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One Hundred and One

By Josef Howard

The meeting room at the campus health clinic was filled to bursting, in more ways than one. Not only were there so many men in the room that all the folding chairs were occupied, forcing the overflow to sit on the floor or stand against the wall; Walt had never seen so many big guys in one place. Some of them were so big it was plain they had difficulty fitting into their clothes.

Walt had freaked when he got the note from the campus health clinic yesterday. Frankly he didn’t know what to expect at this “mandatory meeting”. But the sight of this group of guys had him hard from the minute he walked in the room, and it was obvious his compatriots were all in the same condition. The room ranged from gym bodies like Walt all the way up to really incredible hulks. One of the guys standing against the wall must have been over 300 pounds and he was barely 5’8”. His shoulders, chest and arms were seriously rupturing the seams of his XXXL t-shirt, and the stiff slab of sausage meat that pushed out his crotch was even more impressive. As thick as a zucchini, it wrapped around his hip.

The door at the front of the room opened. The one and only intern that Walt had ever seen at the clinic walked in. At least he thought it was the same guy, but he was bigger than Walt remembered, even though he’d been a gay guy’s wet dream even three months ago when Walt had seen him for the flu. He was wearing a short sleeve pullover. His massive biceps gathered the sleeves up at the base of his delts and bunched up like firm melons as he moved his arms.

The intern stood at the lectern, leaning forward supported by his bulging arms. “Thank you for coming. Some of you are wondering why I called you here. Some of you are probably wondering why I didn’t call you together sooner.” What little chatter he had interrupted ceased. “Over the last few weeks and months all of you have unwittingly taken part in an unauthorized research study of mine on the effects of a highly active anabolic compound. As you probably know the university’s medical trial ethics require informed consent of participants in medical experiments. This is a rule I have broken.

“I started my experiment about six months ago with Kamyar.” The intern pointed to the short muscle stud Walt had noticed when he walked in the room. “After observing its effects on the few of you I saw on a regular basis, as you have no doubt realized, I violated a second ethical rule and took the compound myself.”

“Why are we here?” someone asked.

“Is this a support group?” someone else asked.

“Call it whatever you like. Make of it whatever you like. I just thought it was time that you met each other,” the intern continued calmly.

Walt spoke up. “How much bigger are we going to get?”

The intern motioned for Kamyar to come to the front of the room. He helped him remove his t-shirt. Several of the guys gasped. It was plain Kamyar was in a class all his own, with musculature that went far beyond the modern limits of even the most extreme bodybuilding. Walt’s heart was pounding like a pile driver at the thought that he might get as big as this monster.

“Is that the limit?” asked a guy in the front row.

“Kamyar, how much weight did you gain last week?” the intern asked.

“Fifteen pounds.”

The intern stared stoically at the young man in the front row. “I don’t think we know yet.”

“When did you take your shot?” another guy asked. It was a good question, since the intern was about as big as a top ranked amateur bodybuilder.

“Three months ago.”

The room erupted. It seemed everyone talked at once. Some at the intern, others to each other. Someone asked if there was an antidote. The intern flexed his arms and admired his hugely thick, round biceps and the sweep of his triceps. “Why would you want one?” he responded.

He lowered his arms and the room got quiet again. “Listen to me,” he said. “You can tell anyone you want, you can sue anyone you want. I have dropped out of the medical school and quit already and all I have is a hundred grand in student loan debts.” He held up a clip board. “This is a list of your names and contact information. Anyone who doesn’t want to be on it, come up here after I’m gone and cross your name out with this black felt tip pen. It’s the only list I have. I’ve erased your names from the computers. What’s left of the list I’m leaving with you. I think the ones that are left on the list will enjoy each other’s company.” He punctuated the comment with his first and only smile, a wry one that he plainly enjoyed. “I’ve left my cell humber on the list too, in case any of you want to talk to me some more.”

When he left a few of the guys came forward to cross off their names and left the room. The others stayed. A swarthy student in the front row stood. His clothing was tight, but fashionably fitted. He’d obviously kept up his clothing purchases with his growth, yet even he had rebellious shock of dark chest hair spilling over the collar of his shirt above the knot of his tie.

