smaller. His chest is huge and his lats are really wide also. His thighs are over thirty inches. He hasn’t shaved like a pro and the hair on his legs arms and chest is thick. His face is as wide as the rest of him. The only thing diminutive is his nose, a little button, turned up at the end, but with flaring nostrils as he gasps for air while I blow him. His cock is nine inches, and it’s almost nine inches around and now that he’s a milk cow, his balls are as big as baseballs.

Ryan is slender in comparison, but he’s got a trainer’s physique. He’s so cut even his serratus muscles under his pecs are visible. His arms are probably only nineteen inches and his thighs are around twenty-seven, but his waist is less than thirty. His dick is only six inches, but sitting in Tank’s lap puts the tip of his cock even with Tank’s.

Both of them are hard as rock candy in my mouth right now. There’s no need to let them build to a slow blow. The object of the game now is to get them to cum early and often. Tank’s penis head swells in my mouth and explodes first, but the feeling of hot cum sloshing around his cock in my mouth sends Ryan over the edge in just a couple seconds. I gulp down their sweet and sour tasting cum with relish. No matter how much of it I drink, it’s never too much. Rex is frantically fucking my ass as I swallow, squirting his quart deep into my guts.

Fast forward a few hours and my pups are exhausted, sleeping on the couch and the floor, drained of cum. Me, I’ve got a tummy full of hot cum and couldn’t feel more energetic. I decide to shower and get dressed. If the three of them are still asleep when I’m done, I’ll leave them to rest. I know where to find them tomorrow, and I know they’ll be anxious to feed me then.

The master bath in Rex’s McMansion has a gym style shower, with room for half a dozen guys and as many shower heads. It’s enclosed in glass and feed by a steamer. I begin to wonder just how heterosexual the Rexster ever was.

I haven’t gotten much further than lathering up before Rex walks in the bathroom, magnificently nude, strutting as he walks, his hard cock wagging in the air in front of him. He’s heard the water running and he’d come to join me. The conditioning of an Olympian level bodybuilder has served him well. It clearly doesn’t take him as long to recover from physical exertion.

Rex takes over washing my back and gives my butt hole extra attention as he works up the lather on my cock. I’m hard in a few seconds. Rex lathers his own ass hole and coaxes me inside it. As horny as I always am, I know I’m not going to shoot inside him, but there’s no harm in giving him a ride. I plant his hands on the tiled wall. He arches his back and tilts it up to give me easier access. The steaming water rinses the soap from our bodies and washes away the sweat we work up as I pump him into a frenzy. Once or twice I try to withdraw, but Rex is determined to take my load, so I decide to fake an orgasm to get it over with, but I don’t let him cum. I turn him around and suck him down my throat.

“Rex, we’re going to try something new now.”

He nods.

I slip my finger into his ass and rub against his prostate. “Feel this?”

He squirms and nods.

“When I rub there again, you’re going to shoot like a fire hydrant, and you’re going to keep shooting until I stop. You got that?” I licked the length of his cock. Rex shuddered, anxious to give it a try. “But that’s not all. Every time I touch you there you’re going to shoot. Got that? EVERY TIME! No matter how often I do it and no matter how often you’ve cum before.”

“Yes, sir!” Rex answered emphatically.

I smiled up at him and dove down on his stiff dick, forcing it deep down my throat and feeling his cock head swell inside me. I sucked him slow and hard a few times, then rubbed inside his ass. His cock jerked and fired. I swallowed and rubbed him harder. He fired like an automatic weapon. His sinewy chest heaved and he got breathless, but I didn’t let up. I was savoring the taste of him, filling my belly with the fruit of his loins, relishing his stiff cock jerking in my throat. When I released him he almost collapsed on the shower floor, but I wasn’t through. If the Rexster had stamina, I was out to test it’s limits.

Sucking his weakening cock, I fingered his prostate again. It sprang tight instantly and started firing again. I let him stop after six squirts, licked his cock clean and then engulfed it again, poked at his prostate and making him shoot harder than before.

If Rex wondered how I could command his body in ways that were beyond his own abilities, he never had a chance to ponder it. With only short intervals of relaxed bliss between them, I worked him into twenty-five orgasms in thirty minutes, filling my belly with a quart of his cum, draining his outsized balls of jism as fast as his newly amped sex organs could make it.

When I was finished, Rex could barely stand. I toweled him dry, tucked him into his kingsize bed and padded down the stairs and out the door.


Chapter Four
It’s not that I’m gay, but I’ve always gotten off on big muscles from the moment I discovered them flipping through Flex magazine when I was 13 at the supermarket. I was a little embarrassed to buy that first copy, afraid what the checkout clerk in my small town grocery store would say about a skinny kid buying pictures of gargantuan half-naked men. But after a few months of following the workout programs I read about and eating like a horse, I’d put on enough muscle to assuage any aspersions toward my manhood. By the time I graduated high school I weighed two hundred pounds.

In those years Lee Haney, Gary Strydom, Mike Matarazzo where gods to me. I hung with the big guys at my gym, and even messed around with a few of them if we got a little carried away in private, but I always dated girls.

