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the School for Studs

By Josef Howard
(c) 2005 Josef Howard

Chapter One: The Recruit
“So, Eldon, you’ve slept on it and you think you want to sign up?” the recruiter asked.

There wasn’t a whole lot of sleep involved, Eldon thought. As he was leaving the recruiting office of the institution locally known as “the School for Studs” yesterday, he’d asked the buxom red-haired receptionist out to dinner. They didn’t even get out of her apartment.

“Yes, sir,” Eldon said, suppressing a smile.

There weren’t many job opportunities in his town. In this part of the country the ambitious kids either joined the military or went to college. Eldon never took a liking to books, so he not only didn’t have the grades to get in a college, college seemed like a four year prison sentence. With no end in sight to the war over in Iraq, Eldon thought it was crazy to join the army.

Eldon was already more than a bit of a stud. All through high school he’d been a ladies man. Other boys went steady for months hoping to get laid. Eldon was a player. He lost his virginity when he was fourteen. By his senior year he’d slept with half the girls in his school at least once and a few of their mothers.

“Eldon, like I said yesterday, this is a big commitment for both of us. When you sign on the dotted line, you turn yourself over to our complete control for three years. We have the right to do anything we want with you. You live where we tell you, eat what we tell you, and fuck who we tell you.”

“You know what a pizza and a fuck have in common?” Eldon asked with a smirk.

“What, Eldon?”

“When they’re good, they’re great, but even when they only okay they’re still pretty good.” Eldon chuckled.

The recruiter forced a smile.

“Our clients are wealthy people with extra-ordinary tastes who can afford to have them indulged. They are attractive, but attraction is subjective. Our associate’s preferences need to be completely immaterial to you. No matter who they are, what they look like, or what they want to do, you have to do it. You think you can deal with that?”

“I wouldn’t be back here if I wasn’t up for it,” Eldon smiled.

“Good, then. There’s just one more hurtle – the examination. I’ll take you to Race. He’ll get you ready.” The recruiter stood. He led Eldon through the door behind him to a dimly lit room with a large one way mirror built into the wall.

“Is this Eldon?” a voice as deep as a gravel pit asked.

Eldon looked beyond the recruiter. The man whose meaty hand griped Eldon’s was easily the most masculine man Eldon had ever seen. He was over six feet tall, broad-shouldered and as well muscled as the guys in the comic books Eldon read as a kid. Bigger than Superman, more like the Thor, only with a thick tuft a chest hair spraying out near the collar of his crisp white shirt, opened one button at the top.

“Eldon, this is Race, one of our graduates.”

The recruiter exited the door they had entered through.

“Eldon, on the other side of the mirror are five of our clients. We’re a customer focused company. Our clients are the final arbiter of who gets into the program. I know this will seem strange, but I going to ask you to face the mirror and disrobe.”

“No shit?!” Eldon was already starting to bone at the idea. Five women wanted to see him naked, and he couldn’t wait to show off.

“No shit, Eldon”

Eldon pulled his t-shirt over his head. Eldon had never played sports in school, but he’d been pumping iron and watching his diet for three years because he got off on the reaction it got. He had a tight, muscular chest and flat, rippled abs. His arms were his best feature though. The biceps were full and round. Eldon flexed an arm, looked at his biceps and smiled at the mirror. He turned his back his viewers and unbuttoned his pants.

“A natural ham,” Race thought. He was going to pass this test with flying colors and be one of their favorite escorts.

When Eldon turned to face the mirror again, Race was even more certain of Eldon’s future popularity. He had a hard dick the size of cucumber. Eldon grinned at the mirror and shook it at them. He stroked it a little and stuck out his tongue.

A voice squawked over Race’s earpiece.

“Okay, Eldon, you can put your pants back on. The paperwork is waiting for you back in the meeting room.

Eldon picked up his pants, but he didn’t pull them on. He stood, looked at the mirror, grinned and then turned leisurely towards the door and walked out.

Over Race’s earpiece the receptionist that Eldon had slept with the night before lamented, “There goes one more to the other team.”


Chapter Two: Orientation
A dozen unruly young men in high school classroom desks were taking the measure of their instructor, a handsome but otherwise average man, and the other students. It was the first day of the program. They’d filled out forms. They’d been stuck with needles so many times they felt like pin cushions. They’d been shown the barracks room they would be living in for the next two weeks. They’d unpacked the few personal things they were allowed to bring. They’d been practically force fed lunch in the small cafeteria. They were stuffed, bored and bristling with attitude.

“We’re going to start the program with a test.”

They moaned. A few of them swore. From the back of the room one of them asked, “Hey, when do I get a chance to show you what I do best?”

The instructor ignored him. A woman walked through the door at the front of the class. The testosterone level rose. A couple of the students whistled. She wore a white lab coat and held a clipboard.

“The needs of our clients come first. Those of you that make it through the program will be called upon to put your own desires behind those of the client. Moreover you’ll need to be convincing. It’s not a skill you can master; it’s a talent. The test you are about to take measures the range of your sexual tastes to determine whether you can … perform … with a broad range of clients. But it also weeds out the guys who might not be interested in the right equipment, if you get my drift,” the instructor smiled.

A couple young men laughed.

The men were taken to a projection room. Along the back wall were three-sided booths with chairs. They were stripped and strapped to the chairs. Wires were attached to their chests. Tubes were inserted into veins. From where they sat, none of the men could see each other, only the large silver screen in front of them.

The dim lights in the room faded to dark. A series of still pictures and short film loops of women of all shapes and sizes were projected on the screen, with occasional brief images of men.

Eldon was damned horny. By this time of day he’d usually whacked off a couple times in the john just to take the edge off, but the rest rooms had no privacy here. The sight of any woman was enough to inflate his dick. As the images started to become pornographic he got rock hard and started to leak. Eldon was so hard up, even the images of the guys didn’t cool him off. In fact, some of the guys looked pretty hot too. Not like he’d want to do anything with them, just hot in that straight porn star kind of way, someone he got off thinking of being.

“Jesus,” he thought, “I hope this doesn’t make them think I’m queer.”

But just as the images reached a crescendo of sexual heat – women with giant tight breasts like balloons and close-ups of some of the most graphic hard core sex Eldon had ever seen – just when Eldon thought he would cream spontaneously – the subjects changed to men. Really hot studs with bulging muscles, cut to shreds, with ungodly huge dicks fucking and sucking like they were just about to cum. And then they did and Eldon did too in the longest, most forceful spray of his short teenage sexual career. It shot way above his head, probably into the next booth, and drenched his chest, arms and legs. He felt ashamed and humiliated.

The images continued. Mostly of women now, mostly soft core, but a few were stills of the guys who made him come. Eldon’s dick never deflated and every time he saw one of the guys he wanted to come again so badly he wished his arms weren’t strapped to the chair arms and taped up with wires and tubes.

When the show was over the lights came on, a voice over the intercom told them they’d know if there was a problem with their test results in the morning, and to gather their clothes and return to the barracks for the rest of the day. Eldon wiped himself dry with his underwear. He put on his pants to hide as much of his hard on as he could. His t-shirt was sticky wet, so he walked bare-chested out of the room with the rest of the guys.


Chapter Three: Conditioning
There were only ten of them the next day when they met in the weight room. Eldon looked around at the faces of the guys left. The two who were eliminated must have been weeded out between breakfast and class. He couldn’t even remember what they looked like.

Eldon relaxed a little. His reaction yesterday had to have been normal for a guy like him – for a guy like the ones the school wanted anyway. If you’re horny enough any hole will do, Eldon’s father used to say. Or maybe they couldn’t tell what set him off. But Eldon still boned at the thought of the video of the guys cumming. They were so huge in so many ways. Were they graduates of the school? They couldn’t be. They were queers. He kept his hands draped in front of his crotch in a vain attempt to hide his bulge. One of the other guys saw him try to hide it and smiled. He wished he’d been able to whack off this morning. He’d whacked off once during the night, but he was afraid to do it more often because there were so many other guys sleeping in the same room close to him. It didn’t help that the gym instructor was as big and well built as the guys in the video.

The only person Eldon had ever seen as muscular as their instructor a pro bodybuilder that visited his gym once from out of town. Only the instructor looked even bigger. The sleeves of his XXXL t-shirt were split to accommodate the girth of his arms, and the neck was split down the front to give his pecs enough room to keep them from tearing it apart at the seams. His waist looked practically waspish in comparison. It was only eight a.m. and he already looked like he had a five o’clock shadow even though his hair was light blonde.

The class began with a weigh-in. When Eldon stepped on the scale he was surprised. He weighed 190. It must have been the big meals here at school. Maybe he was getting fat, although his abs were still lean. They gathered around the flat bench.

“This is going to be the most grueling workout of your life. You’re going to hurt so bad tonight you’ll be too sore to masturbate,” the instructor said. “We’re going to do circuit training. Could you put six 45s on each side of the bar?” the instructor asked two guys in the class. “You’re going to do every set of every exercise with your maximum weight. You’re going to start with a set of flat benches, then a set of inclines, then a set of declines, then a set of flies. Then you’ll move over there to the stations for legs and do a set of squats, leg curls and calf raises. Then on to the next area of the gym until you’ve done every exercise. Then you’ll come back here to the bench and start over.”

The instructor lay back on the bench and lifted the bar over his chest. It was almost six hundred pounds including the bar. He pumped out fifteen and racked it. He looked at the astonished faces of his students and suppressed a grin. The instructor’s face was a little flushed but his breath was shallow. “Who’s next?” he asked.

One of the other guys volunteered. Four plates were removed from each side before he began.

“I’m going to be working out with you. If I see you’re not sweating and out of breath, I’m going to double your weights,” the instructor shouted as he moved to the incline press.

