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Surprise Visit

By Josef Howard
(c) 2006

Chapter One
Todd knocked and the front door slipped open an inch. It hadn’t been latched. He called out Carl’s name. Silence. Then he thought he heard squeaking from the bedroom. He thought he knew what that meant, but when he pushed open the door and saw Carl on his stomach, his butt protruding upwards and another man on top of his back thrusting vigorously into his ass, he realized his assumption had been wrong. The man on top heard the door creak, stopped his thrusting and looked right at him.

“You know him?” the man on top said to Carl and nodded in Todd’s direction. Carl raised his head from the pillow and looked in Todd’s direction for the first time. He lowered his ass and Todd saw the other man’s long, thick cock slid out a couple inches. Todd stepped back.

“Kid! Don’t go away kid. You don’t have to be frightened. We’re just fucking. Carl don’t mind if you see him get fucked. Tell him Carl.”

“I’m not sure he knew I fucked men,” Carl said.

“You?! What’d he think? You were straight?”

Todd’s feet were riveted. His eyes were fixed. He couldn’t look away from his friend Carl and the big black boner piercing his butthole. Or the sight of the muscle bound man holding himself over Carl’s muscular back and butt. The muscles on the man’s arms were bunched like knots and the pulsing veins under his skin were like roots of a tree. He had a dense beard and a broad, toothy, devilish grin. His arms were furry, too, and so was his chest.

“Kid’s gotta boner,” the other man said. “What’s his name?”

Carl answered, “Todd.”

“You got a boner, Todd? Sure you do. Ain’t nothing to be ashamed of. I do too,” he laughed. “Just means you like what you see, Todd. Why don’t you show us how much you like it. Take it out. Show us.”

“Dwayne, leave him alone. Todd’s had enough new experiences for one day.”

“No,” Dwayne said. “I want to see it. He’s looking at mine. He can’t take his eyes off it.”

It was true. As embarrassed as Todd was, he couldn’t take his eyes from Dwayne’s extra thick man-sized cock. Dwayne drew back a few more inches exposing more of it to tease him a little. Then a little more until there were ten inches exposed between Dwayne’s groin and Carl’s butt.

There couldn’t be much more of it, Todd thought, could there? It was already the biggest dick he’d ever seen.

Dwayne forced it back in as he watched Todd’s face. It felt so good that his eyes closed and his jaw dropped a little. He thrust hard into Carl’s butt hole, driving as much of it in as he could. Then he withdrew again and exposed over a foot of it, but still the head wasn’t visible.

“I think he came,” Dwayne said, watching a wet spot form and spread at the end of the bulge in Todd’s pants near his hip. “Shit. He must be big. Look where his wet spot is. Did you know your young friend was that big?”

“I knew he was packing something big,” Carl chuckled.

“Open your pants, boy.”

Todd was intrigued by the two of them now. Still excited, but over his trepidations. He unbuttoned his pants and unzipped his fly. He dug out his stiff boner and his balls too, and draped them over the edge. It was almost as thick as Dwayne’s and just short of a foot long. Dwayne whistled and pumped Carl’s ass again in appreciation of the sight.

“Kid, you got a major piece there. You got no reason to be shy. Bring that over here.”

Todd waddled over to the bed as best he could with his pants fallen to his hips. Dwayne rested on the elbow on the other side of Carl and reached out toward Todd’s cock with his other hand. He held it lightly at the root and stroked it softly to the tip. Todd smiled at him and got harder. Dwayne grasped the base of it and jacked it vigorously. A guttural sound escaped Todd’s lips.

“You want to fuck your friend Carl?”

“Dwayne, stop it!”

“What? I don’t mind sharing you.”

“That’s not what I meant. Todd’s just a kid.”

“Looks like a man to me. How old is he?”

This time Todd answered for himself. “Eighteen last week.”

“Dwayne, I know his parents,” Carl said.

“You fucked his parents?”

“Not like that, you shit!”

“Don’t you want to get fucked by Todd’s big cock?” Dwayne teased.

Carl stopped protesting. Put like that he thought Todd might be insulted if he said no, and the truth was that Carl had his eyes on the kid since the day they first met in the comic book shop. It was the reason he’d chatted him up as much as any perceived common interest in DC super hero comics. The kid had a masculine face beyond his years. That, offset by his bashful naiveté, and coupled with the sense Carl got that the kid really liked the way Carl looked too, had led him to invite Todd to his house to talk comics and see Carl’s collection.