A few years ago when I reached the top tier of the sport, I lost the last of my attraction for other guys. There wasn't anyone much bigger than me and the guys the same size were my rivals. If one of them found out I fucked around with guys, my career would have been over. Look at Bob Paris.

Instead it was me that the smaller guys wanted to hang with. Occasionally I might have taken advantage of a favor one of them might do me after a rub down, but I always thought about women the whole time.

I thought my admiration of other men was over until I met Curt. The minute he walked into my gym, he hit me like an avalanche of bricks. The guy was not only huge with a capital H -- bigger than me or anybody I ever met -- but a freaking stud. Wide flaring jaws coated with a short black sandpaper beard and chest hair poking out of his workout shirt. He sat down next to me while I was lifting and pumped out a set with twice the weight I could have handled, and as he stared at me his elephant cock snaked up past his waistband and exposed itself. I lost all my concentration and nearly creamed.

My training buddies were as memorized by him as I was. After the workout I went out on a limb and invited him back to my house with the guys. He and I went upstairs to shower and after I’d finished I brought a towel to him in the guest room. Seeing him naked was more than I could resist. I wanted to fucking eat him alive, but he wouldn’t let me. Turns out he’s a major bottom. All he wants to do is suck my dick, except when he lets me fuck him. It’s such a pity too, because he’s hung like a fucking donkey, and there’s nothing hotter, even for straight guys like me, than worshiping a big fucking cock on an incredible hulk.

Only once, on that first day, did I get to play with that enormous meat. I’d just gotten him good an’ fucked up on this shit I smoke after working out sometimes. He’d drained me and my four buddies a few times and it seemed like he’d let his guard down. He’s letting my buddies play with his tool inside his pants, so I drop to my knees and start sucking. I put every move I’ve got into it. I get all fifteen inches stiffer than steel. The swollen crown of his dick is poking deep down inside my throat, and when I poke my finger between the cheeks of his muscle ass and deep inside, he blows down my throat. He cums so much it’s like it’s his first time or something. I want to swallow it all, but I can’t, so I pump the rest out with my hand, and my buddy, Ryan sucks it off the fur of his chest.

His gunk is good, too. Best juice I ever drank. Makes me horny just thinking about it, and I think a lot about it now, but he’s never let me do an encore, even though he’s been coming around to see me three, four times a week since then.

This morning he drops by again, uninvited, unexpected, just like always, but I don’t care. I’m boned the minute I see his face at the door. He locks lips and pushes his way in, feeling me up, and guiding me backwards to the living room where he pulls off our clothes and buries his face in my crotch.

Ever since that first day, I can’t deny him anything he wants. It’s like he owns me or something. He touches me; I get hard. After playing with my pony for a while, he’s got me shooting down his throat as he enthusiastically drinks up every last drop.

But once is not enough for him. Twice isn’t either. Four, five, six, or seven is closer. I’ve never cum so much with anyone before in my life. Just when I think I’m dry, he plays this game with me. It started that first day. He told me whenever he rubs this spot at the bottom of my balls I’d cum. Sure enough every time he touches me there I blast. It don’t matter how many times its been before. I thought it was just a new erogenous zone or something, but damn it, I can’t find it when he’s not around.

In between my frantic ejaculations, Curt works out a couple loads from the monster cock poking up from between his legs to his furry chest.

“What’s your secret?” I ask as we lay on the couch in post coital calm.

“Pardon?” he asks. He seems a little distressed with the question.

“How did you get so fucking big? I mean it ain’t because you shoot up more juice than the rest of us. I’d see the side effects from that, and you don’t have any of them. How much do you weigh?”

“Three twenty.”

“See what I mean? That’s a good twenty pounds more than the biggest competition bodybuilders, and you’re not much taller than six feet. Your body fat has never been more than two percent since I met you, and your waist is only thirty inches.”

“Guess I just have good genetics.”

“Right.” I deadpan. “I could understand you not telling me about it if you were competing with me, but you’ve never set foot on a stage in your life. No one but me and my buddies has ever seen you before. C’mon, Curt. Level with me.”

He hesitates, like he’s making a big decision. “Do you believe in the supernatural, Rex?”

“What, like ghost and magic?”

“Like vampires.”

“You a vampire?” I laugh. “You suck blood?”

“Not blood,” he says, and for emphasis he waggles my spongy cock. “Not like Bram Stoker’s Dracula. Stoker had it wrong, or maybe he knew the score, but he told the story by metaphor, dressed it up to make it as frightening as he found the truth.”

“So you a vampire and that’s what gives you your superhuman strength,” I humor him.

“You ever see a guy come close to lifting what I lift at the gym? You ever see a guy hung like me? Even in porno? And how come a straight guy like you spends so much time getting off with a man?” He’s so adamant he’s almost scaring me.

“Plenty of guys would fuck around with a guy as hot as you. Besides I fucked around with guys before, when I was a teenager – guys bigger than me – men I looked up to. But what are you saying? That you can seduce straight guys because you’re a vampire?”

“You ever see your buddies so ready to let some stranger suck their dick in front of you before?”

He had me there. Ryan I always suspected, but Tank, Yawar and Jerome? Yawar and Jerome were so ashamed of what they’d let Curt do to them in front of me that they’d stopped coming by.