Eldon started with 260 on the bench – his current eight rep maximum. He was surprised at how light it felt. He did an easy twelve reps, so he kept going. At eighteen reps he felt fatigued and stopped. He’d have to err on the heavy side on all his weights.

The biggest of the other guys, Aaron, loaded his bench up with eight plates – over 400 pounds. A couple guys paused to see him pump out 14 reps.

Eldon was stronger than usual on every exercise, and stronger the second time around the circuit than the first. His muscles swelled with blood. His veins squirmed under his skin. He was breathing heavy and sweating, but he wasn’t out of breath or feeling weak. On the contrary, he’d never felt more powerful and strong. He grew more daring with his weight increases because it never seemed like he was hitting his maximums. The third time around he was benching 350 and squatting 400 – weights he never thought he’d lift without years of lifting and serious steroid abuse.

He wasn’t alone. All the guys were pumped and grinning like Cheshire cats, moving as quickly from station to station as they could.

The stronger he got, the tighter Eldon’s clothing felt. It had to be his imagination, but it almost felt like he was going to burst out of his clothes. His t-shirt was as tight as his skin around this chest, shoulders and arms, and soaking with sweat.

As he was doing his fifth set of dead lifts– with six hundred pounds – Eldon felt the material around his shoulders strain and he heard a rip. He rolled his shoulders back at the top of the lift and heard it again. He’d actually torn a sleeve from his shirt. On the next rep his other sleeve tore. Before the set was over he’d torn the wet ass out of his gym shorts too.

Eldon dropped the bar on the cradle, wedged his fist into his shirt collar and tore off his shirt. His soaking torso heaved with his deep breaths. While the guy behind him watched and waited, Eldon flexed. He squeezed out a most-muscular, then a double biceps. A couple other pairs of eyes fixed on his image in the mirror. He’d never looked so big in his life. It was like he’d gained twenty pounds during this workout, but that was impossible! Still everyone looked like their clothing was strained and before they’d completed another circuit half of the guys had their shirts torn off and were getting off on flexing in front of the mirrors between sets.

Eldon was boned and not even trying to hide it anymore. Most of the other guys were boned too. Straight or gay, any guy would get boned at the thought of being this strong, getting this big in one workout, and feeling like this was only the beginning.

On his last bench, Eldon loaded up the bar with 750 pounds. The last circuit, he’d done ten reps with 700. He was past wondering how this could be happening. He was enjoying it all too much to care. What the fuck, he thought, and he put on two more twenty-fives.

Eldon settled in on the bench, he positioned his hands evenly on the bar, dropped his shoulders down and pushed up. The weight resisted. Eldon pushed harder, lifted it over his head and moved it into place over his chest. He lowered. He strained. His chest, arms and shoulders were sore, but the weight moved slowly up. He lowered it again. Somehow it felt easier the second time. The eighth time was harder, the ninth worse yet, but Eldon was determined to do ten. He closed his eyes and lowered the weight. Eight hundred pounds rested on his bulging chest. His delts and his arms were stretched tight. He heaved and the weight rose slowly, his arms locked out and he set the weight down.

Every one of his last sets were the same. He loaded up extra heavy, adding more weight than it seemed possible he’d be able to lift, and every time his muscles came through.

After finishing with a set of 160 pound standing dumbbell curls in front of the mirror and watching the biceps in his arms swell like squeezed water balloons, Eldon set the weights down, walked unobtrusively into the locker room and dropped his pants in the toilet stall. His boner was practically purple. He wet his hands with the sweat from his arms and stroked. He tried to think about the receptionist he’d boned a couple of days ago, but the images of his own body kept crowding those thoughts out. And the higher he felt his thoughts began to drift back to the video from yesterday and the guys with the enormous cocks and huge muscles. If they let them in the gym a few more days, he’d be almost as big as they were. The loop of them cumming started to play in his mind until he felt his whole body tremble, his legs shake and cum erupted from his furiously hard cock. Eldon lost all sense of his surroundings for a minute. He screamed in pleasure and pounded the puss out of himself. When he could see straight again he saw he’d sprayed the walls of the stall pretty thoroughly. He unrolled some toilet paper and wiped up enough of the cum from the walls to pass for clean.

When he returned to the gym the other guys were clustered around the flat bench cheering. Aaron had finished his ten circuits and was doing one more bench . . . with ten plates on either side of the bar -- a finishing weight of 945 pounds. His bare chest bulged obscenely as he grunted through the reps, each one seemingly easier than the one before. Eldon started to get hard all over again. It looked like Aaron was filling out in the crotch too, but not many people noticed. They were too mesmerized by his heaving chest. Half way though the set, they started to chant the reps, “Six, seven, eight, nine, ten…” Aaron breezed past twelve. “Fourteen, fifteen, sixteen, seventeen…” At twenty-five, with still no sign of fatigue, Aaron racked the bar and sat up, flexing his arms in the crab pose, the striations of his pectorals in bold relief like deep cuts in the muscle. The students cheered and clapped. The instructor patted him on the back and lifted him to his feet.

“That’s enough for today. You’ll get another shot at the gym later,” the instructor told them.


Chapter Four: Endurance
None of the clothes the men brought with them to the school fit the next day. Not a single shirt. Not a single pair of pants. The barracks advisor handed out oversized thin cotton hospital garments to wear to class. Half the guys put on just the pants. They were too proud of their newly muscled chests and arms to cover them.

The morning started with a weigh-in. There was a lot of shoulder punching and back slapping. The smallest of the students now tipped the scales at 203. Aaron weighed almost 280. Eldon weighed 240 pounds. Unbelievable! None of the size from his pump yesterday was gone. In fact he thought he looked bigger still.

The guys thought they were headed back to the gym today, but instead they were led to a large room with more booths and strange equipment. Their instructor was the guy from day one, the average sized Joe they now all outweighed by at least fifty pounds.

“In today’s lab session we separate the potential studs from the horny little boys,” he said. “The men a few of you will become will be required to put the pleasure of our clients ahead of their own. Today we test your self control and your endurance.” He glanced at his clip board. “Curtis. Which one of you is Curtis?”

A man in the back of the pack of standing students pushed his way to the front. He was shorter than Eldon and some of the others but beefier. Even before yesterday’s workout he’d been big. Now he was the widest one of the class even though he was only 5’ 8”.

“Curtis, I need a volunteer. I want you to come over here to this machine.”

The machine was a stainless steel box about the size of a small refrigerator with a rubber rimmed opening near the top. The instructor attached wires that dangled from the ceiling to his forehead and temples with adhesive tape. The wires hummed against his skull. Curtis blinked. In some inexplicable way everything and everyone in the room looked different, even though he couldn’t pinpoint the change.

“Untie your pants,” the instructor said.

Curtis tugged his loose hospital pants down to his wide muscular thighs where they rested on the wide outward sweep of his thighs. His dick was a brown uncut monster that was the size of formidable banana even when it was soft. It flopped out over the untied waistband.

“You like blowjobs, Curtis?”

Curtis flashed the instructor a dumb-faced grin.

“Put your dick inside the hole, Curtis.”

Curtis’ dick already sprouted a couple inches just hearing the word ‘blowjob’. He slid his fattening cock through the hole. It was warm and wet inside. The machine began to hum. The opening shrank slightly around his dick. Something slick stroked his prick and it instantly expanded to its full length and girth. Curtis fell forward as it sucked his dick all the way inside, then kept on sucking and slurping, tugging like a wet mouthed vacuum. Curtis’ eyes and teeth clenched shut. “Oh-ho-ho!”

The other guys in the class were all hard just from hearing him and seeing his face.

“Feel good, Curtis?” the instructor asked.

“Fuck, yes!” Not many women could even get past the head of his monster prick. Occasionally he’d had one who’d gotten more than halfway, but he’d never had the sensation of being completely engulfed by a warm, wet sucking mouth. The machine felt different than a woman’s mouth too. Better, coarser, more vigorous, like it might feel to have another guy suck it.

“Now, here’s the challenge, Curtis. No matter how excited you get, I want you to resist cumming.”

Curtis face was contorting as the machine gave him what was easily the best blowjob of his life. He was already swaying gently, fucking it as it sucked him. He was plainly in another place, perhaps not even able to hear the instructor’s voice.

“Do you hear me, Curtis?” the instructor lifted Curtis’ tightly clenched eyelids and shouted. “No matter how badly you want to, you WILL NOT CUM! If you cum you will be dropped from the program!”

Curtis’s eyes found the instructor’s. As the words sank in his expression changed from pre-orgasmic excitation to bewildered fear.

“And don’t take your dick out!”

Curtis gritted his teeth and closed his eyes. He tried to think of anything but the intense, sucking sensation on his long thick shaft and the occasional squeeze the machine gave him at the base of his cock. His dick felt like a balloon about to burst. The cum built up pressure like mercury in a thermometer of boiling water. The suction inside the machine grew stronger. Curtis wanted to cum more than he wanted to breathe. Sweat beaded all over his body and rolled down his face and his arms and his legs. A quart of cum was inexorably pushing into the head of his fat dick. When it reached his piss slit Curtis could no longer resist. He shouted and screamed and cried as he fucked his cock into the sucking machine as hard as he could. Cum squirted from his cock so hard it almost hurt. Cream squirted out from tight silky seal around his prick. The more Curtis bucked, the stronger he came, more cum than he had ever unloaded in his life, until the volume almost frightened him. He shivered and shook and shed sweat like a wet dog.

Not a cock in the crowd was limp as the men watched the machine suck Curtis dry. Eldon held his hands over his crotch to keep his prick sticking straight out from his groin and creating an outrageously large ten in his loose pants were soaked with precum. It didn’t help that he’d been sexually frustrated for so long.