The whole time they talked, Todd never stopped staring into Carl’s luminescent blue eyes. Carl found it unnerving from a kid almost ten years his junior, but it also turned him on and led him to test just how interested this kid might be in him. Halfway through Todd’s first visit he found a reason to pull off his shirt. Todd’s eyes grew wide as saucers. Carl had been lifting since he was in college and weighed almost two hundred and thirty pounds of solid muscle, although he never felt inclined to diet down below six percent body fat like the serious boys did. Todd’s eyes swept over his exposed flesh like a vacuum cleaner. ClDwayney Carl hadn’t overestimated the lad’s interest in himself or their common sex. He just didn’t know what to do about it. Todd was obviously a virgin and underage at the time -- still too close to being underage now for Carl’s comfort. Carl wouldn’t let himself get involved. It wouldn’t have been right.

So for months they just hung out. They were the pair no one could figure out. Why was a man Carl’s age spending time with a kid? Why was Todd hanging with Carl when he should be out dating girls like his classmates? It only made sense to the two of them, mostly when they were together.

After a few weeks the two of them let Todd’s interest in Carl’s physique be interpreted as an interest in bodybuilding. Carl took Todd to his gym a few times, bought him a few supplements and started to train him. Todd put on a little size, lost the last few inches of baby fat around his waist, and went up a shirt size.

Dwayne lifted himself off Carl. Todd watched the last few inches of his mammoth cock slid free of his friend’s ass and slap hard against Dwayne’s tightly muscled stomach. Dwayne and Carl sat on the side of the bed, Carl directly in front of Todd and Dwayne to his side. Carl looked up into Todd’s eyes sheepishly, aware that this is what his kindly courtship of this young man had been leading to all along, but slightly ashamed to acknowledge it. He opened his mouth and sucked gently on Todd’s stiffy. Todd put his fingers through Carl’s long feathery blond hair and pulled his mouth further down his dick. Carl pushed up on Todd’s t-shirt and Todd pulled it over his head. Months of lifting had done his friend good. His abs stood out in tight relief. His pecs were sinuous and firm.

Getting sucked was the best feeling Todd had ever had in his life, and looking down at his best friend’s handsome face, his lips sucking hard along the length of his prick, realizing it was a man he cared so much about, made it even better. He didn’t want it to ever stop, yet his cock began to twitch inside Carl’s mouth and he almost came before Carl leaned back.

“Not so fast, tiger, the best is yet to come,” his friend coached. Carl slid back on his bed and spread his legs. “Put a condom on him.”

“Damn straight, if he’s going up your skanky hole,” Dwayne said. He picked up a ribbon of extra large condoms he’d tossed on the floor a few minutes ago, tore one off, split it open, and rolled it down Todd’s upward curving member.

Carl grasped Todd’s long cock and pulled it toward his hole. He rubbed the head around his anus and pointed it in the center. He guided Todd closer and the first inches of Todd’s dick penetrated him. Dwayne stood behind Todd. Although Todd was over six feet, Dwayne was still taller and much more wide. His mammoth penis slide up between the cheeks of Todd’s ass as he pushed against him and guided him deeper into Carl’s ass. “That’s it, kid. Don’t be afraid of it,” he whispered in a husky voice into Todd’s ear, his warm breath like kisses on Todd’s neck. “Don’t it feel hot? Don’t it feel tight? Now I’m gonna give you a real good treat. Gonna double your fun.” Dwayne broke another condom package open, rolled it over the majority of his major boner, then he rocked his ass back far enough to wedge his cock up against the kid’s asshole. He grasped the kid’s hips and drove himself in to the hilt.

Todd gasped like a drowning man. He was stuffed as a Thanksgiving turkey and the force of Dwayne’s entry had rammed him all the way inside his buddy Carl. Dwayne held the lad tight, lest he fall forward, and fucked for the both of them. Todd had nothing to do but bounce between the two men and enjoy the ride. His ass and his cock were on fire and too soon he was shooting long, hard squirts into the latex that sheathed his throbbing dick.

Dwayne could tell the kid had come by the spasms in his ass, but Dwayne wasn’t anywhere near done himself. The taste of boy butt was so sweet he wasn’t about to shoot his load quickly. He pulled the kid back, out of Carl’s ass, and spun him around on his long, thick spindle, till he was on his back on the bed beside Carl, his hairy legs up in the air, pants rolled up around his ankles and his ass eating every inch of Dwayne’s pounding penis.

Carl rolled the spent condom off Todd’s stiff prick and lapped up the sticky residue on his cock. Then he swallowed the whole thing as Todd bucked wildly and squirmed with pleasure.

After his interrupted fuck with Carl, Dwayne was in no hurry to satisfy himself, and everything he did with the kid only made him more enthusiastic about getting rammed. The kid shot three more times before Dwayne let himself come the first time. Dwayne’s first load was just juice to lubricate the kid’s hole better. It wasn’t until his fourth that he withdrew, panting like a race horse, coated in glistening sweat.