“And what about these?” he asked as he bounced my big balls. “Are you telling me you don’t notice how much bigger they got after you swallowed my cum?” I’d always had big knockers, but he was right. They were almost twice as big since then, but that shit he was saying was crazy.

“So you just born a vampire then?” I ask him.

He’s quiet again. I repeat the question.

“No. I’ll tell you how it happens, but I’m not doing it to you,” he says. “You get to be a vampire by drinking vampire cum – three times. Once and it just puts you under my control – at least for sex. Twice and you’ll do anything I ask you to, but it’s a huge burden to be responsible for someone, and I’m not after that. Three times and you turn into one of us, big muscles and all. But then you have to live the life. You need cum to survive. You need cum from ordinary guys.”

“Shit! You’re so fucking full of shit! You expect me to believe that?” I rolled over on top of him and pinned his arms over his head by his wrists. “Let’s take the next step, then Dracula.” I laid one wrist over the other and held both down with one hand while I tugged on his tool, stretching it and helping it fill out.

“Don’t even joke about it!” He was much stronger than me. It only took an instant for him to break free and lift my face from his joint.

“Relax. I ain’t making you cum. I just want you in the mood again.” I force a few inches down my throat and he groans. It’s too bad he’s got this phobia about being sucked, I think, because he’s got the biggest cock I’ve ever seen and I love a challenge. I grab it with both my hands and twist around the bottom. He’s uptight about it, though and it keeps him soft for a while, but that just makes it easier to bend him down my throat. On the next plunge downward, I inhale deeply and draw him almost all the way in. I’d never be able to do that if he were stiff. My throat excites him. He starts to swell inside me and straighten out. I begin to gag and ease off. His dick is slick with spit and flem. I massage him with both hands and he thrusts with his groin. “That’s my boy. I’ll be good. I won’t drink your gizz, but how about I get you off with my hands, huh? You like that?” I can tell by the way his muscles flexed and his hips bucked that he did.

What a fucking thrill it is to yank on that monster! I have big hands and still I can’t wrap them all the way around it. To see his massive hairy chest heave, his thick arms tense, his fingers claw at the sheets it gives me wood just watching him. I stuff that huge cock head into my mouth one last time to suck him to the edge and feel it swell tight as a drum and then start to jerk. Kurt pushes my face away before he squirts long and hard into the air over my shoulder and onto my back. I keep tugging with my hands and pull a long one out of him. Then I get up to clean myself off.

In the bathroom I reach for a towel, then set it on the counter and look in the mirror. Some of Kurt’s gizz is dripping from my traps down my shaved chest. I wipe it up with my forefinger and examine it. What a crock, I think. Vampire! But rather than rinsing it off, I lick it clean, and I reach around behind me and rescue some more from the places I can reach on my back. Kurt comes so much there’s plenty within reach. I hear the floor board creak and grab the towel. Kurt’s head sticks through the doorway just as I start drying the rest off my back.

“Turn around,” Kurt says, and almost before I hear the words I am facing him. “It’s your turn,” he says as he tugs on my dick and it fills out in his hand. He pushes me backward and I lean against the counter as he kneels in front of me and sucks me like a fucking vacuum cleaner. The blood is pounding in my temple and I’m gasping for air.

Kurt stands and points his throbbing monster between my bouncing balls. “And now it’s time to take you to the next level,” he says as he lifts my thighs and pokes his huge upward arching cock between my ass cheeks. I realize he’s planning to cum inside me – that he thinks this will be number two – but it’s really number three – but I want him inside me so bad I don’t say a word.

As he slides in, I squeeze gently to make him feel good. Nothing else is important to me – just Kurt and making him as happy as he’s making me. My chin submissively down, I raise my eyes up and look at his handsome face in awe. Each stroke of his cock inside me makes me tremble. He’s fucked me before, but it’s never felt like this. No one has ever made me feel like this – no man, no woman. We aren’t just fuck buddies anymore – I fucking love this man. I realize it’s the effects of drinking his supernatural cum that’s making me feel this way, but I don’t care. I just want him sliding around inside me making me happy forever.

Once he’s sure he’s not hurting me, Kurt closes his eyes and starts to relax and enjoy himself like I’ve never seen before. I suddenly realize that every time we’ve sucked or fucked before Kurt has either been in a rush to get me off or if he was inside of me he was struggling to keep from cumming. For the first time he was just enjoying himself. For the first time we were both just enjoying ourselves!

I plant my hands on his massive, hairy pectorals and rub his nipples in my palms as I massage his chest. Kurt moans and bites his tongue as he pumps every last inch slowly inside of me. Kurt wraps one hand around my fully boned cock, slick with pre-cum, and starts a gentle hand job that matches the rhythm of his fucking, bottoming out at my balls at the same time he bottoms out inside my ass. The double pleasure of his hand job and getting fucked is so intense my balls tighten, my cock swells, and I feel cum forcing itself into my cock. “That’s it, baby. That’s my boy. Cum for me. Don’t worry. I won’t stop fucking you,” Kurt says as he milks one out of me.

