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Birthright III: A Ripple in

This story is dedicated to the readers who wrote and asked if I ever planned to write another chapter in the Birthright series after the first two. The truth was that until someone asked, I hadn’t. Then this story began grow in my imagination, twisting around in unexpected ways as I wrote it. I hope the ones who asked enjoy it as much as I enjoyed writing it.

By Josef Howard

Jacob put his thickly muscled arms around his lover's waist. With one hand he grasped his cock through his pants. With the other he fingered a nipple. He kissed Toby's wide neck and whispered hotly into his ear, "I think the dishes can wait a while."

With the heat of his lover's body against his back, Toby started to get hard. He stopped soaping the plate and leaned his head into the kiss. They had just finished dinner, a quiet meal at home on 'date night'. Toby had only been living with Jacob for five months, but Jacob had been in a long term relationship before they had met and had insisted on the 'date night' ritual as a way of keeping them close. Toby put the dish back in the sink. He faced Jacob and tilted his head upwards to return the kiss.

Jacob was already shirtless, exposing his incredibly muscled torso. Pressed against his firm, warm chest, Toby's breath grew short. He still couldn't believe how big Jacob was. Jacob stood out even in the serious bodybuilder gym they met at. He was in a league all his own, above even the biggest of the competitive guys. That he picked Toby to be his boy friend out of all the guys in the world absolutely astonished Toby. Every time Toby saw him, touched him, smelled him, or even thought about him, Toby got hard, and Jacob was sexually insatiable. Toby had cum more in the six months since they started dating than he had in the two years since he had come out, and as a hot looking twenty-year-old, Toby had not exactly been sexually inexperienced when they met. Toby had started working out when he was fifteen and trying out for the football team. By the time he graduated he weighed a lean 220 and turned heads everywhere he went.

Jacob unfastened Toby's pants and pulled his stiff love lever free. He squeezed it affectionately, then slipped his jeans down to his ankles, pausing a bit to wet his joint and taste his freely flowing juices. Jacob stood, hooked his thumbs under the stretch band of his sweat pants and stepped out of them. Toby inhaled deeply, relishing the wide outward sweep of Jacob's muscular thighs and the unbelievably long, thick tool that rose between them. Jacob put his firm hands on Toby's buttocks and effortlessly raised him off the floor, positioned him and penetrated his ass in one swift deliberate move that was indicative of the sexual ease that had developed between them over the last few months. Toby's legs wrapped around Jacob's waist. Jacob leaned into him and buried himself deeper, lifting the two of them into the air with his thrust and suspending them both above the kitchen floor.

Jacob had confided his Super Novae identity to Toby not long after they began dating, because he had grown to trust him quickly, and leveling with him was the only chance Jacob had to diffuse the suspicion his sudden disappearances caused and to give their love a chance to grow. Once Jacob had told him, Toby marveled that he hadn't made the connection earlier. Who else could his lover be but one of the super humans that lived among them? 

Jacob held Toby loosely in his insanely large arms, their entangled bodies floating a foot above the kitchen floor, as he thrust in and out of his tight ass. Before Toby had met Jacob, before he'd ever realized aerial copulation was a possibility, Toby had dreamt of getting fucked this way, and the dream had led to a frequent fantasy. Now Jacob had made it a regular part of their sexual repertoire. Toby's wide stiffy wagged wildly. As Jacob's fucking frenzy got Toby close, Toby grabbed himself tightly and milked the cum from his dick. Toby's spasming ass pulled Jacob over the edge. After a long sweaty kiss, Jacob lowered the two of them to floor. Jacob withdrew. Toby's legs unwrapped themselves from Jacob's waist. He leaned against the soapy kitchen counter as he caught his breath. Of course Jacob was not so easily sated, but he knew he needed to give his boy friend time to recover before they could continue. Not even an especially horny twenty year old could keep up with Jacob when he got started.

They were in the shower soaping up while Toby recuperated when Jacob felt the alarm inside his head. He knew it was serious because there weren't many events that he or the men who had proceeded him as Super Novae deemed serious enough to set a psychic alarm. Jacob quickly apologized and rinsed. Outside the shower he let his body temperature rise high enough to steam away the water. As he took flight out the open balcony window, he created his costume from the sun energy inside him.