The three of them lay on the bed for a while, Todd in the middle. Even if he couldn’t cum again, Todd was stiff just laying between two magnificent muscle wet dreams. Every time his skin grazed one of their hard bodies he felt a thrill all over his body.

“You shared any of your stuff with this kid,” Dwayne asked when he’d caught his breath.

“He’s just a kid.”

“What stuff?” Todd asked.

Dwayne rolled on his side to face him and casually flexed his mammoth arm. His bicep rolled into a ball half as big as his head. “Stuff that makes you like this. Carl here had one dose. I’ve had two. Pretty soon I’m taking a third.”

Todd’s heart pounded at the thought of Dwayne even bigger than he was now.

“You need to lift to get really big, but just taking the stuff puts on a few pounds,” Dwayne continued. “Especially down here.” Dwayne wagged his long, semi-limp cock. It was still over a foot long. “Most guys double their size down here.”

“Dwayne, he’s just a teenager. He doesn’t even know what he wants to be when he gets out of school yet. He can’t make a decision about something that will change his body permanently.”

“You want it though, don’t you kid? Look at his boner. He’s so hard he’s leaking again.”

Every fantasy Todd had since he was five was about getting big and strong. The comic book heroes fed those fantasies, or was it was it the fantasies that fueled his appetite for four color heroes in tights? Either way it was the lust for muscle that attracted him to his friend Carl.

“No way, Dwayne! I won’t be responsible for something like this.”

Dwayne stayed quiet. After a few more minutes Carl reminded Todd it was getting late in the afternoon. Todd dressed in his wrinkled, cum scented clothes. Carl stood, gave him a hug and kissed him on the forehead.

“I got to go too,” Dwayne said. “I’ll walk you out.” All he wore though was a pair of gym shorts that barely contained his big flopping dick. If it weren’t for the way his giant thighs stretched the leggings tight it would have dropped down toward his knees.

Dwayne walked up to Todd’s sedan. Todd was already sitting in the driver’s seat. The open window framed Dwayne’s enormous chest and cobblestone abs. He squatted low enough to look inside. He reached in through the window and dropped something on the seat between Todd’s legs. It was a scrap of paper with a phone number and a small glass vial of blue liquid.

“You just drink it. Give me a call even if you don’t. I’d like to hook up with you again.”

Todd’s pulse raced. He put the phone number and the vial in his shirt pocket and backed out of the driveway, barely able to concentrate on driving straight.

Dwayne watched him drive away. Carl walked out the front door and stood next to him.

“Did you give him some?” he asked angrily.

“No, I swear. I just gave him my phone number.”

“I wish you’d dress a little more when you visit. What will my neighbors think?”

“They’ll think you’re a faggot, fucking a muscle bound stud, but it’s okay, because YOU ARE!”

“Get back in the house, then, and get busy with me.”


Chapter Two
Todd was standing at the magazine stand up front at the supermarket near the entrance when he heard Dwayne’s booming voice.

“Hey, Todd!”

Todd turned and couldn’t help staring. Dwayne was wearing a tank top and it was plain he’d done another dose. His arms were bigger than his head and his traps had swallowed his neck. Fingerling nipples poked pin point protrusions against the fabric of his top near the bottom of two extra thick pecs.

Dwayne reached out his hand to shake, which broke Todd’s stare, reoriented his eyes to Dwayne’s face, and gave him a social prop for the attention he was giving him.

“You been putting on some size, boy.” Dwayne slapped him on the shoulder and Todd broke out in a smile. For the last month he’d been not only been working out with Carl, he’d been going to the gym without Carl, behind his back. He’d been following the diet Carl gave him, but he’d been eating way more. He’d packed on at least twenty pounds. He almost weighed 190. His summer t-shirt was stretched tight around his chest and his biceps bulged out below the sleeves, pushing them up to make room. Still, Dwayne’s playful slap almost made him lose his balance.

“You were s’posed to call me,” Dwayne said.

Todd smiled sheepishly. He’d wanted to see Dwayne, but for what he thought were all the wrong reasons. He wanted Dwayne to fuck his brains out, but he had a crush on Carl that wouldn’t let up, and fucking Dwayne felt like cheating on Carl even though Carl had avoided touching him sexually since the day they’d all three gone at it together.

“Where’re you going after this?” Dwayne asked. “Come home with me.”

Todd was so stiff from the thought of fucking Dwayne again he was going to have to leave the store right away no matter where he went. He couldn’t even cover himself with a magazine, because he’d have to walk over to the cashier to pay for it and then he’d have to give up his cover as the cashier rang it up.