As the last shiver of cum escapes my sweat soaked body, Kurt thrusts upward and lifts me up from the bathroom counter into the air with his boner, smiling at my surprise. He holds me in the air for a while suspended by his wrist thick cock just to show me he can. Then he bounces my two hundred thirty pound body on his dick on his dick, steadying my upper body with his hands. I feel like I’m riding a horse, only with the horse’s cock pointed up my ass massaging my guts. I’m rock hard again and ready to cum – this time without even being touched. Kurt can feel it in the way my guts are quivering around his cock and see it in the way I am arching my back and tensing all over, as desperate to let this load out as the one before. I blast again, spraying us both in the face and making out chests wet and sticky.

When I’ve finished, Kurt holds me tight against him, the side of his face against my chest, my huge thighs wrapped around his ass, as he squirms around inside me enjoying himself. He walks over to my king size bed carrying me still impaled and lays me down. He steps back, allowing his immense penis to slowly reveal itself, inch by thick, fucking inch, longer, harder and wider than I’ve ever seen it, teased to epic proportions by our fucking. The head is free and it slaps against his chest, purplish and slick with precum.

“I’m so close, baby. So close. Are you ready to be all mine?” he says.

“I’m already yours,” I tell him.

He smiles, thinking I mean I just appreciate how well he fucks, unaware that I am already at the second stage.

“It’s just beginning, baby boy,” he tells me as he rolls me over on my knees and rubs his monster cock between my big muscled ass cheeks, easily finding the still gaping hole he left from his furious fucking.

As he slips back inside I twist my head around to watch his incredible mass flexing as he forces himself all the way in. I look down underneath at my cock, swelling again as he rubs against my insides, and my enormous bull balls dangling beneath it, still full of cum for him. I raise my ass higher, invitingly. He presses his hairy groin against my asshole and slowly, slowly withdraws, all the way out, then all the way in, letting himself hang on the edge, savoring every inch of his conquest.

On the third thrust I feel him swell even larger. Underneath I can see his balls behind mine drawing tighter. From deep in his throat he releases a baritone holler that makes the room tremble. I feel the cum forcing up through his cock. I feel the hot liquid squirting inside. I feel jet after jet filling me up as he fucks faster. He tugs downward on my cock and I start shooting with him. Neither of us can stop.

He collapses on my back, smashing me into the mattress, still firing inside as he thrusts. I’m shooting into the sheets. His hot, stale breath tickles the tiny hairs of my neck.

His heaving chest gives up its fight for air. His pounding heart starts to slow. We lay in a puddle of my cum. His cum leaking out from my ass around his groin even though my ass is stretched tight around him.

I feel heat in my stomach. It spreads through my chest and down my arms and legs. Blood pounds in my veins. My muscles are tight and pumped like never before, but I know it’s only beginning. Every where, all over my body my muscles are widening, thickening, expanding. Kurt feels himself raising up like he’s riding an elevator and pulls out of me. He stands.

“Christ! You’re growing!”

I feel incredible tightness as my muscles each other for room inside my skin, forcing each other outward. They’re harder, more dense. The more they grow, the more I realize it’s not stopping, and I don’t fucking care. It feels so fucking good.

I turn myself over and lay on my back, grinning at Kurt, whose bearded jaw has dropped. But it’s not just surprise he’s feeling. I watch his long, limp prick swell again and reach for the ceiling as he watches me.

It makes me proud and hard. I feel my cock creeping up my abs to my pecs. It’s a feeling even more amazing than the expansion of my muscles. I see my one-eyed monster rise over the mounds of my chest muscles to stare me down and I start giggling with giddy delight.

If Kurt is wondering how this can be happening, he’s too excited to articulate his dismay. His monstrous arms are reaching for mine, grabbing at my enormous blood engorged biceps, admiring their size and weight as I flex them for him. They wander down my chest, rubbing up and down against my distended nipples, making me shiver in delight.

I reach for his cock and jack it, feeling the increased heft of my arms as I move them. He does the same for me, his eyes darting madly over my body, captivated by everything he sees. He erupts high into the air, unable to contain himself. I take his hands from my dick and put them on his, and take over for him. Not that he wasn’t doing a good job for me, but I want to feel how big I am for myself. It’s startling. I have a fucking four-hander poking up from between my legs. I stroke up and down the shaft as I polish the knob. In a few seconds I scream and fire hard on my face. As it slides down my cheeks into my wide open mouth I lick my lips and swallow.

I don’t feel a bit sated, but I can feel my growth slowing and I want to see myself in the mirror. I feel my enormous size as I stand, but ironically I still feel light on my feet. Kurt follows me to the mirror. Although I’m shorter than him, I’m bigger all over. I dig through the bathroom vanity drawers and hand him a tape measure. My arms are thirty inches. My chest is sixty. My waist is still thirty-one, but my thighs are thirty-seven. I’m not just huge. My quads flair out to the sides. My abs are hard and cut like masonry, and my biceps are shaped like waves breaking on an ocean surf.

I grab the tape measure from Kurt and measure my penis. Sixteen inches fluffed, but it’s not all hard. I stand on the scale – three twenty-five!

Kurt is plainly enchanted. If he is wondering how it happened so soon, he’s not talking about it. He stands close behind me, his cock rubbing against my thick back. He leans close to my ear and says in a soft voice, “Welcome to the club.”