“Anyone who isn’t interested in working through our situation as a group, you’re welcome to leave now. The rest of you, stick around. It’s time we got to know each other.”

The room was as sexually charged as it had been when Walt first arrived. The hundred or so guys who stood or sat in the folding chairs or on the floor were on edge not only about their long term future but also what would happen in the next few minutes. Not a one of them could get his raging hard-on down as they glanced around the room at the other huge guys.

The tall, swarthy guy standing in front of them in the well-fitted dress shirt unfastened the top button of his shirt and loosened his tie. “I just got this shirt last Friday and already it’s getting too tight in the neck,” he said in a low voice looking down at his feet, half to himself. He handed the clipboard the intern had left behind to Walt who was standing near the front and asked him to count the names.

“Listen up,” he said as the other guy counted, “My name is Doug. How many of you guys are gay?”

About two dozen hands went up, as most of the guys avoided eye contact with each other.

“Yeah? Only that many? I see a lot more of you looking at each other sporting hard-ons. Don’t be coy. I wouldn’t have given any of you a second look a few months ago, but since the Doc gave me my ‘flu shot’ I’ve been so horny I could fuck a dog. My girl friend quit fucking me because she thinks I’m too big – and not just my muscles – know what I mean? And lately guys as big as me and bigger get me harder than any pussy ever did. If you can’t relate to this feel free to leave now, but somehow I don’t expect a rush to the door.”

Walt was finished counting.

“How many do we have?” Doug asked him.

“One hundred and one.”

“One hundred and one,” Doug repeated in his booming stage voice so they all could hear. “One hundred and one guys who suddenly find themselves bigger than a barn and hornier than a bitch in heat. I think we’re going to need each other in more ways than we can imagine right now. I propose we meet here tomorrow at the same time. And next time someone else can tell us about how all this has affected him. Let’s see how many of you can keep your pants on while you’re listening.” Doug took back the clipboard and took Walt’s hand. “Me, I’ve reached my limit.” Walt followed him out the door as he led him out of the room.


Doug closed the dorm room door behind us and dead bolted it. “In case my roommate comes back in the next hour or so,” he said. He pulled his tie off and tossed it over the desk chair. “C’mere,” he said to Walt and pulled him closer.

Their eyes locked. Their pecs grazed through their shirts. The ridge of Doug’s pec rubbed Walt’s nipple and his dick jumped an inch inside his pants.

Walt was almost six foot tall, but Doug was just a bit taller. Doug leaned down and rubbed his lips against Walt’s open mouth. Their lips joined and their mouths sucked. Walt unbuttoned more of Doug’s dress shirt and slid his hands inside over Doug’s furry chest. Walt had never felt or even seen a chest as hairy as Doug’s. It was almost like animal fur, straight, but coarse. He unbuttoned the rest of Doug’s shirt.

Doug forced his mouth down to his chest. Walt licked his furry pecs and sucked on one of his fingerling nipples. Doug moaned and pushed harder on his head. “Oh, shit!” Doug cried. His chest muscles went rigid and his cock jerked inside his pants. Walt rubbed it hard through his pants as he lapped at his nipples.

Doug raised Walt’s chin. They kissed deeply again.

“Why’d you pick me?” Walt asked. “I mean out of the ninety-nine other guys in the room?”

“I’ve seen you around campus. I’ve been watching you grow over the last month. I think I even remember seeing you once at the clinic, maybe when you first saw the Doc. Anyway, watching you grow in slo mo has been making me hot for weeks. I wanted to see what’s been going on under your clothes, and I’ve been dying to show another guy like me what he’s got to look forward to. Plus I kind of thought you looked gay and might know what to do with a guy.”

Doug finished unbuttoning his shirt. Amazingly the fur petered out at his pecs. His abs were almost furless, except for a thin line down the middle that slowly grew thicker below the navel. But even more amazing was his muscles. Walt had never seen a chest like Doug’s, not even in pictures. It was as though it had been carved out of living steel. Five pairs of abdominals bulged and heaved with every breath and held up a pair of magnificent pecs that were so large they defied gravity.