Todd followed Dwayne out the automatic door. Dwayne stopped just outside. “Where’s your car?”

“I rode my bike.”

Dwayne grinned. It was moments of boyishness like this that made Dwayne want to fuck him even more. “Leave it here. I can give you a ride back later.”

Dwayne drove a big American two-door sedan. After they were seated, Dwayne reached his hand over the center console and squeezed Todd’s crotch. “How’s this doing? I can see you’re happy to see me, so I know you haven’t forgotten how much fun we had. Feels bigger too.”

Dwayne hadn’t lied about the effects of the liquid he’d given him. Todd had gone from nine inches soft to well over fourteen in the first five days. When he was hard he topped out around eighteen. He wanted so badly to fuck Carl with it, but Carl stayed elusive, avoiding his advances and keeping a safe distance. He knew it was because he was so much younger, but he couldn’t see why that mattered. No one needed to know what happened between them in private. He’d begun to fear that Carl found his age a turnoff. He was so horny he’d dated the class slut a couple times, but as bad as she wanted him, she couldn’t take more than half of him and even then it hurt too much for her to keep him inside long enough for him to cum.

Dwayne only lived a half mile from Todd in an old house with a front porch and a big flat yard with old oak trees. Dwayne had both their shirts off the second the front door closed behind them. Todd could hardly believe the size of Dwayne’s chest and how taut and fibrous it looked.

“Unbuckle my pants,” Dwayne said as he undid Todd’s. Amazingly they were both about the same size. Dwayne’s last dose had made him bigger down there too. Dwayne caressed Todd’s long, thick cock and worked it until it pointed straight up the middle of his chest and started oozing pre-cum. Todd wanted to show some restraint in honor of his feelings for Carl, but he couldn’t. He enthusiastically tugged at Dwayne’s schlong getting off on his heft and its length and the way it sprouted so thickly from the base of his hard ridged abdomen between his insanely wide, striated thighs.

Slightly shorter than Todd, Dwayne could put Todd’s cock in his mouth just by bending slightly and dropping his chin. The sensation was so sweet Todd’s dick swelled another inch inside of him. Dwayne tugged at the middle of Todd’s stiffy and dropped slowly to his knees. Inch by inch he worked his lips up the length, pausing only to take a deep breath before he started sucking it down his throat. As it disappeared inside him, Dwayne rotated his face and looked up at Todd. The sight of the muscle giant’s broad shoulders with his giant cock stretching his throat was too much. Todd’s dick spasmed and unloaded his first load in fierce fiery squirts. His knees buckled and he had to steady himself on Dwayne’s massive shoulders. When he’d stopped firing, Dwayne let him slide free.

“Now why’d you wait so long for that? All you had to do is call me.” Dwayne asked with a sloppy saliva drenched grin. He stood and gave Todd a deep, hard kiss.

At that moment Todd couldn’t imagine why had waited so long. Every time he looked at Dwayne, every time he touched Dwayne or let Dwayne touch him a gush of lust overwhelmed him. When they were together he couldn’t deny him anything. Yet he couldn’t help but wonder if he might feel twice as turned on if Carl returned his affections.

“Now it’s time to return the favor,” Dwayne said as he pushed Todd to his knees. Dwayne’s massive cock was not even completely hard and the thought of it inside of him scared Todd. Yet it also made him hard again too. He grabbed it by the middle and pointed the end of it inside his mouth and sucked hard. He’d never sucked a man’s cock before, but he knew what he liked when Carl had sucked his, and he tried to do the same things.

As Dwayne’s dick stretched and stiffened in appreciation of his attentions, Todd wanted to take it down his throat. He took a deep breath and relaxed and sucked it back hard. After four or more inches he coughed and sputtered, forcing it out. But he was determined to take it all the next time.

“Easy, kid. You’re doing good. I don’t need your throat. What I want is your ass.”

Todd wanted that too, but first he wanted to taste Dwayne’s cum. Todd sucked hard again and drew it down deep. Four more inches and he’d have it. He slurped it all the way up and then dove down to Dwayne’s groin and rewarded himself with the taste of Dwayne’s furry root.

“Damn, that’s good, kid. You want some cream?”

Todd sucked and licked all along Dwayne’s giant cock and kissed and licked the thick, blunt head extra hard before diving down again. When it was buried full inside him, Dwayne grabbed the back of his head and yanked him tight to his groin. He bucked and shot down Todd’s throat hard.