Chapter Five
Rex’s relationship to Kurt didn’t end abruptly after Rex’s transformation the way Kurt’s did with Hammond. Kurt didn’t treat Rex the way Hammond had treated him. Even though neither one of them could sustain themselves having sex with the other, they still enjoyed each other and fucked around frequently. But in the weeks that followed Rex’s amazing increase in muscular development, Rex also set about building his own stable of men who could nourish him. Some of them he occasionally shared with Kurt, but it was understood between them that they belonged to Rex.

Rex chose them predominately from among his bodybuilder acquaintances, but he zeroed in on the ones who were passionate enough about well-developed men’s bodies -- not get off on their own development, but to be turned on by other outrageously large men.

After years on the bodybuilding scene Rex knew how to spot them. They were the guys whose eyes lingered a little longer than the others, who complemented him more profusely, or were compelled to knock fists or slap backs. They hung out with guys more often than women because they preferred the companionship of guys to girls, even if they were straight. For the right guy, a guy as phenomenally huge as Rex was now, they gladly disrobed in private, spread their legs and let him taste their cocks in exchange for seeing his naked body and feeling his immense hard muscles.

If Rex’s body couldn’t seduce guys like that, no one could. His arms were almost 27 inches around when they were pumped and flexed. His chest about 65 inches, and his thighs taped at 38 inches. At a height of five foot eight he was almost as broad as he was tall, and although he kept his body hair shaved, he couldn’t keep the dark stubble from showing, even on his chocolate brown skin.

One by one he not only convinced them to let him taste their cum, but he seduced them into tasting his, taking them to stage 1, ensuring their continued interest in getting milked and increasing their supply of cum beyond their own ability to exhaust it.

A few of them he took to stage 2, if it suited him to exert more control, and especially if he thought he might need something from them. But he kept them all from reaching stage 3, because Rex had plans to make use of his new found size advantage over his former peers in the bodybuilding world. He was finished with watching those less deserving than he take the Olympia while he was lucky to place in the top five. This year the crown would be his, and maybe he’d start an Olympia dynasty of his own.

That February when Rex stepped on stage at the Ironman Invitational, his first contest after reaching his 325 pound weight at the height of five foot eight, he took the bodybuilding world by storm. The other competitors, having sized him up in the pump room before, had already resigned themselves to their loss, but it was the first time any of the judges or the press had seen him in posing trunks. In the pre-judging it was all the judges could do to take their eyes off him long enough to compare him to the other competitors. The deep, deep cuts between his full, rounded muscles were inhuman. Many a red blooded straight man popped a rock hard and persistent boner at the sight of him. He handily won the contest.

The month the contest results appeared in bodybuilding rags, Rex was on the cover of Flex, Muscular Development, and Ironman simultaneously, with multi page photo spreads and accompanying articles on the biggest muscle monster in bodybuilding history. Photographers fell all over Rex, and none of them could resist his advances. Having a set of deeply devoted photographers as slavish fans only amplified Rex’s popularity in the media.

The next month Rex took his fourth Arnold Classic title, and continued an unbroken streak of victories at show after show into the summer. For a while he pretended he was undecided about competing in that year’s Olympia, but that didn’t stop the reigning Mr. Olympia from starting to sweat. When Rex finally acknowledged the inevitability of his appearance, the current Olympia re-doubled his efforts. He hired a new trainer. He changed his drug regimen and his diet, determined to come in equal to Rex’s new size, but of course he was fated to fall far short of Rex’s slim, tight waist because of his years of drug use.

Meanwhile Rex turned his attention to the probable judges for the Olympia, because Rex knew that while merit alone would carry him into the top five, merit alone would not fell the dynasty of a seven-time Olympian. To guard against bribery, the names of the judges were never announced ahead of time, but Rex used his wiles on the promoter and got a list. Once he knew who they would be, seducing them was both easier and more difficult. Almost all of them were susceptible to masculine charm, but they were scattered around the country and finding ways to meet them casually and get them into private situations was more difficult. That summer Rex spent weeks making appearances at health clubs and nutrition stores around the country, prioritizing the ones in cities the judges lived in. By September he’d laid every one of them and taken the ones he’d conquered to stage 2, where their support on the night of the contest was guaranteed.

But the second week of October, just days from the contest, the promoter called Rex. One of the judges had dropped out. There was a last minute substitution -- Renaldo Gonzalez.

Renaldo was the CEO of his own supplement company, Mutagenics Laboratories, and publisher of Mutated Muscle, which – despite the title - featured fitness type guys, not muscle freaks. Renaldo was young, handsome and fit enough to be featured in his magazine, but he only appeared in its ads. He owned half a dozen exotic cars and a large house in a Denver suburb, which he shared with his brother, an avid bodybuilder and junior partner in the company. Rumor had it that Renaldo was gay. Some even gossiped about Renaldo and his brother.


Through his network of photographers, Rex found the gym that Renaldo’s brother, Rico, frequented and his workout schedule, late at night just before closing. Rex arrived early. He made a point of working out without his shirt, even though it was against the rules. He worked chest and arms. By the time Rico arrived, Rex’s upper body was marbled with thick, pulsing veins and glistening with sweat. The few people in the gym that late could hardly take their eyes off him.