Doug had to peel his shirt off over his shoulders and arms, they had grown so big. His traps rose up to his ears like two sides of a tent. The upper arms were easily twenty-four inches cold. His forearms were almost twenty themselves and covered in the same dense black steel wool that carpeted his chest.

Doug could see Walt’s hungry eyes devouring his body. He smiled and raised his arms up in a double bi that practically made Walt cream his pants. Then he lowered his wrists and squeezed out a most muscular that made his upper body seem to swell like a balloon about to burst.

Doug unbuckled his belt, slipped it out of the loops, and dropped it on the floor, alternating between grinning and pretending not to notice Walt’s open-mouthed stare and his hand rubbing his crotch.

Doug turned away as he unbuttoned his slacks and unzipped his fly. His back was so wide it formed more of a T than a V, and the muscles were so huge and separated they formed canyons. It was as much of a struggle to get his pant legs over his thighs and calves as it had been to remove his shirt. But the straining brought the muscles of his ass and his legs into bold relief. Each of his thighs was a thick as his waist and covered with the same dark fur that coated his forearms and chest.

When he had stepped out of his pants, Doug looked playfully over his shoulder at Walt. Then slowly he turned, holding the biggest fucking prick Walt had ever seen in his life. It was as thick and long as a zucchini. Doug held it like a rope about half way up and wagged it at him. At his groin were two gonads the size of ostrich eggs. Walt never could have imagined it was so big, even after having felt it inside his pants.

“See what I mean? And I only got the shot four months ago. When I first started growing my girl couldn’t get enough of me. What girl doesn’t like a tight body, right? But when my arms got to twenty inches and my cock over ten, she got a little funny. She started looking at me differently, like I was so strong I might hurt her. And my dick was so big it won’t even fit all the way inside her cunt. When I really went at it with her I was hurting her in a whole different way. Finally she left me for some guy on the crew team. Said I was too much for her. Since then the only comfort I’ve had has been my hands. Five times a day some days. And still I can’t get sex off my mind. My dad thinks I’m turning into some kind of clothes horse, but I gotta keep buying shirts every week or I’m going to have to walk around naked. I met a tailor on the south side of town that turns them around in a week. I have him add a couple inches to my measurements every time he makes a new set, but still these things barely last a week.”

Doug squeezed his dick and it started to stiffen and grow: twelve inches, thirteen, fourteen. By the time it was pointed straight at Walt it must have been over sixteen inches. Who knows how long it got when it was rock hard and about to blow? Doug looked down at it and looked at Walt. He was proud of it, but just a little sheepish about it too.

“I figured some guy like you – some one who was going through the change like me – might be able to handle it. God, it turns me on to see it sticking out from between my own legs! Take off your clothes, Walt. I want to see what’s been going on under there.”

Walt had been sitting on the edge of the bed watching Doug disrobe. He stood up and pulled his tight t-shirt over his head, stretching out his tight fitness model abs. When he tossed the shirt to the floor his chest and his shoulder muscles bunched up in full round bundles marbled with veins. Though he was way smaller than Doug, Doug still stared at him with deep appreciation and wet his lips with this tongue.

“Nice. Real nice. Flex your arms for me,” Doug said.

Walt obliged. His biceps were so full they completely filled the distance between his forearm and his delts, and though they were only 18 inches, they were still impressive.

Walt lowered his arms and unbuckled his pants. As he tugged them down around his thick thighs, his ten inch boner bounced free. He’d been proud of how big it had gotten over the last few weeks, and even after gawking at Doug’s he was still proud. No only was it long, it was extra thick, although it narrowed at the head like a rocket.

Doug stepped closer. He fondled Walt’s penis. Then he squatted in front of him and sucked it into his mouth, drawing it deep into his throat. Walt held his head tight against his groin and pushed hard into his mouth. Doug slowly slurped his way to the top. He looked up at Walt and smiled. He pushed Walt backwards to the bed and hauled his legs, still bound by the ankles in his jeans, high above his head. He pointed his gigantic cock between Walt’s tight cheeks and bucked with his hips, sliding a few inches inside.

Walt thought it would hurt, but instead it felt great. He squeezed tightly with his sphincter. Doug pushed deeper. Past the halfway mark Walt felt like he was being split in two, but it still felt good. Doug stuck his head between Walt’s legs and kissed him, sucking on his tongue as he finished impaling him.