After a couple volleys he slid the head back into Todd’s mouth so he could taste it. Todd jerked Dwayne’s exposed dick with both hands and coaxed the cum into his mouth. It was thick, sweet and sour. He swallowed. Dwayne forced himself deep inside and squirted a few more times before letting Todd taste some more. This time Todd kept him in his mouth until he was finished, drinking mouthful after mouthful until he felt full.

Todd leaned back and looked up at Dwayne, marveling at the size of him. “Did you take the third dose?” Todd asked.

“Three weeks ago,” Dwayne said. “I gained thirty pounds the first two weeks. My arms are up to twenty-six inches.” He flexed his right arm and watched Todd’s eyes bulge in disbelief. “My thighs are thirty-seven. But my strength is up even more. I’m benching over a thousand pounds for sixteen reps and I can squat almost two tons for twenty reps. I quit working out during the rush hour because I got tired of the stares. The gym had to buy extra hundred pound plates because the bar won’t hold as many 45s as I need on the squat. And I keep getting stronger. It’ll be six months before I reach my peak.”

Todd was getting harder thinking about how strong he was and how much stronger he would be.

Dwayne lifted him to his feet. Dwayne reached around Todd’s balls and between his legs and found his anus with his fingers. “’Bout time for some fuckin’, eh? I remember how much you like that.” Dwayne put his hands under Todd’s ass cheeks and drew him close until their dicks were rubbing. Then he lifted Todd off the floor effortlessly until his cock was pointing between Todd’s ass cheeks. He gently let Todd’s weight pull him down around his dick. The first few inches impaled Todd in an instant. Then the sliding began to slow. The sensation of being filled by stiff man meat was intense. Todd flung his head back and fought for breath through gritted teeth. Inch by inch more of the immense cock poked deeper inside him. Near the half way point of Dwayne’s dick, Dwayne leaned forward and slurped Todd’s stiff purple cock quivering between them, exciting Todd still more and coaxing him down a few more inches.

“You like that, don’t you kid? You like my elephant dick inside your ass. And I know you like my muscles.” Dwayne thrust a few more inches inside of him. “Gonna make you as big as I am by the time I’m through with you. You’re gonna be so strong you’re gonna be able to bend the barbells in half in your bare hands just like I can.” Dwayne impatiently yanked Todd down the last few inches. Todd’s eyes bulged and he gasped for air. “That’s it, boy. You got it all inside you. Every last inch. Now the real fun begins.”

Dwayne tightened his grip on Todd’s tight muscular waist and began slowly lifting him up and pulling him down, fucking him like a sex toy while Todd let his hands wander over the contours of Dwayne’s shoulders, arms and chest. He’d never felt a body so firm, so hard. Dwayne was everything Todd had dreamed a superhero would be. He was everything Todd wanted to be. “That’s right, boy. Feel my muscles. Nobody’s as big as Dwayne. Nobody’s as strong. Nobody can make you cum as hard.”

As Dwayne bounced him on his cock, Todd’s equally large dick was rubbing up and down Dwayne’s chest in the deep furrow between his pecs, lubricating it with pre-cum. Dwayne tilted his face and slurped as it brushed by his mouth.

Todd grunted, his cock quivered and his ass clenched as cum forced its way out of his balls and high into the air between them, sprinkling them with sticky, pungent liquid.

“Oh, that’s good, little man. Real good. Almost there myself, now. Almost ready to spill my sticky scum inside your ass.” Dwayne pulled and pumped more vigorously, desperately driving for release. “Here it comes. Here it comes. Oh, fuck! Oh fuck! There it is!” As he unloaded Dwayne dropped to his knees, the force of his impact on the floor driving his dick deep inside Todd as it drenched his insides. He hugged Todd so tightly in his arms it was almost difficult for Todd to breathe. Todd squeezed him back as hard as he could.

When the quivering inside of Todd stopped, Dwayne let Todd down on his back on the floor and slowly let his softening dick slide out of him. Then he rolled to his side next to Todd, rolled Todd on his side facing him and gave him a wet, open-mouthed kiss.

After a long slurpy session, Dwayne lifted himself to his feet. “Ever smoke weed?” he asked. “No, huh?” Dwayne removed a small wooden box from the drawer of console table. He stuck a joint between his lips, fished in the drawer for a lighter, took a drag and handed it Todd. “Take a short breath, but hold the smoke in your lungs a little before you exhale.”

Todd sucked a little smoke and coughed.

“Get your breath and try again.”

Todd held the second drag longer. The third one longer still. He handed the joint back to Dwayne. His mouth felt dry and smoky. His ears were ringing and he had the sense that time had stopped. He looked up. Dwayne was smiling.

“Some powerful shit, huh?”

Todd grinned.