Rico had planned to work legs, but when he saw Rex at the dumbbells curling 220 pounds with each arm, his biceps exploding, as full and round as footballs, he set his bag down nearby. He pulled his loose fitting sweatshirt over his head, shook his head to straighten his wavy blond hair, and picked up a pair of 80 pound dumbbells to curl. The ribbed white tank underneath clung to his torso like skin, exposing every bulge and ripple of his chest and abs. His arms, though not more than 18 inches, were tight, veined, full and well-rounded.

Rico was so gorgeous he would have made Rex hard even if he wasn’t tight and well shaped. He had the kind of thick angular jaw that seemed like it occupied half his head. His shaved beard was four shades darker than his hair. His eyes were an ethereally light blue. When he grit his teeth, he exposed two rows of dazzlingly white, perfectly shaped teeth. Rex let himself drink in the view through the mirror they shared, but he was determined to make Rico make the first move.

Rex set the dumbbells down. He wiped his brow with the back of his hand and turned away. Rico spoke.

“Aren’t you Rex Jones?” he asks.

Rex turned back and extended his meaty hand. “I know you?” he asked.

“No, sir. I’m just an admirer. Rico. My name is Rico. I was in the audience at the Arnold this year. I’m a competitor myself on the natural circuit.”

Shaking his hand was making Rex’s cock swell. Even through his loose sweats it was making quite a show, especially since it reached down way below halfway to his knees. Rico’s eyes dropped for an instant to check it out and his pupils dilated. There was NO hiding Rico’s erection. He popped a woody that tented the front of his shorts. He blushed and tried to ignore it.

Rex broke their handshake and started to turn.

“You in town for long?” Rico asked.

“Tonight and tomorrow,” Rex lied. He had no intention of leaving before he’d made Rico and Renaldo his pets.

“How’d you like to use the hot tub?” Rico asked hurriedly.

“Ain’t you just starting your workout? ‘Sides, they ain’t no hot tub here.”

“Not here. Home. I – I’ve been over training. I should skip my workout.” The self-effacing nature of Rico’s shy reply was all the more obvious coming from a man who would otherwise have been supremely self-confident.

Rex acknowledged his machinations with a broad grin. Rico picked up his bag and led him out to the parking lot. Rex paused as they split towards their separate vehicles.

“You smoke weed?” Rex asked.

“Sure,” Rico answered after an uncertain pause.

Rex nodded in the direction of his rented SUV. Rex unlocked the passenger door. Rico climbed in. Rex pulled a reefer from the center console and lit up. He inhaled deeply and handed it to Rico. Rico inhaled and coughed, then inhaled again. This time he held his breath and felt the smoke seep into his bloodstream, making him light headed. Instead of taking it back, Rex motioned for him to keep smoking. Halfway through the joint Rico’s ears were ringing and his sense of time was elongated.

He glanced back at Rex. His sweat pants were tugged down and over a foot of black tube steak was poking straight up from his groin, steadied by two softball sized testicles, fuzzy like peaches.

Rex grinned at him. Rico would have faked outrage, but the weed had sapped his capacity for false indignation. Instead his eyes widened, his mouth watered and he reached over to put his hand around it as he massaged his hard-on through his shorts.

Rex pushed Rico’s head down on his cock. Rico’s mouth opened wide and he gulped up the first few inches.

“Big enough for you? Huh?” Rex taunted him. He forced his mouth down a few more inches, covering a little more than half of his fat cock flesh with Rico’s hot, wet mouth. He thrust hard up his throat and held Rico’s head still with his incredibly strong arms. Rico gagged but struggled to please him. A wide wet drop of pre-cum bled through Rico’s shorts. Rex put his hand on Rico’s ass and squeezed the thickly muscled glutes. His forefinger fell into the gap between the cheeks and he felt Rico’s puckered hole through the fabric of his shorts. It widened a bit at his touch, an involuntary invitation for a later assault.

Rico had worked his body around enough now to do a half way decent job of sucking Rex’s cock, even though it was far to large for him to do justice and by far the biggest he had ever had before. What he couldn’t suck, he jacked with his spit soaked hands. In a few minutes Rex let loose inside his mouth, holding his head down to make sure it got deep into his throat and unavoidably into his stomach.

Rico gasped for air when he let him up, red-faced, but proud to have pulled out the juice. His eyes had a half crazed look, sex-crazed. Unable to concentrate. His hands were all over Rex, rubbing his burgeoning muscles, teasing his nipples. Eventually Rex pushed him away.

“Can you drive?” Rex asked. Rico barely realized he’d been asked a question. “I didn’t think so. Put your bag in the backseat. I’ll take you home. You can come get your car tomorrow.”

The drive helped bring Rico a bit more to his senses, but he still couldn’t concentrate on much but Rex’s body and what it would feel like to get pile driven by the fuck pole he’d been unable to handle in his mouth. Consequently they made a few wrong turns before they found the house, situated at the top of hill. And he was almost oblivious to the changes in his body as a result of swallowing Rex’s cum. As his balls began to grow he felt cramped inside his gym shorts. He adjusted himself three or four times, but couldn’t get comfortable.