When Curtis finally collapsed on the top of the machine, his cock still buried inside, still dripping cum, the instructor cut the power. Two men, the same outrageous size of all the assistants at the school, entered the room. Each draped one of Curtis’ limp arms around his neck and carried him out.

“The rest of you will hopefully do better,” the instructor said. He motioned to the booths along the back wall, each with a machine just like the one that had disqualified Curtis, their former compatriot. The men positioned themselves in front of them, hidden from each other by the walls of the booths.

Eldon untied his pants and let them fall to the floor. His cock was still hard from watching Curtis’ orgasm and he doubted he would last half as long. But he couldn’t afford to fail. Without his diploma, without the job the school promised, he was doomed to a life of menial labor at minimum wage. If he was lucky he might find a job that allowed him to make use of the strength he’d built up in the gym yesterday, but more likely he’d find himself limited by his appearance in town where big bellies were the norm, and not muscle bellies.

As the instructor connected Eldon the ends of the wires to Eldon’s forehead, temple, chest and arms and turned on his machine, Eldon slid his hard prick slowly inside. From the minute the moist ring touched his quivering dick head, Eldon was entranced. The machine was better than any woman he’d ever had, and he’d had plenty. He resisted the impulse to push further inside. Instead he let the gentle sucking of the machine draw him slowly in. The machine seemed to sense his reticence. Warm slick fluid seeped into the cavity that encapsulated the first couple inches of his formidable dick and what felt like the softest tongue in the world began to lick the under side of his cock. Eldon heard several of the others began to groan. The machine sucked deeply and drew inch after inch of Eldon’s cock inside.

Eldon’s eyes closed and an image of the men in the video from the first day formed in his mind. Though his eyes were shut, Eldon could see in vivid Technicolor the extremely muscular man kneeling before him, his full red lips drawing up and down his cock, the bristle of two days growth of beard scratching the tender skin of his dick. His eyes looked up into Eldon’s face with profound adoration. His mouth opened wide and amazingly he devoured the remaining half of Eldon’s cock, drawing it deep inside his muscular throat and sucking with a ferocity Eldon had never before imagined. Eldon braced himself on the triangular traps that rose like the neck of a cobra from his huge round shoulders to his ears. Eldon knew he wasn’t there, but his warm, sweaty muscles felt as real as his own. Suddenly Eldon saw the other man standing at his side and felt his thickly muscled hand on his chest. The fingers squeezed his rock hard nipple. Eldon turned his head and sucked on his tongue, drawing them together in the hottest kiss he’d ever had.

What was happening? Why was he having these thoughts? What were they doing to him?

Eldon laid both his hands on the sides of his kneeling lover’s head and drew his mouth down again on his cock. Nothing had ever felt so good on his young prick. Nothing had ever felt so right, and no one had ever made him feel so excited. Eldon wanted the feeling to continue forever and to stand next to these gods of masculine power for the rest of his life, one of them worshiping him and the other allowing him to worship in turn.

No matter how hard Eldon fucked his lover’s face, the man was never fazed. He only redoubled his efforts to please him. Eldon looked down past his stone hard, purple cock, past his fuzzy balls drawn up to its side, anxious to empty themselves into his lover’s throat. Inside the hands of his kneeling lover, drenched in saliva that dropped from his sucking mouth, was the largest cock Eldon had ever seen. Was it sixteen inches? Longer? Surely the angle or his excited state was causing him to hallucinate. Wasn’t this whole scene an hallucination? Was this a hallucination inside the hallucination?

He looked down at the groin of the stud standing next to him. If the first one was fevered imagination, how did he explain the monster sprouting from the second man? It was even bigger, stretching all the way up his stomach to the edge of the man’s pecs and drooling precum like a leaky faucet. His standing lover saw him admire it and smiled. He pulled Eldon’s head down by the back of his neck. Eldon licked at the bubbling precum and engulfed the head. It was soft as wet silk and sweet as honeyed sweat. Pure sexual electricity flowed from the connection he’d made, his mouth on one cock, his other lover’s mouth on his own, and made his whole body tingle and quiver.

Just as he felt he was about to cum, Eldon felt the sucking stop. The images cleared from his vision and he was back in the classroom. He withdrew his purple, swollen dick from the hole.

“Very good,” the instructor said. “You’ve survived the first round.”

How long had the first round lasted? Eldon wondered. In one way it had seemed like only a few minutes. In another way it had felt like hours. However long it had gone on, Eldon knew he wouldn’t have lasted if it hadn’t been for the scene he’d lived inside his head. Did it come from his own mind or had they put it inside his head somehow? It couldn’t have been them. What good was a queer to a stud service? What good would he be to anyone? Yet even now his thoughts drifted back to the two fantastic lovers and the scene in his head. It had been more real than any dream he’d ever had, and he wanted to relive it again and again.

“Ready for the second round?” the instructor asked.

The room was silent. Not many men thought they’d be able to survive another round. One by one, the instructor turned their machines back on and guided them back inside. Eldon moaned in saddened delight. It was all too good to resist.

“The first part of this is easy,” the instructor said. “I want you to let go. I want you to cum.”

After holding back so long, it was almost difficult to relax. Then Eldon heard the first of his classmates holler. Another one spat an expletive. Eldon felt his wood stiffen as the cum pushed up to the base of his dick. He wanted to cum, but it was almost a point of pride that he not be so easy. Then his mind flashed on his fantasy lovers. He heard the one at his feet whimper and moan and felt hot cum squirting on his leg. Eldon bent down and wrapped his mouth around the cock of the one standing next to him. He tongued it inside his mouth and sucked like a vacuum. It jerked in his mouth and unloaded. Eldon lost his resistance. His toes curled upward and he ejaculated.

Distantly, as though the sound was a voiceover to the scene he was in, Eldon heard the instructor speak, ”Feel good? Now I want you to cum again.” Eldon heard an erotic howl as his classmates began to comply. “In fact I want you to keep cumming. Over and over and over. Until you’re dry. The men who cum the most stay. The man who dries up first is expelled. And the man who cums the least is also out of here.”

A shiver ran down Eldon’s spine, but it wasn’t enough of a shock to shake him from his vivid hallucinatory daydream.

And Eldon didn’t feel the least bit sated by his long delayed orgasm. Not that one orgasm had ever been enough to satisfy him, but this time, oddly, he felt even hornier than he had felt this morning. Eldon was briefly suspicious of the school, the things they had put in his veins, the food they had given him, even the training, but then as Eldon put his hands under the arms of his kneeling lover, lifted him to his feet and turned him around, he forgot everything but the sight of the man’s broadly muscular ass. It seemed sadly incomplete to him, empty. He positioned his cum drenched cock between the cheeks and poked. His lover pushed back without hesitation and he slid deep inside.

The man’s anus squeezed the base of Eldon’s dick and Eldon felt an electric jolt. His balls bounced in his scrotum and cum gushed out again. Eldon pumped the hot, slick ass and cum gushed more forcefully. It felt as thought this hard, hairy ass was sucking the cum from his balls. And the harder Eldon pounded the harder it gushed until, drenched with his own sweat his collapsed on his lover’s back.

Then he felt a blunt intruder at the entrance to his anus and the broad, thick hand of his other lover on his back. Eldon had never been fucked before in his life. Like most straight men, he had feared even the thought of it. Now he wanted nothing more than to be impaled on the truncheon he had swallowed moments before, and to feel stuffed and complete. As it slid up inside him, Eldon felt it harden. It tugged and pulled at his guts and straightened them out to accommodate it’s amazing length. When he felt the man’s bull balls brush against his ass cheeks, Eldon gasped and came. As the cum poured again from his balls, the man dug himself deep inside Eldon’s guts, familiarizing every inch of his cock with the insides of Eldon’s quivering ass. When Eldon’s spasms stopped again, the man drew back, pulling Eldon out of the man beneath him, then plunged deep, driving them both back inside. Two more strokes and Eldon was cumming again. This time the volume was even greater. Eldon felt like he would collapse inside from expelling so much of himself out his dick. The pounding continued, more forcefully, faster, and Eldon kept cumming, without pause until he collapsed in limp ecstasy, too weak to move, conscious only of the force of his spurts and the pounding in his ass.

Eldon awoke on the cold hard surface of the machine that had drained him dry. Some of his compatriots were still passed out. Others we finding their feet again and stretching their limbs. The instructor was removing gallon-sized cum reservoirs from the machines. Eldon’s was full and over flowing. Most were more than half full.

“Excellent!” the instructor said.

In the cold florescent light of the classroom, Eldon felt sheepish and ashamed, sure than his secret fantasies would be found out and he would be expelled. His eyes stayed on the ground as he filed out of the room with the others and collapsed on his bunk. Yet with one eye open, he couldn’t help but watch the other students undress and feel excitement to see them naked. He almost thought a few of them were stealing glances at one another.


Chapter Five: Initiation
Eldon woke the next morning in a small pool of drying cum from a wet dream he didn’t remember with wood that still wasn’t satisfied. He knew he wasn’t the only one in the barracks with the problem because he could hear sheets rustling and bed springs squeaking. The testosterone in the barracks had obviously reached a level that had broken decorum among the students. As badly as Eldon wanted release, he couldn’t quite bring himself to relieve his frustrations that publicly, in the same room with his fellow students.

Eldon wiped himself off as well as he could with his bed sheet and headed for the showers, hoping to distract himself from his frustrations, but he wasn’t the first to arrive. Richard, one of the other students, was already there, soaping up. Richard didn’t notice as Eldon walked in. Eldon realized why as Richard began thrusting his pelvis with his back turned. Eldon couldn’t take his eyes off the guy’s wide, muscular back and his bulbous glutes. Eldon’s cock began to thicken and rise as he watched. His wet hands slide down his deeply ridged abs to the furry root of his quivering dick. Eldon hoped he didn’t turn around to see him getting off on his butt, but he couldn’t stop himself, and ultimately didn’t much care. His blood pounded too hard in his veins and his need was too great. As he soaped himself up and began to stroke with both his hands, his penis erupted with long, full splatters on the tile floor that were quickly washed away by warm shower water.