He placed Todd’s hand on his muscular chest and encouraged him to feel his body as he probed Todd’s mouth with his tongue.

As Todd’s hand wandered to Dwayne’s groin, his wet, sticky cock jerked. Todd had only wanted to feel the man’s cock, as thick and long as his own, but the response he’d gotten was making him stiffen himself. Even before Todd had drank Dwayne’s special drink he’d been hornier than most kids. Now he thought he could fuck around all day if he had the chance, and this man was so hot he couldn’t get enough of him. Why was he even still interested in Carl when he could have this fucking hulk and have him as much as he wanted?

“Now why you want to get me going so soon? Huh? You still horny?”

Todd knelt to put his face next to Dwayne’s groin. He worked it with both hands and sucked hard. Dwayne knelt. He kissed Todd again. Then he pushed him to the floor and lay next to him with his face in Todd’s groin and his swollen dick near Todd’s mouth. As he worked it with both his hands, Dwayne pulled Todd’s cock to his mouth and began sucking the head, guaranteeing that Todd would reach a full erection in less than ten seconds. As Dwayne worked Todd’s cock deeper down his throat, Todd began to reciprocate, until the two of them were driven into a sucking frenzy, simultaneously working themselves into a face-fucking fury and competing to see who could suck the cream out of the other one quicker. Dwayne flipped Todd on top of him and bench pressed the kid’s ass as he impaled himself on Todd’s dick. In a few more minutes both of them were cumming down each other’s throats.

“Damn, kid. You ain’t gonna wear me out, but you sure are making me lose my breath!” Dwayne gasped and grinned at Todd. “You glad you came to visit old Dwayne now?”

Todd nodded truthfully, yet his ambiguity made the gesture unconvincing.

“Forget Carl, kid. That fuck ain’t never gonna mess with you again. I admit he’s got a fine ass and nice rack and he’s blond, but you got Dwayne now.”

Dwayne picked up the joint, reignited it with the lighter, took a puff and handed it to Todd. Todd drew the smoke deep in his lungs. He could feel the beat of his pulse in his temples. The beat stretched his swollen cock. He could feel his tiny nipples stiffen. He exhaled and inhaled another lung full. His dilated eyes stared at Dwayne. ‘How was it even possible a man could be built like Dwayne?’ he wondered. His arms were almost as big as his tightly muscled waist. Even at ease, his bulbous biceps protruded at a rakish angle from his lower arm. His deltoids were so large and round they seemed like detachable orbs of muscle. A tiny drop of drool formed at the corner of Todd’s open lips.

Dwayne took Todd’s hand and put it on his dick. Its girth made Todd’s heart pound harder. Todd tugged at it and felt it swell again and rise up from between his legs toward his chest. Dwayne led his hands up his stony abdomen to his swollen hard chest. He watched the kid’s dick flare wide and stretch at the feeling of him.

“I can train you, kid. You don’t need Carl. Work out with me. I’ll make you bigger than Carl will ever be. I’ll make you bigger than me.”

Dwayne pulled his hand back down to his groin. He rolled over on his stomach and put Todd’s finger against his puckered anus.

“Say ‘yes’ – give up on Carl -- and I’ll even let you have a piece of Dwayne no man has ever had before.”

Todd worked first one then two and finally three fingers inside Dwayne between the hard round globes of ass muscle. Dwayne squeezed Todd’s fingers between his muscular ass cheeks. Todd’s heart raced. The roof of his mouth tingled. His cock quivered. He rolled on top of Dwayne and poked at his tight hole.

“That’s it, kid. You seal the deal.”

Todd thrust his hips and entered him. Dwayne raised his ass and took him deeper, inviting him to penetrate him completely.

“Oh, God, kid, you are so fucking big! You make me feel so full!”

Todd was fucking him now, his face twisted in ecstasy, his tight little body straining to plow flesh as hard and fast as he could, fighting against Dwayne’s tight ass muscles.

“You ready to leave Carl now, kid?” Dwayne bucked back to meet his pounding thrusts. “Huh?”

It was almost all that Todd could do to stay on him, and he wanted to stay on him more than he wanted to breath.

“Say ‘yes’, Todd. Say it.” Dwayne’s back thrusts were rubbing his stiff cock against the carpet and building toward another eruption.

Todd felt his fantastic prick stiffen beyond belief. His blue, swollen balls hugged his dick tighter than glue and fought for release. “Yes! Fuck, yes!!” He screamed as cum flooded out his lead pipe prick and deep up Dwayne’s ass. “YES!”

Dwayne felt the kid’s warm jism in his butt just as the hot liquid exploded from his dick and made the rug slick with juice.