As they pulled into the driveway, Rico saw Renaldo’s car in front of the house, but he didn’t care if he saw them. His older brother knew he brought home men. Sometimes he joined in himself, although he claimed he was straight.

They shed their clothes on the way to the backyard. Rex perched his smaller friend on the edge of the hot tub, his thick joint pointing straight up from his taut waist, his pale blue eyes looking at Rex in adoration.

Rex could almost taste the cum he was about to suck from between the man’s legs. Rex knew there was no reason to prolong the Rico’s exquisite agony. After drinking one dose of his cum, Rico could manufacture enough sperm to feed him all night long. Rex chowed down all the way, taking Rico into his throat on the first plunge, ramming his thick finger into Rico’s asshole and inhaling so forcefully that Rico burst immediately, quivering and gasping for air.

Rico’s deep throated scream drew Renaldo to the window of his second floor study, because his brother Rico was not normally verbally demonstrative during sex. Renaldo had a deep-seated ambiguity about his brother’s lifestyle. He not only worried about disease, he worried that the big, often rough-looking, men that Rico had sex with would hurt him some day. That’s why he encouraged him to bring them home. At least here Renaldo could protect him if things got out of hand.

The man Renaldo saw bending over his brother’s crotch, sucking the cum out of his brother’s cock, was enormous, bigger by far than any of the men Renaldo featured in his magazine. And even bigger than the men in his competitor’s magazines, the steroid freaks that drew crowds of devoted muscle-heads to competitions by the thousands. He wondered how Rico had found such a man in Denver. Renaldo knew the local bodybuilders, amateurs and pros, even the wannabes. No one came anywhere near this man’s size. For several minutes he stood behind the curtain at the open window as watched as the incredible hulk sucked on his brother’s cock, even though his brother had already come once. The guy was unusually enthusiastic at giving head that was for sure. Most guys would have stopped after drawing such a big orgasm out of someone. Either they would have settled back and let his brother start to work on them for a while, or they would have started fucking him. But this guy was slurping so hard on his brother’s bone that Renaldo could hear the sounds way up in the second story office over the noise of the hot tub pump, punctuated by loud, enthusiastic moaning and gasping by his normally staid little brother. It must have been the best blow job on earth, and it was making Renaldo hard hearing it and watching the giant back and arm muscles on the big guy working.

Both the Gonzalez brothers had been muscle hounds since childhood, their boyish fantasies feed by the fantastic natural physique of their father, a loading dock worker at a meat packing plant, who lounged around the house with his shirt off. Neither of the Gonzalez brothers had inherited their father’s natural proclivity for muscular size, and that was why both had devoted their post adolescent lives to vigorous pursuit of muscle, each in their own ways.

As Renaldo watched and rubbed his swollen crotch, Rico bucked his hips and force fed his cock deep into the eager throat of the giant man. This time he was just as load and demonstrative as the first, only this time Rex kept him cumming for more than fifteen minutes, draining his enlarged nuts of their vampire sustaining gism. It hardly seemed possible to Renaldo that anyone, let alone his own brother, whose sexual abilities he was intimately familiar with, could cum that long. The guy must be some fucking cocksucker to give that much pleasure.

Then the man stepped back and Renaldo got a good look at his front. The sight was enough to make even a self avowed heterosexual like Renaldo cum uncontrollably. The guy had the biggest pectorals Renaldo had ever seen, pumped up over the tightest waist, and framed by humongous biceps that bulged out even with his arms straightened and his muscles relaxed. But the source of the real show was between the man’s legs, a cock as thick as a donkey’s that stuck straight up to his chest and throbbed and bounced like it had a mind of its own.

As the man aimed it at Rico’s asshole, Renaldo gasped, frightened for his brother’s safety, but desperate to see it plunge into his hole. Rico gave himself enthusiastically to the monster, grabbing at his ass to pull him deeper inside even faster. As the giant forced deeper inside him, Rico’s cries of enthusiastic pleasure got louder and louder, and cum erupted again from his unattended prick, which the giant did his best to lap up with his fingers and tongue. There was a moment of peace when the two of them were finally completely conjoined before the giant began to fuck and it seemed like the whole house vibrated with the force of his pounding.

Renaldo could stand it no more. He frantically fumbled with his pants, hauled out his purple cock and beat it until it burst. But before he’d even caught his breath he was hard again and just as horny.


Rex could have cum inside the blond latin as easy as exhaling, but he wasn’t ready to advance Rico to the next stage, and God forbid he should get him to stage two and lose control – taking him unexpectedly to stage three the way Kurt had with Rex. No, Rex simply enjoyed fucking him, making him shoot uncontrollably and drinking the product of their lovemaking. He loved the feeling of power that came from reducing a grown man to a quivering lump of hard flesh, desperate for the next intense orgasm that only he could grant. He loved watching Rico’s face, his slack jaw, his clenched teeth. He loved watching his tight body frantically rocking against his cock.

So at first he didn’t notice Renaldo as he stepped out on the patio, naked, cock at full attention, staring at the two of them with undisguised lust. When Renaldo was only a few feet from their perch on the edge of the hot tub, both Rico and Rex looked up at him, Rex with a big grin – knowing that he’d drawn his real prey into the net – and Rico with a dull stare, too engrossed in getting fucked to care who saw him.