Richard was still pulling his weed, unaware anyone had even been in the room when Eldon turned off the spigot, grabbed a towel and left. Not a moment too soon. Around the corner was Race, the school graduate who had put him through his physical examination before he’d signed up.

“Eldon, can you come with me?” Race asked.

“Eldon’s blood froze. Had Race seen him in the shower? Had they realized he was attracted to men? Was he going to be expelled?

Race took him into an office. He motioned for Eldon to sit at the guest chair. Race stood.

The grin faded from Eldon’s face. Fuck, he thought, women. When this was all over he’d be a slave to all the school’s rich bitch clients. A few days ago he thought he’d never get enough pussy, but now the thought of it make his heart sink. All he wanted was to spend his time with guys now, and the bigger and more masculine they were, the more they turned him on. In fact, Race looked like he’d make a good second workout. The guy’s ass was as thick and round as a pair of bowling balls. He thought all these thoughts should freak him out, but they all seemed so natural to him. Why wouldn’t a guy like him appreciate other guys like him more than some small, soft woman?

“Eldon,” Race suddenly asked, “do you feel any differently about the school than when you started?”

Eldon’s face flushed. He tried to still his racing heart and will the blood from his face. Race registered no notice of his reddening, but how could he miss it? Eldon felt like his cheeks were on fire.

“N-no, sir,” Eldon answered.

“I would understand if the answer was yes, Eldon. Not that the school would let you out of your contract, but lots of guys start having second thoughts once they’re in the program. Maybe they don’t like the way they’re treated. Or they don’t like being around other guys or the constant competition. People change.”

“Do you like the way you feel, Eldon?”

“Yes, sir,” Eldon answered.

“You look good. You look better than good. You look fuckable.”

“Excuse me, sir?”

“Does that kind of language shock you Eldon? A guy telling a guy he looks fuckable? Or is that a boner I see inside your pants?”

Eldon’s hard-on was on the rise again. In front of this official of the school, Eldon wanted it to lay low. He willed it to lay low, but instead it kept rising, struggling with the waist of his pants, and then sliding free and popping straight up his abs.

Race grinned lasciviously. “That’s good, Eldon. That’s a very good response. Would it surprise you to know that part of your training has been subliminal? Would it surprise you to know that we’ve been programming your sexual responses?”

Finally the thoughts that Eldon had been having since the first day, the waking visions, made sense, but the thought that he was now a programmed fuck machine at the whims of strangers was more exciting than alarming. It made him feel hot all over.

“Part of your training has been the insertion into your subconscious of a series of key words that trigger intense and uncontrollable sexual responses. ‘Fuckable’ is one of those words.”

Hearing Race say the word made Eldon bone harder still. So much blood was rushing to his penis he could barely think. His eyelids were heavy. His jaw went slack.

“Another one is ‘wet’.”

As soon as Eldon heard the word, his dick started burbling pre-cum. It coated the head of his penis and slid slowly down the thick shaft like thin honey.

“Good response, Eldon. Very good.” Race stood. He pulled his t-shirt over his head. If Eldon hadn’t been hard, the sight of Race’s bare, hairy chest would have made him hard. The sight of Eldon lost in the reverie of his own sexual arousal had Race breathless, his chest heaving, his abs squeezing and releasing rhythmically. He pulled Eldon up from his chair, tugged his pants off, and sat him down on the edge of the desk. He raised Eldon’s ankles and rested them in the valley between this steeply inclined traps and his high, round deltoids. Eldon heard him unbuckle his belt and pull open his pants. He wanted to see his cock, but his own high, thick chest muscles obscured his view. In a second he felt it though, pushing against his puckered asshole and driving inward, squeezing against his prostrate and filling him deep and high.

“’Tighter’, Eldon,” Race commanded.

Eldon felt his sphincter clench.

“Yes, that’s a good boy. Very good,” Race said. He slowly started fucking Eldon. “Now look at me, boy.” Race grinned. Eldon couldn’t take his eyes off him, his rigidly masculine face, his stony rounded muscles and his coarse chest hair. Eldon’s felt like he had in his fantacys and dreams of sex with men, only these feelings were infinitely more intense. These feelings were real. He was finally doing the things he’d fantasized about and the sensations were more intensely erotic than he could ever have imagined. Eldon fought to keep pace with Race’s thrusts, pushing into him with every thrust, squeezing his massive cock, sucking it with his asshole. He had never felt more aroused in his life. He had never wanted to give another person sexual pleasure as much as he wanted to please Race.

“Look at my eyes,” Race commanded. Eldon stared into his eyes, and felt an almost spiritual connection to the other man, a closeness that surpassed anything he’d ever had with another person. He gasped in amazement at the feelings in his ass and his groin, and at the same time he began to lose all sense of himself as a separate being, falling deeper and deeper into Race’s coal black pupils, dazzled by his pearly white smile.

Race’s pleasure was intensified by knowing the feelings Eldon had. He remembered the first time he’d been broken in when he was a student. He remembered the feelings of slavish, wanton desire, and realizing first hand what Eldon felt for him, deepened his feeling of power over him. The gigantically muscular stud under him was all his for as long as he wanted him. He would do anything on earth to pleasure him for as long as he wanted, and Race knew his own desires were almost limitless.

As Race’s boner stiffened to the point of petrifaction, he felt his cum pushing against the base of his dick, fighting to get free. It was time. Race pounded Eldon’s ass harder and whispered the word, “squirt”. Eldon quivered from the end of his dick to his toes. He arched his back and shot four long squirts of thick milky cum into the air, splattering his chest, his face and the desk. The spasms inside Eldon’s ass took Race over the edge. He shouted and bored his dick deep inside Eldon, wetting his insides until the juice dribbled out on his balls. Eldon grabbed Race’s muscled ass and pulled him deeper. When they both relaxed their clench, Race licked cum off Eldon’s face and kissed him deeply, and Eldon tasted the sweet musk of his own jism.

“Eldon,” Race said. Eldon’s eyes looked adoringly into his. “Eldon, would it bother you if I told you our clients aren’t women?”

Eldon grinned up at him. “No, sir!”

“Good. I didn’t think it would.”

Race helped Eldon to his feet. He wiped some of the dripping cum from his face with his shirt. “Why don’t you go take another shower, Eldon? You’ll be late for breakfast.”

Eldon started toward the door.

“Oh, and Eldon, don’t say anything about this to the other students yet. Most of them wouldn’t be bothered by it, but a few of them are not as advanced in their training as you.”

“Yes, sir!” Eldon answered. As he walked out the door, he looked back at Race and hoped with all his heart that he would get some time alone with Race again real soon.

Chapter Six: Size Matters
Breakfast was another heaping plate of scrambled eggs and bacon. It was a wonder the guys weren’t smoothing out. This morning the server added something new – a strangely flavored mystery meat. At first it had been a little gross, but they were so ravenous at mealtimes most of them went back for seconds and thirds. The eggs and the bacon didn’t last, but the server piled on all the mystery meat the men wanted. Eldon loved the taste. It seemed that the more he ate, the hungrier he felt. He ate five full plates before the school closed the cafeteria.

Class that morning convened back in the gym and after the students’ gym experience earlier that week the excitement in the room was palpable. Most of the guys already had their shirts off. Some were already flexing at themselves in the mirror and tenting their loose fitting sweat pants as they forced their veins to pop and watched their arms, shoulders, and chests swell with blood.

The instructor didn’t even try to take their attention away from themselves. He knew they knew the drill from last time and were more than motivated to outdo their last performance in the weight room.

He singled out the smallest of them, a short blond guy with a thick growth of beard just since last night. Although he was the lightest of the men, a little over 200 pounds, his arms were almost as big around as his head. The instructor motioned to him to lie down on the bench and loaded it up with plates. It looked like more weight than the “little” guy could handle, but his face betrayed no lack of confidence. Rather he wore a defiant smirk. He positioned his hands on the bar and raised it confidently from the rack. Though it was obviously heavy for him, he wasn’t intimidated. The first rep came slowly. His face flushed. He took a deep breath and lowered the weight slowly, savoring the strain on his pecs, shoulders and triceps. He let the bar graze the edge of his hugely distended chest muscles then pushed and smiled from ear to ear. He pumped out ten more, each one easier than the last.

Eldon was next. The instructor added more weight to the bar. Eldon’s head had never been great with math, unless the numbers were written on iron plates. There were nine plates on either side. With the weight of the bar that was 855 – a hundred more than his last weight. Eldon took two deep breaths. He lifted the bar from the rack. It felt heavy enough to crush him, but Eldon ignored his fear and focused on mastering the mass, controlling it on the way down and up, challenging his muscles to their limits and savoring the intoxicating feeling as they surpassed them. He set the weight down after 8 reps and motioned to the instructor to add more weight. The rules were one set of each exercise, but he sympathized with Eldon and added two more 45s on each side. Eldon lifted the bar with as much control as his last set and powered his way through another set of twelve. Eldon wanted to do a third, but he moved to the military press.

The fireplug had left seven plates on each side of the bar. Eldon added three more to each side. He stretched his shoulders, then eased the bar overhead. In the mirror Eldon could see his deltoids swell into huge humps the size of basketballs and the thick cords of arm muscle conquering the iron behind his neck. His cock, hard from the minute they walked into the gym, but previously content to stay beneath his elastic waistband, would no longer stay hidden. As he pumped slowly up and down it popped free of its tent and positioned itself between the twin columns of brick abdominals supporting his wide back and heavy pecs. He didn’t care. He was proud of his erection, proud of his body, proud to be a man, a stud. It wasn’t that no one cared. Several pairs of eyes drank in the intoxicating sight and many mouths watered, but no one thought it immodest or improper. Every last one of them was entranced by testosterone and muscle. Although Eldon couldn’t think the words, couldn’t fully fathom what he was feeling, he wanted their attentions. He wanted the other men to look at him, to want him, to touch him.