“You like that, huh? I thought you would. I never thought I’d say this, but the last few months I dream every night about getting fucked by a guy like me. Maybe I’ll have to let you fuck me.”

The thought of piercing the crack between Doug’s huge hard glutes made Walt’s cock bounce with glee.

“What’s your girl friend think of this thing between your legs, Walt?” Doug asked as he yanked it with his hand while he fucked him. “You have a girl friend, Walt?”

“N-n-noooo,” Walt struggled to answer as Doug’s fucking jerked him around.

“I didn’t think so. Truth is that’s the other reason I had my eye on you. Guy like you probably has experience with other guys.”

Walt didn’t deny it. Although he wasn’t exactly out, the only sexual experience he had up to now had been with a few guys in high school on camping trips and a few older men. Walt hadn’t had to go through a transition from liking girls to liking guys like most of the other men who’d been part of the intern’s experiment, and he had been so excited to hear the shot had that effect on the other guys. So far every guy he’d met in college had been straight. He had fantasies about being assigned a hot gay man as his roommate in the dorms, but instead he’d landed a Christian fundamentalist with an annoying girl friend.

“Oh, fuck, Walt, you got a tight ass. Bet you never been fucked by a guy as big as me, huh?”

Truth was until now there probably hadn’t been guys as big as Doug, or at least Walt thought so based on his limited experience with other guys and what he’d seen in pictures, even morphs.

“Oh, God, Walt! I’m cumming. Shit, and it feels so good fucking you.”

Walt grabbed his throbbing cock and jerked it as Doug pounded his ass. Before Doug finished, Walt was squirting all over himself and spraying Doug’s chest and face. Doug kept fucking even after stopped squirting, just to keep Walt’s pipes gushing. When Walt finally finished, Doug slowly withdrew and lay his sticky dick next to Walt’s, sliding them against each other. Though Doug had fantasized about fucking a guy for months now, two dicks side by side rubbing against each other still seemed odd in a hot kind of way. Doug wrapped a hand around them both and jacked them with his big calloused paw. Neither one of them had softened, and the thought of another go at it had them both breathing hard and heavy.

Doug slurped up Walt’s cock and tasted his cum. He washed it with his tongue and tugged at it with his hard sucking. “I never sucked dick before. Who’d have thought it tasted better this much better than pussy?” Doug swallowed Walt’s whole cock. Walt’s hips bucked reflexively, and his hands mashed Doug’s mouth into his crotch. When Doug came up for a breath he wiped his mouth with the back of his hand and laughed. “Somebody’s enjoying himself.” Doug took just Walt’s dickhead in his mouth, sucked hard and released. “Good. Because I am too.” He impaled his throat on Walt’s dick again and began slurping and sucking like a high powered vacuum. He kept it up even when Walt came, drinking every ounce of jism he squirted down his throat.

Doug let Walt’s hard cock flop from his mouth and smacked his lips. “Now I’m ready for that fuck,” he said with a grin. Doug put his huge thick thighs on either side of Walt’s muscular chest. Doug’s zucchini cock was curved straight up from his groin to the bottom of his furry pecs. He pointed Walt’s hard cock at his asshole and lowered his broad ass until it completely engulfed it. “God, that feels really good! Why the hell did I used to think that would hurt?” Doug said.

Walt ground his groin against Doug’s tight ass and began bucking and fucking it. His hands slid up Doug’s chest and his fingers combed the thick fur on his pecs as his pinky finger flicked his nipples. Doug bent his sixteen inch cock down to Walt’s face. It was so long the end extended above mouth. Walt licked it and sucked along the side. Walt grabbed it at the bottom and the middle and jerked it as he fucked.

“Oh, God! Fuck me harder! I’m cumming!” Doug shouted. His cock jerked and fired cum on the wall behind Walt’s head. Walt pounded his ass as fast and hard and he could, dumping his load in Doug’s tight muscle ass. Doug sat down on his cock and squeezed it in his ass. He leaned down, rubbing his sweaty chests together and kissed Walt long and hard. He broke the kiss and whispered in his ear, “I guess this makes us fuck buddies.”

One Hundred and One