Without missing a beat, Rex reached up for Renaldo’s hard, pointing prick and engulfed it in his meaty hand before Renaldo had even set foot into the hot tub. Renaldo knelt at the edge and Rex devoured it whole, applying inhuman suction, fucking one brother and sucking the other.

Renaldo wasn’t disappointed by Rex’s skill at fellating. In all his life he’d never had a better blow job. It was as though the man’s life depended on draining his body of cum, and of course it did!

As even Rico’s newly enhanced cum sack reached its limits and the flow of cum waned to a dribble or two, Rex withdrew from the younger brother and focused all his attention on the older one. He played with Renaldo, keeping him at the edge of release for so long it began to feel to Renaldo almost as good as cumming. With one finger, then two slipping inside Renaldo’s tight ass, teasing his prostate while he sucked hard on his cock, Rex got him so hot he would let him do anything he wanted with him. Then he lifted the older brother’s legs and positioned his elephantine cock at the entrance to his ass.

Any reservation Renaldo might have had to getting fucked, especially by a cock as huge as the one Rex had, had been wiped away by witnessing the intense pleasure Rex’s fucking gave his younger brother, and by the incredible tension Rex had created inside his cock and his ass.

As Rex penetrated Renaldo, the older brother winced just a bit before feeling the giant cock rubbing against his prostate and sending shivers of pleasure through his body. When Rex got completely inside him and began to fuck, Renaldo didn’t even want Rex to touch him anywhere but inside his ass. Fucking the big man was so gratifying, he didn’t want anything to distract him.

With Renaldo, Rex had no reason to hold back. In just a few minutes he let loose and poured cum deep inside his guts, satisfying not only himself, but Renaldo as well, who felt sexually honored that it was he who had brought the giant to climax, not his brother.

Even as Rex’s vampiric gism began to work its magic on Renaldo’s body, Rex kept fucking him, working himself into his next orgasm and sealing his control over the future judge’s mind as well as his body.


Almost as soon as Rex had stopped cumming inside him, as soon as Renaldo’s own orgasm ended, Renaldo felt the changes in his groin. It felt like his balls were vibrating inside his scrotum, and it made him fell hornier than ever. His hard cock strained and leapt as he squeezed his ass muscles around the bludgeon that was fucking his ass. Then it began to feel like his nuts were expanding. It wasn’t lust, although he was uncontrollably horny over the giant who was fucking his ass. It felt like – no matter what he did to accommodate them – his nuts just couldn’t get comfortable inside his scrotum – like they were growing – like they were too big to fit and getting bigger every second. He felt them swelling with cum, and he felt the desperate need to unload it. He could feel them strain against his scrotum and stretch it tight. He reached down to touch them and moaned. They were so sensitive. And they HAD grown. They were bigger than baseballs!

The hugely muscled monster who leaned over him, humping hard and filling his ass with his enormous donkey cock receded from consideration. All he felt was the undeniable need to relieve the liquid pressure inside his huge nuts, and the cock that scrubbed against his prostate inside his ass was obliging the need. Renaldo arched his back and held his ass as still as he possibly could as Rex fucked him to oblivion.

Renaldo had never felt so supplicant to another person, let alone another man. He rarely ever bottomed, but suddenly he understood it. For this moment - which could stretch into eternity as far as he cared - Renaldo only wanted to feel Rex pumping his insides, Rico plastered to Rex’s wide back, hanging on and humping the crack of his ass.

As Renaldo felt himself begin to shoot, he felt the dark monster inside him begin to squirt again. Rex grabbed Renaldo’s cock as he came, aiming the three foot long bursts of cum up into his mouth and drinking them like he was dying of thirst. But something was happening inside Renaldo’s head. With each of his copious gushes of sticky cum he felt himself bonding with Rex. He felt a deep, inexplicable desire to please him, not just sexually. He locked eyes with him and stared into his face. He felt himself slipping away. He could no longer concentrate on his own lust, although the sensations he felt in his ass and his groin were still overpowering. He was fixated on Rex and what he could do to make him happy.

When Renaldo stopped cumming and Rex let go of his cock, Renaldo grabbed it himself and began to work it. As it began to erupt he aimed it at Rex’s open mouth and fed him more of his cum. Watching the expression of contentment on Rex’s face as he swallowed his cum satisfied Renaldo deeply. And when Rex withdrew from his ass, Renaldo continued to masturbate and feed him until he could finally sense Rex had enough. Even then he couldn’t take his eyes off Rex. It seemed like everything around him was a blur.

Three, four, five, who knew how many loads later, Renaldo still wasn’t satisfied, but Rex wasn’t either. He was just as enthusiastic about every one of Renaldo’s loads, and overjoyed that he had sealed his control over the last Olympia judge.

When Rex finally withdrew, Renaldo felt empty, like a part of his own body had been removed. As the three of them slumped into the bubbling water, and Rex’s giant cock began to soften, Renaldo reached for it and tugged it, reluctant to let go of it. His brother tugged on it as well, having gone without it longer.

the Vampires of Sodom and