Eldon set the weight down and squeezed out a crab flex, enamored beyond reason at the size of his own shoulders.

At the dead lift station the bar was loaded with 100s instead of 45s – 1600 pounds on the bar! Eldon gripped the bar and leaned back, lifting it off the rack. Too light. He added three more on each side. Better. Another three. Now that was a challenge. Not the least of the challenge was avoiding distraction as he bent over and his dickhead rubbed against his firm, ridged abdominals. Lubricated by thick gooey pre-cum, it glided against his stomach skin like silk on silk and drove him wild with lust. The lust fueled his lifts and he ended the set at 25 reps, his lumbar as tight as steel and panting like a dog.

Next station was dumbbell curls. The blond stud was still working on a set, probably his third or fourth. Eldon took hold of the heaviest pair of dumbbells on the rack – two 300 pounders – stood next to the little guy, grinned at him in the mirror and started pumping. He shouldn’t even have been able to lift them off the rack, but they felt as light as the 50s he used to lift a week ago.

Eldon watched his biceps tighten up into blood engorged, oblong melons with each rep and felt so proud of his strength and his size he could almost pop. His little buddy was just as impressive for his size, but stared instead at Eldon as he sweated through his last set.

Eldon dropped the weights to the floor after twenty four reps and raised his arms into a double bicep. The height of his flexed arms was as great as his head. Eldon should have been freaked at the thought of how big he was, but all he wanted was to lift more and get bigger still. He wished there were heavier dumbbells in the gym, but to console himself he picked up the ones he’d dropped and pumped out two more sets.

The guy who followed him tried to lift the same dumbbells and barely got them off the rack. Eldon grinned and moved on to the squat rack.

Two other instructors Eldon had never seen before were working the station, putting 100 pound plates on the thickest barbell Eldon had ever seen. The loaded it up for him and stood on either side as he eased it off the rack over his shoulders and lowered himself till his ass almost reached his ankles. It was deeper than you were supposed to go, but this weight felt light too. Eldon’s thighs were straining the formerly baggy legs of his sweat pants as he pushed up and re-racked the weight. The instructors knew what to do. They added as many plates and the bar would hold. Eldon squatted deep. This time his thighs were taxed. Eldon screamed as he pushed himself up. His leggings tore. His legs were free from this crotch to his knees. After 20 more reps, Eldon re-racked the bar and tore the legs off at the top.

The instructors were as big as top bodybuilders, but even they stared in wonder at the girth of Eldon’s thighs. Eldon looked in the mirror. He was bigger than both of them.

At the donkey calf raise, Eldon put the pin at the base of the weight stack. Two of the instructors straddled his back. He eased out 3 sets of 25 reps with ease. His calves were even thicker than his biceps.

When Eldon completed his circuit, the first instructor pulled him out of the rotation and sent him into the office off the floor.

Eldon wondered if his behavior on the gym floor had been too extreme. Had he violated the promise he’d made to Race not to let on to anyone the true intent of the school by being so blatant in his display of excitement. The instructor took him down the hall into a small office and closed the door.

“They pulled you out of the rotation because the instructors thought you’d advanced beyond the ability of the equipment to challenge you,” the instructor explained.

“Still feels good to lift, though.” Eldon grinned and flexed an arm. Eldon caught the awed look on instructor’s face.

“You’ll get another chance in the advanced gym next week. I’m talking to all the guys as they finish their workouts.” The instructor reached across the desk and set a bottle of pills on the desk.

“What are these?” Eldon asked.

“Something we need to talk about in private,” the instructor said. “You and all the other guys have been getting pretty big in the last couple of days, but these pills make you big where muscles don’t grow, know what I’m saying. They’re probably superfluous to a guy like you. As I remember from endurance class, Eldon, your endowment was one of your strong suits. But the school wants me to give them to everyone. If you want, just throw them away. Or you can take one or two if you want. Some guys I tell to take the whole bottle, but you can have too much of a good thing, you know.”

Eldon picked up the bottle and fingered it. Big as he was, it was incredibly hot to think he could get even bigger. Eldon took the bottle and put it in his pocket.

As Eldon and Race stood to shake hands again, Eldon noticed the bulge in instructor’s pants. Why hadn’t he seen it before? The guy was humongous.

Maybe he wouldn’t throw it away.

As Eldon left the office he noticed a drinking fountain. He popped the pill bottle top, poured the pills into his palm, dumped them all in his mouth and gulped them down.


The next morning the students were filed into the gym for a weigh-in before they could even shower. Eldon had never seen so many men as big as they had all become. Not at the Olympia. Nowhere. The fire plug topped 250. Aaron, the one who had been the biggest, was up over 325. But Eldon looked by far the freakiest. Not only had his muscles grown, his skeleton seemed to have reconfigured to accommodate the size and shape of his physique. He looked like the wet dream of a comic book artist. He knew he should have felt embarrassed by the size, but he couldn’t have felt more proud. As he waited his turn to be weighed, he just stared into the mirror and flexed. When he stood on the scale he weighed 365.

The other guys couldn’t take their eyes off him as they filed out of the gym into the showers. But it was there that the freak show got even freakier. One by one, as they stepped out of the over sized green hospital pants they had worn to the weigh-in, they revealed even more outrageous growth between their thighs.

Apparently every one of them had taken the pills Race gave them the day before, and apparently every one of them had taken the whole bottle, just like Eldon.

Every one of them had cocks as thick as steel cables that – even soft – draped down to their knees.

In the executive offices of the School for Studs, many eyes were scanning the large-screen closed-circuit video of the scene in the shower.

“Each class is better than the last,” a voice from the shadows remarked.

“Lucky bastards! They have no idea what’s ahead of them,” another voice said.

“They’ll find out soon enough,” said a third.


Chapter Seven: The Ropes
It was becoming more and more difficult to find even loose fitting pants that would accommodate the student’s muscular thighs and long, thick, fleshy penises. Even the loose fitting hospital pants were so tight around the thighs that the seams began to tear when the students sat down, but no one seemed to care.

That morning in the classroom there were three instructors waiting. One was Race, and the two others were also previous graduates, as big and studly as Race.

“Today we are going to split up into small groups,” Race said. “We’ll each take four of you. Eldon, you’ll be in my group.” Eldon’s heart quickened, and his dick swelled a notch. “I’ll also take Matt, Aaron and Andrew.”

The four students stood and filed out of the classroom after Race as the other instructors called out other names.

Race led them down the hall to a room in the school they had never seen before. It was a brightly lit lounge with a large picture window that had a view of the campus grounds.

Aaron and Andrew sat on the couch. Matt sat on one of the chairs. Eldon sat on the chair next to where Race stood.

Race looked each man in the eyes a moment before he began his lecture.

“This morning starts a new phase of your training here at the School for Studs, men. Everything we’ve done in the days leading up to this has preparation for today and the days that follow. This morning Eldon, our star pupil, and I will begin to show you the ropes. When you walked in our doors a few days ago and signed up, every one of you thought you were hot shit, and maybe you were to the outside world or we wouldn’t have signed you up. But what you were is nothing compared to what you are right now. And what you are right now is nothing compared to what you will be when we are finished with you.

“Part of your programming is physical and part of it is chemical.” Race popped the top on prescription bottle and handed each of them a red tablet. “Swallow it. Be quick about it!”

The men put the pills on their tongues and gulped.

“Eldon, stand up and step out of your pants.”

Eldon stood next to Race and faced the other students, naked, proud beyond expression of his immensely muscular body and his long, thick cock. He suppressed a grin as he looked around the room, and the other student’s hearts filled with admiration and lust.

“What you see here, gentlemen, is a stud,” Race said,” a man other men would kill to be and would sexually devastate any woman. But we didn’t create you for women.” Race smiled a broad toothy grin. “We created you for other men – a special class of men with voracious desires and astonishing sexual capabilities. Your looks, even as extraordinary as they are now, aren’t enough for these men. Gentlemen, as you are right now, you are only potential. You are machines without programs. Today we begin to create and instill your programming. We began to lay the groundwork for your programming on the very first day of class. Yesterday I demonstrated a little of that programming to Eldon. Today Eldon is going to demonstrate it to you all.”

Race stood to the side and behind Eldon and whispered in his ear, “’Fuckable’.”

Eldon’s jaw went limp as he exhaled. His heart quickened. Blood pounded in his head and rushed to his thick, ropy dick. In seconds it dived down, stretching below his knees then curling slightly upward and slowly thickening, stiffening, raising its amazing length from between his wide, muscular thighs straight out from his groin, then swinging higher still, wobbling just a little to the side as the meaty, reddish head raised up to his clavicle and the shaft rested between the round, high bulges of his pecs.

Race reached around Eldon. He grabbed Eldon’s dick and squeezed. “Now this is a dick, eh, men?” Race rubbed his palm up and down the veiny, wooden pole. Eldon’s eyelids closed and his jaw slackened. “Lick it, Eldon. It’s just a couple inches from your chin. You can reach it.”

Eldon lowered his chin and stared into the piss slit of his one-eyed snake. The head was as big as an apple. The slit was wide enough to insert a penny. He wet his tongue and licked. The shock of feeling his tongue with his dick and his dick with his tongue made his heart race. In long, wet slurps Eldon lapped at his cock like a dog. He wondered if he could actually fit it inside his mouth.

Race chuckled. He adjusted his stiff prick inside his pants, and pulled Eldon’s dick head away from his mouth. He leaned in to Eldon’s ear again and said, “’Wet.’”