The two of them pounded into each other until they were both spent. Dwayne dropped his groin to the floor. Todd fell on top of his slick, sweaty body. His nipples, still stiff, rubbed against the ridges of Dwayne’s broad back. Todd held him tight and ground his softening dick as deep inside him as he could.


Chapter Three

The doorframe could barely contain the man who answered the doorbell. His features were like Todd’s but he had shoulder length hair, a thick well-trimmed beard, and the body was serious muscle. He had wide, flaring lats, thick hairy pecs, melon-sized delts, and solid round arms. His thighs stretched the leggings of his trunks, and even his calves were gargantuan. To look this big a guy his height had to weigh at least 270.

Carl hadn’t seen Todd in months since Todd had stopped talking to him on the phone, stopped visiting, and stopped working out with him after weeks of making excuses. He never even saw him at the comic shop anymore.

“Yeah?” Todd answered, barely aware that it might seem odd that he was answering Dwayne’s door.

“What are you doing here?”

“He lives here,” said a familiar voice behind Todd. The door opened wider. Dwayne stood behind him. Dwayne was much bigger too – freakishly large. Larger than anyone Carl had ever seen, even in pictures, even fantasy drawings. “C’mon in,” Dwayne motioned.

Todd still seemed ambivalent and barely moved out of Carl's way as he walked in the door. Carl was uncertain he even wanted to be in the same house with the two of them under the circumstances.

He should have suspected something like this when Dwayne stopping visiting him too, but he’d been so wrapped up in work he’d figured Dwayne’s absence from his life was his own fault. How could he have been so dense? Obviously the two of them had been seeing each other all this time and Dwayne had shared more than a couple vials of the stuff he’d given to Carl over a year ago.

Carl had expected an uneasy reunion with his muscle bound friend, tense for having neglected him for so long, but eventually they’d be laughing again and Carl would be laying underneath him taking his bull dick up his ass same as before.

Dwayne motioned for Carl to sit. He took the chair. Dwayne sat at the end of the couch closest to him. Todd seemed ready to leave the room, but Dwayne grabbed his wrist and pulled. Todd sat next to him and spread his ham-sized arms out on the back of the sofa.

“How long?” Carl asked.

“Have we been living together?” Dwayne finished the question for him. “Since college started in the fall. Todd wanted to get out of his parent’s house, and he’d been practically living here before that, except for sleeping.”

“Todd’s looking pretty good, ain’t he?” Dwayne said. He touched Todd’s hard ridged abdomen. “Two eighty four this morning and getting ready for his third dose next week. Hard to believe he’s only eighteen.”

Was Dwayne trying to start something between him and Todd or was he flaunting his victory over the boy at Carl’s expense? The two of them were fragrant with sweat and fresh cum. They’d probably been fucking. With as much of the stuff as they’d both taken they probably fucked all day.

Carl stopped staring at Todd and let his eyes feast on Dwayne. His former fuck buddy was phenomenal -- arms way bigger than his head, thighs wider than his waist, and skin so thin his muscles looked like a medical anatomy drawing. The bulge between his thighs was obscene and Carl could tell his piece wasn’t even aroused. As much as Carl preferred physiques with form, balance and moderate development, he couldn’t help wanting the two of them more than ever.

But Todd wouldn’t even look him in the eye. Mostly he stared straight ahead. Occasionally he looked at Dwayne or let his eyes wander over Carl’s body, draped in a loose fitting polo shirt and wide flaring khaki shorts, but always his gaze avoided Carl’s face. Carl wondered, had he done something to make him pissed at him? Had he said something or NOT said something?

Dwayne took advantage of the lull in conversation to plant a sexy kiss on his roommate’s thin, open lips. Whether because he was unable to resist his advance or because he wanted to hurt Carl, Todd returned the kiss with open-mouthed enthusiasm, sucking his lips and devouring his tongue.

It was more than Carl could take so soon after seeing the two of them together for the first time. He stood to leave, but Dwayne reached for his hand and pulled it toward Todd’s bouncing, bobbing dick, freed of his gym shorts and reaching up between his muscle-stretched pecs. Carl allowed Dwayne to put his fingers around it. Blood rushed to his own cock as he savored the feel of its thickness and heft. He knew he should leave the two of them for his own feelings sake, but the blood rush and pounding of his heart in that moment was too much to deny.

Carl knelt between Todd’s thick, solid thighs and wrapped his mouth around the head of his cock, against his better judgment. Did it make it better or worse that Todd rested his mighty hand on Carl’s bobbing head and encouraged him to take it deeper down his throat? Was it fondness, forgiveness, or malice behind that hand? At the moment Carl only cared about the way it felt on his tongue and in his throat. He pulled down his slacks and allowed his dick to expand in appreciation of the young man he had cared so much for before.