Eldon felt his balls churn inside his scrotum and draw up tight to his groin. He felt thick fluid bubbling up, then saw it burbling out of his cock like pale yellow tears.

Matt, Andrew and Aaron, were riveted to the scene, completely unaware of anything else in the room, massaging their thickening pricks inside their pant legs. Andrew’s lips were moist and he was starting to drool.

Pre-cum flowed freely from Eldon’s piss slit, lubricating the head of his cock and dribbling down the shaft like a slow running fountain.

Standing behind Eldon, Race grabbed Eldon’s wrists. “Brace yourself,” he whispered. “’Squirt!’”

Eldon’s butt arched. He thrust upward with his pelvis. A torrent of hot fluid rushed from his balls and exploded upwards past his face, over his head and pounded the carpet like hail. Eldon’s eyes were clenched. His mouth hung open. Some of his cum dripped on his tongue. Some of it drenched his hair. Still more of it wet his shoulders, arms and chest and dribbled slowly, like candle wax, down his torso.

Eldon’s arms jerked. He wanted to touch the tower of man flesh recoiling like a rifle, unloading volley after volley of steaming cum, but Race held his hands at his side. Not to deny him pleasure, but to demonstrate to Eldon and the others how unnecessary physical stimulation was to prolonged orgasm that shook Eldon’s gigantic body and made him quiver like a leaf in the wind.

“As you can see,” Race said, “You’ve been equipped with bodies capable of amazing things. It’s time to learn those amazing things. It’s time for your bodies to learn how good they can feel, how good they can make others feel, and to surrender the last vestiges of any intellect you morons ever had and give yourself over sexual instincts you have begun to develop.

“Andrew,” Race said, “Stand in front of Eldon.”

Andrew stood. He was the tallest in the class, easily six foot six, maybe taller, a blond with long wavy hair, deep set eyes, and high check bones. Although he was not as muscular as some of the others, he still broke 300 pounds at the weigh-in, and what he lacked in muscle size, Eldon recalled he made up for in dick. The muscle he had was tight, hard, full and smooth as machine rolled steel. Standing in front of Eldon, he rose a full head higher than him. Eldon’s still gushing cock splattered his face. Andrew licked the dribbles from his mouth.

“Andrew, take Eldon’s cock and put it in your mouth,” Race said nonchalantly, as if putting his mouth over Eldon’s cockhead wouldn’t be like asking Andrew to suck on a gushing fire hose.

Andrew opened his mouth wide, stretching the muscles of his jaw and making his beautiful high cheekbones pop. He bent forward and inserted Eldon’s fist-sized dick head into his warm mouth as cum continued to squirt, striking the back of his throat. He swallowed Eldon’s cum eagerly. He savored the musky taste of the cock flesh on his lips and tongue.

Race released Eldon’s wrists. Eldon grabbed the sides of Andrew’s head and pulled him down, forcing his cock to the back of his throat. Race leaned into Andrew’s ear and whispered, “’Swallow.’”

An uncontrollable urge to swallow took over Andrew, as irresistible as the urge to breathe. Andrew pulled Eldon’s dick down as he knelt a few feet in front of him and inhaled. He drew it into his throat. Blood flooded Andrew’s cock. It slithered deeper down the length of his pant legs, fighting for room in the tightly stretched pants with his massive thighs.

“‘Swallow’, Andrew,” Race said, now loud enough for everyone to hear. “’Swallow’ Eldon’s cock.”

Andrew raised his chin until his mouth was in a straight line with his throat. His throat muscles undulated and sucked Eldon deep. Eldon felt his cock sink slowly into Andrew’s throat and felt his powerful neck muscles squeezing his dick. Deeper and deeper it sunk until Andrew’s lips were wrapped tight around the base of Eldon’s cock and the head reached into Andrew’s chest.

Seams began to pop. Fabric gave way and Andrew’s giant cock tore free of his pant leg and swung up between his pecs, purple and proud as a flagpole stretching all the way past his chin, rubbing against the under side of Eldon’s bull balls.

Matt and Aaron, though stiff as boards themselves, their cocks protruding up from their draw string waistbands, were so engrossed in watching, they didn’t think to touch themselves.

Race grinned and fingered his nipple. This was a very good class, he thought. A very good class. He savored the sight of Andrew and Eldon. A normal man would be choking, but none of these men were normal now. As strong as they were, their lungs were powerful enough that they could hold their breath for minutes at a time.

Eldon felt shivers of ecstasy as Andrew obeyed. Finally his orgasmic tsunami subsided as his cock found a warm, wet home, deep down his classmate’s throat.

“Now, Andrew, I want you to suck hard and slow on Eldon’s dick. That’s it. Drag your tight, wet lips slowly all the way up his dick.”

“Now swallow again and keep sucking,” Race commanded. “And while he does that, Aaron, come over here behind Eldon. I want you to get on your hands and knees, put your head between Eldon’s legs and suck Andrew’s cock.”

Aaron, though not as tall as Eldon, was almost as wide and well over 325 pounds. Eldon widened his stance to let the big man’s head and shoulders through his legs. Aaron tilted Andrew’s two foot cock to his thick lips and slowly drew it down his throat.

“That’s it. Aaron. You’ve been paying attention. Or maybe you’ve have some practical experience,” Race chuckled. A few days ago, Race knew Aaron would probably have punched him for saying that, but they were well past that now. On the Kinsey scale from 1 to 6 every one of them was easily an 8.

“Now it’s your turn, Matt.”

The short blond man with the thick dirty blond beard barely heard his name, so enthralled was he with the sight of his three fellow students hooked together in a suck chain.

“Stand up, Matt. Step out of your pants. That’s right. Oh, that cock of yours is quite a sight, Matt.” Race licked his lips. Matt’s foot and a half long cock was almost as wide around as it was long. “Kneel behind Aaron, Matt. Now pull down his pants. That’s it. Rim him, Matt.”

Matt didn’t even know how he knew what the word ‘rim’ meant, but he was overcome with a force stronger than lust, more potent than desire, more desperate than the need to breathe. Matt reached through Aaron’s muscular thighs and pulled Aaron’s stiff, upward curved cock down as he lapped at his puckered asshole with his broad wet tongue, savoring the taste like a starving man, driving it deep into Aaron’s ass. Matt could no longer concentrate on what he thought, only on what he felt.

The combination of a quivering cock down his throat, a tongue up his bunghole, the roughness of Matt’s beard on his soft ass skin, and Matt’s strong hands milking his dick made Aaron cum in fierce hot squirts like milk from a cow’s teat.

“Now put your dick up his ass, Matt,” Race encouraged.

Matt pushed. His fat cock pried Aaron’s ass lips apart and wrapped tightly around Matt’s dick head. He pushed harder. It slid in to the hilt. Faced with Eldon’s tight ass winking at him, Matt leaned forward and buried his mouth between the stony ass cheeks.

“Excellent, gentlemen! Excellent!” Race admired the rapaciousness of the young men. He no longer needed to guide them. The drug had wiped the last vestiges of thought from their minds and their reprogrammed lusts had taken control of their bodies. As they followed the dictates of their desire, new sexual instincts, impossible for them to resist, were being carved into their skulls. There was nothing he needed to do as they fought for sexual release.

Race rolled the legs of his pants down and stepped out of them. His magnificent stud school graduate cock sprang upwards with a slap against his tight hard abs. It was time to find some pleasure of his own. He knelt behind Matt and rubbed the head of his cock between Matt’s ass cheeks until he found his hot hole and pushed through the tightly clenched hole and deep inside.

Race reached his hands around Matt’s thickly muscled back and teased his nipples between his fingers. He whispered into his ear, “’Tighter.’”

Matt’s deliciously muscled ass spasmed and sucked harder on Race’s cock as Race pounded harder inside. Matt arched his back and offered his bunghole to Race, meeting Race’s thrusts enthusiastically, timing his pounding assault on Aaron’s ass to the one on his own.

Race pressed his muscular chest tight against Matt’s broad, thickly muscled back. His finger-sized nipples, ringed with coarse brown chest hair, grazed the broad ridges and deep crevices. As big as Race was, every one of these students was an order of magnitude bigger, a fact that intensified Race’s fucking.

As Race’s pleasure began to overwhelm him, his own powerful programming overpowered his intellect. He felt only the tight hold of Matt’s hole on his fucking cock and the rocky ridges of Matt’s abs as he grabbed them to steady himself as he fucked harder. Drool collected at the corners of his mouth. His frantic fucking shock drips of it loose. His huge, hairy balls glued themselves to the base of his cock. Matt’s slurping, sucking ass slowly coaxed the cum up his long, thick cock. His piss slit tightened, holding it back a few more seconds, until it was too late and he emptied himself deep inside Matt’s guts.

“Ah, ah, ‘SQUIRT’” he shouted, and Matt, Aaron, Andrew and Eldon all complied, intensifying the fucking and sucking as their balls contracted and forced cum out their cocks.

As they were still cumming, Race pulled himself free and feebly fell back into one of the upholstered chairs. His chest still heaved. The room reeked of odor of cum and sweat. Both pooled beneath the four students and made them slip as they continued to suck and thrust.

And then Eldon’s eyes fell on Race. His heart still pounding from his second cum of the day, but lust still clouding his vision, he was overcome with desire for his instructor. He pushed himself back, pulling his steely cock from Andrew’s hungry mouth and stepping aside of Matt’s mouth on his ass.

He stood between Race’s legs. Then one at a time he raised Race’s ankles and positioned his immense fuck pole at the entrance to Race’s ass. Race reached out and fingered Eldon’s bulging chest. His eyes invited Eldon inside of him. As Eldon drove up his guts, Race winced in momentary pain, then relaxed a bit and enjoyed the familiar feeling of being stretched and stuffed.

Matt pulled free of Aaron’s ass and knelt at Race’s side. He pulled Race’s stiff cock to his lips and devoured it. Race fought hard to keep from cumming, but he lost. His strong, thick hand grasped Matt by the back of his throat and held his mouth at the base of his dick as he emptied his second load down his throat.

When Race looked up, he saw Andrew and Aaron standing on either side of his head, their monster cocks fighting for his mouth. Race grabbed Aaron’s thick fiend and jacked as he slowly devoured Andrew’s lance. Andrew walked positioned himself behind the chair. Race’s head tilted back.

The fuck energy of the four students had Race thoroughly enthralled His body arched and bucked and jerked as the four of them fucked, sucked and plowed him. No longer in command of them; their lust now controlled him.

“That’s right, teach,” Andrew said. “Show me how hard you can suck. Take the longest cock in the world down your throat and I’ll fill your stomach with my cum.”

Andrew hefted his balls, each the size of a small melon and squeezed them gently.

“I bet these balls of mine each hold a quart of cum, teach. What do you think? Want me show you how much I can cum?”

As Andrew fucked Race’s mouth, he could see how his cock swelled the linings of Race’s throat. He could see the ridges of his cock veins ripple the skin of Race’s distended neck. Andrew squeezed his balls again. His cock head stiffened inside Race’s throat.

“Oh, yeah, teach, I’m gonna feed you some fresh squeezed cum.”

Andrew fucked at Race’s mouth and rubbed his hairy balls on his face.

“Feel how full they are, teach? I’m gonna cum now, teach. I’m gonna fill that tight little tummy of yours. Gonna make you look like a pregnant lady,” Andrew laughed. “What’s the magic word you use, teach? Is it ‘squirt’?”

As the word passed his lips, Andrew’s balls convulsed and fired hard down Race’s throat. Andrew bucked hard, determined to prolong the orgasm and fill Race as full as he could.

But he wasn’t the only one. Eldon was over the edge too, pounding mercilessly at Race’s ass. And Aaron fired straight at the ceiling, while Matt emptied himself on the floor as he drank the jism from Race’s jerking prick.

His stomach filled with fresh, hot cum and his ass red from Eldon’s hard fucking, Race smiled contentedly. It was indeed another great class.


Chapter Eight: Break Weekend
How do you get clean when you can’t stop getting dirty? That was the paradox that plagued the students of the School for Studs in the communal shower on the first morning of break weekend.

Their first week of training completed, their boot camp half over, the school announced on Friday that classes were suspended for the weekend. The men were on their own time, free to do whatever they wanted, as long as they didn’t leave the school compound. There were a few groans at that last condition. Yet after the groans subsided the student’s eyes began to wander around the room. Furtive glances were exchanged and the students began to grasp the possibilities.

The night in the barracks was a continuous orgy after the last faculty had left and the guard staff was down to a skeleton crew. None of the students seemed to need sleep. The only thing they needed was release.

If there had been any uncertainty of feelings among the remaining nine men, the scene in the shower ended them. Every man was more excited in the presence of the other men in his class than any of them had ever been with any woman. And seeing their classmates as horny for each other as they were, not a one of them had any illusions left that they were being prepared for female clients. And not a one of them cared.

They were beyond losing themselves in the discovery of sensations men of their size and stature were capable of giving each other. Their experience and their programming made them demons of desire, fighting the limits of their bodies and testing each other’s boundaries.

It was afternoon before Eldon and a few of the other students were able to free themselves from the carnal entanglements in the shower. Eldon and three of the others were finally clean and dry, in the barracks dressing in clothing the faculty had left as a parting gift the night before.—custom dungarees and t-shirts sized to fit the monsters they had become.

Dillon, a short, immensely stocky student who slept in the bunk next to Eldon’s had just succeeded in stuffing his extra thick cock into his pants and buttoning them up. He looked at his wide, thickly muscled chest, shoulders and arms and decided to got without the t-shirt. He pumped his biceps a couple times admiring it’s size. Something about its fullness reminded Eldon of a cantaloupe as it bunched up. Eldon remembered their coupling in the shower. His cum certainly tasted as sweet as melon juice.

“Yo, Eldon, you gonna sit around this crib chilling all weekend, or you up for a ride?”

“Don’t fuck with my head,” Eldon said.

“I ain’t.”

Earl and Abe, lying on beds across the aisle rose up on their elbows.

It turns out that stud was a second career for Dillon. Burglar was his first. In a matter of minutes, he had disabled the security system and hot-wired one of the guard’s jeeps and the four of them were out the front gate in a cloud of burning rubber.

Dillon drove as the other three wrestled, their mass straining the suspension of the jeep and rocking it violently from side to side. At the first stop light, on the edge of the small town, a single car pulled up next to them. From the back seat of the Jeep, Eldon smiled at the gray-haired man in the driver’s seat as he stole short, furtive glances at the four of them. The top down on his BMW 650, he had an unobstructed view

“Hey, what’s your name?” Eldon shouted to him.

Piqued at Eldon’s uncouth, the man in the car made a point of turning his head away and pretending he didn’t hear.

“I said, ‘what’s your name?’”

He turned and looked at Eldon. He mustered as much annoyance, distain and superiority as he could to overcome feelings of inadequacy at the sight of Eldon and his classmates. He didn’t answer. He was a handsome man for his age. Plainly a gym-body himself, probably used to putting on a show for the world as he drove by, muscular arm resting on the door of his car.

He was used to respect, from the company of men who worked for him as well as the male friends he ate, drank, played sports and worked out with. His position, his money, his power, his looks, and his body commanded it – at least from most men. And that had been enough to satisfy his craving for the admiration of other men, before now. But here was a group of young men that were more muscled than he’d ever thought possible. Nothing he was, was enough to affect impress them. They were everything he wanted to be: handsome, strong, confident, and beefed beyond belief.

Eldon grabbed Earl’s thick neck and sucked on his mouth. When he broke for air he saw the man’s mouth wide open, his eyes clouded with disgust. Instead of looking away from him, Eldon stared him down, then slowly, slyly smiled. As his smile grew into a grin Eldon could see the man’s face flush and the man’s quick hand movement, adjusting his stiffening cock in his pants.

Eldon’s grin erupted into a toothy laugh.

Eldon leapt out of the jeep and into the passenger seat of the man’s car just as the light changed. He waved the jeep on. “I’ll catch you later.” Dillon accelerated as Abe and Earl looked back at the BMW.

Eldon watched the man study every inch of his body, staring in amazement at the muscle show created by Eldon’s every small movement. He extended his hand. “Eldon,” he offered.

“Peter,” the man answered, still mesmerized by the proximity of Eldon’s immense body as he tried to match Eldon’s grip in as manly a handshake as he could.

Eldon reached over the center console and squeezed the guy’s package as he squeezed his own stiff dick – a handshake of a different sort. “You like looking at me, Peter?”

Peter didn’t answer, but he also couldn’t look away.

“Where can you take us?” Eldon asked. “We can’t stay here, Peter. We’ll blocking traffic.”

The light had already gone red, but the country intersection was deserted. Peter spun the BMW around in the intersection and sped back in the direction he had come.

A few miles further out in the country, they pulled into a walled estate through a remote controlled gate. As Peter drove up the tree-lined drive, Eldon realized that two weeks ago this old man wouldn’t have even have acknowledged his existence. I couldn’t even have gotten a janitor job at one of his companies. But now this man was Eldon’s to boss. Eldon was in control.

The BMW stopped in the motor court between a jag and a small Mercedes. They weren’t going to be alone. Peter pulled a gym bag from the trunk. Eldon followed him to the front door.

“Is that you, Peter?” a female voice called from upstairs.

“We decided to use the home gym,” Peter answered.


“I hired a trainer!” Peter shouted, anxious to not be seen with Eldon.

Peter led Eldon to the backyard, on the other side of a huge pool and into a smaller house on the other side. Beyond a carpeted lounge, past a shower room, was a gym bigger than the house Eldon lived in. Eldon took the gym bag from Peter and dropped it on the floor. He pulled his shirt over his head and stood close enough to rub his protruding pecs in Peter’s face. He flexed. They bounced. He pulled Peter’s face to his nipple. Peter sucked his first man-tit. Eldon held his head tight to his chest. “Oh, yeah, Peter, suck my tits. You’re all mine now, Peter.” Eldon pulled Peter’s face tighter to his chest and wiped his cheeks in his own saliva.

It hardly seemed real to Peter. It didn’t seem like this could be him here with this cartoonishly large man doing things with him that he was certain would have made him sick to even think about until now. Yet the blood pounded in his head like a trip hammer and his cock was so engorged he thought it could burst.

“Ever been fucked before, Peter?” Eldon unfastened Peter’s pants and pulled his dick free. It was a formidable tool for a normal guy, and stiff as a board. “No. I bet you haven’t. Bet you never thought about guys before today and now you’ll never be able to get me out of your head.” Eldon opened his fly and felt his dick expand in the cool air. Peter’s eyes dilated. His jaw dropped. Eldon pulled Peter’s shirt over his head and pushed him to his knees.

“Probably never sucked dick before either.” Peter’s eyes were wide. “I’m sure you never saw a dick this big.” Eldon slapped the sides of Peter’s head with it. It was so long it went past his ears, but Peter opened his mouth and sucked along its thick side and lapped at Eldon’s fist sized balls. Eldon grabbed Peter’s head like a basketball and positioned his mouth on the end of his cock. Peter strained to open his lips wide enough. The cock head forced itself to the back of his throat. “I want you to swallow it, Peter, like you were eating a live eel, ‘cause if you don’t swallow, you’ll gag.” Eldon felt his cock being drawn deep into Peter’s throat. The crown of his cock head swelled. His cock was only halfway in, but he let Peter come up for air.