Though all else should have been eclipsed by the immensity of Todd’s maleness, somehow Carl’s free hand found its way to the stiff cock sprouting from between his former boy friend’s legs.

“That’s right,” Dwayne said. “Don’t forget Dwayne. How’s it feel, Carl? It’s six inches longer than the last time we fucked. And another four inches around. Same size as Todd’s big motherfucker. But when I get through with Todd he’s gonna be even bigger.

"Taste it,” Dwayne said, and he redirected Carl's face to his giant prick.

Todd watched Carl struggle with it, sucking it slowly into his throat and drawer deeper with his lungs until it was more than half inside.

"Can't get it all down anymore, huh?" Dwayne chuckled. "Todd can, but even I have trouble with Todd's motherfucker."

The scene reminded Todd of the day he'd walked in on the two of them fucking, both of them oblivious to his presence at the door to Carl's bedroom. Only today he wasn't just watching. Today he was part of the action, and Dwayne was more his than Carl's.

Though it was so much smaller than Dwayne's, Todd still appreciated the solid sweep of Carl's broad back. He got off on his bobbing and bouncing biceps as Carl worked the end of Dwayne's prick he couldn't inhale. And at last, now that Carl was occupied pleasuring Dwayne and unable to see his face, he allowed himself to admire Carl's chiseled nordic features and remember how completely the sight of them had captivated him a few months ago, before he'd given up on him and taken up with Dwayne. Todd's cock, already glistening with saliva, twitched and burbled pre-cum in appreciation. He slid the thin, viscous fluid down his prick and savored the feeling of his own slickened hand on the mammoth cock that poked up from between his hairy legs.  

"You ready for some fucking, buddy?" Dwayne asked Carl. "I know how much you like to get fucked."

Dwayne pulled Carl's mouth from his cock. He stood and lifted the blond bodybuilder off the floor like he was a cat. He laid him on the couch on his back, his ass toward Todd, as Todd moved to make way. Todd pulled off Carl's pants as Dwayne pulled off his shirt. Dwayne raised Carl's feet by the ankles and spread his legs, exposing his tight white ass, dusted with blond curly hair, to Todd.

"Been a long time since you had Todd's big prick inside your hole," Dwayne said. "He gonna really sretch that muscle butt of yours now. Eighteen inches of stiff meat."

Todd slurped at his winking anus as he wiggled out of his gym shorts. As Todd poked inside Carl's ass, Dwayne put his poker to Carl's lips again and the hungry stud engulfed the end of it with his mouth.

"Aw, that's good, cocksucker. Real good. Take it all. Hey, Todd, you think we'll meet somewhere in the middle?" Dwayne said.

As the two of them fucked Carl at both ends, Dwayne held him down like an upside down turtle. Dwayne leaned over him and chewed on Todd's thick beard before tangling tongues and locking in an open mouthed kiss.

Carl's dick was stiff as steel. He grabbed it with both hands and worked it. His ass was red and his throat was raw, but his heart was pounding. He could feel the crown of Dwayne's huge cock swelling and he knew his old fuck buddy was close to an explosion. Todd burst before him as he quickened his fucking and bottomed out inside Carl's ass. As Todd's thick cock root buried itself against his prostate, Carl fell over the edge himself and sprayed hot, sticky cum on Dwayne's abs. Carl opened his throat wider and allowed another inch of Dwayne's prick down his throat. The extra penetration was all Dwayne needed to erupt. Carl felt the hot jism fire inside him and settle in his stomach. Todd was still emptying cum up his ass as Dwayne pulled out, letting his stiff hose finish spewing jism on the three of them as Carl sucked on one of his orange-sized balls.

Dwayne and Todd were still lip-locked as Carl slid out from under them. He watched as Dwayne slid under Todd, spread his extra thick thighs and offered his ass to Todd. Carl knew from fucking Dwayne before that when you'd taken as much of the stuff as Todd and Dwayne there was no stopping to catch your breath between fucks. Dwayne used to fuck him for hours, until he thought he'd never to able to walk.

Todd forced his upward stretching cock down between Dwayne's legs and slid deep inside. Their eyes were locked on each other, their faces wrung in ecstasy, their ridiculously muscular bodies locked in lovemaking. Except for gasps and groans, even Dwayne was silent now.

Carl was boned, but he knew he had no place here now. Neither man needed him. Either would have let him into their embrace, but he knew he no longer belonged. He gathered his clothes and left the room. They barely noticed him leaving. He dressed at the door and walked out. 

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