Peter needed no more encouragement. He wanted nothing but to satisfy this giant cock. He impaled himself again on it and struggled to get more of it inside him. Eldon bounced his balls in delight. “Good cocksucker! You want to taste my cum? You want to drink my thick, sweet cream?” Eldon pulled back and then forced himself deeper.

‘Cocksucker.’ How many times had Peter used that pejoratively? Now it felt like a complement to be told he satisfied the immense man plugging his throat.

Peter’s submissive eyes looked up into Eldon’s face. His lips were stretched to the limit around Eldon’s cock. Eldon could see his writhing cock filling Peter’s throat. Eldon squeezed one of his balls. He felt an electric charge in his groin. Cum rushed through his dick and flooded Peter’s mouth. Peter fought to swallow it all, but it gushed out his tightly stretched lips and dribbled down his chin. Eldon pulled free and let the ropey volleys splatter over Peter’s face and shoulders, but Peter grabbed Eldon’s spasming cock and pulled it back in his mouth.

Eldon heard a door open. A young man his own age stood staring at the two of them, eyes wide. There was enough resemblance to see it was the man’s son. Peter saw him too, but wouldn’t interrupt his sex to even acknowledge him.

Eldon watched the young man’s crotch expand, saw his hand drift to his nipple, and knew at least one member of the family swung a bat on Eldon’s new team. Like his father, he wasn’t a bad looker, either. He was tightly muscled, like a track star and hairy beyond his years with thick bushy eyebrows and hair jutting over the collar of his t-shirt.

Despite having squeezed a load out of his balls, Eldon was more horny than before. Eldon motioned for him to come closer. As he stood next to his father, Eldon slid his hand up under the lad’s t-shirt, combing his fingers through the fur on the young man’s hard abs and raising it above his hard, pointy nipples. The lad’s eyes locked with Edlon’s in dreamy admiration. His lips parted invitingly. Eldon leaned toward him and their mouths devoured each other’s lips.

“How ‘bout if I fuck your son, Peter?”

Peter kept on sucking, but his eyes betrayed distress. He had long suspected his son’s attraction to men, but he’d hoped it might be channeled, as his own had been, into socially acceptable pursuits. Peter’s distress only excited Eldon more. He plunged his hard cock deeper down Peter’s throat. “Take it all, Peter, or I’ll have to take your son’s ass instead.”

Peter struggled for breath at the same time that he struggled to get all of Eldon down his throat. Uncontrollable lust coupled with fear for his son made him determined to succeed.

“That’s good, Peter. Only six more inches to go,” Eldon said, forcing Peter’s red face further into his crotch, shivering at the feeling of the man’s throat constricting around the head of his cock. “You might actual save his tight boy butt for some other man.”

Peter choked and sputtered around his cock then forced himself further down its length. Between Peter’s splayed legs, his boner jerked and spurted cum spontaneously. Eldon watched it throw strings of cum like a lasso. Eldon’s balls swelled, his dick stiffened like stone and fired. He yanked Peter’s face hard and buried three more inches down his throat. “Oh, fuck, Peter! You are one hot cocksucker!” The abuse made Peter’s dick fire more forcefully as his son stared in delicious, lustful rapture at the effect the fantasy stud had over his powerful daddy. Eldon slid all the way out and all the way back in, another inch past Peter’s prior limit, forcing another stronger load of gism out of both their dicks and from the sound of things, from the furiously beaten dick of Peter’s son.

When the pounding in his dick subsided, Eldon pulled out of Peter’s throat and coaxed another volley out on Peter’s face. Peter held Eldon’s cock with both hands and helped work it out. “You’re a pig, Peter. Cum all over your face, dribbling down your chin, two loads in your stomach. What kind of example is this for your son?”

Eldon pushed Peter away. Peter tried to stand. Eldon pushed him back down. He yanked off a cable from one of the weight machines and tied Peter’s wrists behind his back. Peter wouldn’t call for help. He couldn’t be found this way, face wet with cum and his own saliva, helplessly tied up by a stranger he had invited into his home with obvious intention to sexually subdue.

Sean’s cum soaked dick hung over the top of his gym shorts. It was plain he took after his father physically. Must have been some advantageous genes on his mother’s side as well. Even semi soft his dick was almost ten inches.

Eldon sucked the young man’s mouth. Sean shivered with uncontrollable lust. If Eldon’s animal attraction was strong enough to take a straight man to his knees, it was irresistible for a horny young gay man. Eldon felt the lad’s cock stiffen between them as he pressed himself into him. He stripped the boy and lifted him high off the floor by his muscular ass and planted the end of his cock in the lad’s puckered hole. Sean’s ass lips stretched wide around the flag pole that forced up inside his guts.

“Your kid’s got a nice ass, Peter. You should try it yourself sometime.”

Peter grimaced, but as sick as he felt at seeing his son get fucked, Peter was more aroused at the sight of the rigid cock slipping in and out of his son’s tight stretched ass. He wanted to touch it. He wanted to feel its power and make it squirt again.

Sean’s jaw went slack. He wrapped his muscular arms around Eldon’s towering traps and worked with the monster inside him. Although he’d wanked off hundreds of times to the stash of gay porn he hid in the bedroom his mother had never entered (since she never had to clean a single room of their house herself), he was still a virgin. He’d never known a dick could feel so good inside his ass. He’d never realized getting fucked by a really big dick could make your own dick harder than steel.

Eldon bounced the lad on his hips, fucking him with the full length of his club size dick. Sean squeezed at it as tightly as he could and tried to work it against the most sensitive parts of his ass, reveling in the sense of building passion inside him and feeling the tension mount toward a spontaneous release of cum from his straining cock. His hands could barely grasp any part of Eldon’s shoulders or arms, they were so large and Eldon’s muscles were so hard it was like trying to trying to hold on to the body of an automobile. The only purchase he had on Eldon was his ass around Eldon’s cock.

“Oh, God, Peter! I’m going explode inside your son’s ass.”

The veins in Eldon’s dick were stretched to bursting. Sean’s ass practically vibrated with sexual tension. He felt vibrations up the length of Eldon’s huge cock. He felt the crown of it grow rigid. Then he felt cum forcing it’s way up to the slit and bursting inside him. Finally his purple dick could take no more torture and it erupted on his hairy chest and in his face.

Eldon lay the squirming lad down on the weight bench, still impaled and hanging on to him like a bear cub to its mother. He gave him a wide, open mouthed kiss and squeezed him tightly.

After the Sean’s heart beat slowed, Eldon slowly dislodged his thick member from the lad’s ass. He stood coated with sweat and dabbled with Sean’s cum and smiled at Peter.

“That was excellent, Peter. What next? Maybe you’d like to introduce me to your wife? Does she have a tight pussy, Peter? It would be tight around my cock, wouldn’t it, Peter?”

Peter looked up at him, unable to take anymore of him. “Just go.”

“How, Peter? I came here with you.”

“Take my car, but go.”

The man’s son was not as anxious to see him leave. His eyes still caressed Eldon’s towering muscularity and his dick still wagged stiffly in the air for him.

Eldon fished in the man’s pants for the keys and wallet. He pulled his pants over his big bouncy dick and pocketed both. He left Peter tied.

Sean followed him to the door. “Can I see you again?” he stammered.

“Sure, kid,” Eldon said. He rattled off his old cell number, knowing the school still had it stored in a locker somewhere with all the personal effects the took from him the day he was inducted.

Eldon accelerated down the long drive and turned out on the country road to look for his classmates.


Eldon stood naked before the instructor as sheepishly as a 370 pound man could, considering how small the man was. It was their first instructor. Eldon knew his name now. It was Ben. He was muscular for a normal guy, but a pipsqueak compared to the smallest of the students in Eldon’s class. Nevertheless, their weekend escapade had been discovered and Eldon knew he was in trouble.

“You know what you did broke your contract?” Ben asked.

Eldon nodded.

“You know I could expel you and every one of your friends and sue you for the cost of our investment so far? Do you have $100,000, Eldon?”

Eldon knew no response was necessary. They knew he was broke when they signed him up.

“Your compatriots spent Saturday fucking their brains out in an orchard. Then they went drinking, got in a bar room brawl. When it came time to settle the tab the bartender found out they had no money. The three of them spent the night in the county lock-up and I understand even that turned into a fuck fest.” Ben’s lips curled slightly upward – the first hint that he found any of this amusing.

“But you, Eldon, you were the head of your class, our star pupil. You seduced the richest man in town, fucked him and his son and drove away in his BMW. He could have prosecuted for rape and grand theft auto, but his lawyer wants to make a deal with you and the school. You keep the car and we all sign a nondisclosure agreement. Separately the man himself called the school to ask if he could hire you.” Ben grinned. “Eldon you exceeded all our expectations.” He unbuttoned his fly and hauled out a dick as impressive as any of the students. It draped almost to his knees. “Your classmates are going to be punished, but not expelled. You, Eldon are being graduated. Come over here an suck my dick while I tell you what we have planned for you.”

Eldon ambled up to the instructor, his mass casting a huge shadow over him. He knelt and lifted his thickening cock to his lips and slowly drew it deep into his throat, feeling it swell and harden inside him.

“That’s a good boy, Eldon. You’re going to go far with us. You’re going to be the first member of our new division. You’re going to make us all a ton of money.” Ben’s eyes opened wide with undisguised lust. He was almost completely inside Eldon’s mouth now. He rested his hands on Eldon’s tree trunk traps and enjoyed the heft of them.

Eldon knew how much pleasure he was giving his instructor. He drew back slow, sucking hard on his thick, long cock. Then he dove down deeper toward his groin. Ben moaned. He may be making them all a lot of money, but no matter what his contract said, Eldon was going to keep more than his share.

the School for Studs