The one who set the alarm was Jacob's dead lover, Isaac, the man who on his death bed had given him the Super Novae powers. As he tore through the skies at several times the speed of sound, Isaac's voice explained what had triggered the alarm. It was a theft at the Smithsonian, but the stolen article was more than a harmless historical relic. In fact his lover had placed it in the museum as a way of hiding it. It appeared to be a wooden step stool, crudely made, three plain steps. To look at it in the context of nineteenth century farm house furniture, one would never guess that it was a time machine.

The police were already on site when Super Novae arrived. The hunky one in short sleeves at the museum entrance tipped his cap at Super Novae as he landed and opened the door for him. The way his arms stretched the synthetic fabric of his uniform it was obvious he was a bodybuilder and loved to show off his physique. The way he smiled as he let Super Novae in the museum, it was just as obvious that he appreciated other big men. "They're in the security office," the cop said.

Since the museum was closed it was easy to find them. Super Novae just followed the sound of voices. They stood around a video monitor, and parted to let him see it as well. A couple of them shook his hand. One of them slapped him on the back. Jacob marveled that no one ever seemed to realize he was not the same man as his predecessor, Isaac. Apparently the hooded mask hid the differences in hair color and facial features, and his equally enormous physique tasked any one's doubts that he could be a different man. How many men his size could there be?

The surveillance video chilled his blood. It was Esau, his lover's son, caught on camera, in the costume he had taken to wearing since they last fought, a retro version of the costume his father's nemesis, the Nuclear Man, had worn when he began his career. Appropriate perhaps since the original Nuclear Man had given him a "heart" like his own, powered by a miniature nuclear reactor that almost put him in the same league with Super Novae. Esau had hooked up with the original Nuclear Man after Isaac had mistakenly given Jacob the Super Novae power that he had intended to give Esau. Jacob had felt guilty for his complicity in his lover's the death bed confusion, but after he saw the avarice and cruelty Esau was capable of in his anger at Jacob, Jacob realized the world was a better place for his lover's mistake.

The police and the museum security guard turned to Super Novae acknowledging that since the perp was a "suit" put the crime was squarely in Super Novae's purview. Jacob knew where to find Esau, because he lived in the house that had been Jacob's home as well, before Isaac died and Esau, Isaac's sole legal heir, threw him out. As Super Novae, Jacob could allow the light from inside the house to flow through the atoms of the building and see everything that happened inside. Esau was in the basement with the Stairway to Everywhere, as Isaac had called it. The device came from the future and was left in an old 19th century home by the time traveler that used it. A sufficiently advanced device is completely confounding to a primitive mind. Isaac had never told Jacob how to use it and he was pretty sure he’d never told Esau either. It had taken Isaac years to figure it out. Since Esau inherited all of Isaac's possessions, Esau had his notes, and they were strewn on the tables and floor.

Jacob pointed his fists downward and transformed his body into pure light, which he willed through the walls of the house as easily as he had drawn the images from inside it. As Jacob passed through the basement ceiling, Esau recognized the blinding flash of light that had been his father's signature arrival. As Jacob's body reintegrated, Esau dropped what he was reading and ran for the stepping stool. He ran up the three steps and as his body hurled off the top step he disappeared!


Arms and legs flailing in the bright sunny air, Esau landed on a campus lawn. He hadn't had time to calibrate the stairs to the time and the place that he had planned, but he had at least locked them on to his father. He had planned to arrive the week before his father died as he lay invalid in his bed. Only this time he would throw that cocksucking parasite out of his home before he had a chance to take what belonged to him. This time he would be the one to receive the blessing of his father's nearly infinite power, the energy of a dying sun, captured by the first Super Novae eons before man had walked the earth, and given to his great grandfather by an alien just before he died.

Esau picked himself up off the grass. He was thankful he had taken off his Nuclear Man costume before he began working with the stairs. His jeans weren't cut the same as the ones worn by startled young men around him, but they were sufficiently nondescript to allow him to blend in with the students studying in the sun. He recognized the college. He'd practically grown up here when his father was a professor of astronomy. It wasn't the time or the place he'd planned to land, but this could work out just the same. He straightened his dress shirt, rubbed at a stubborn grass stain on his elbow and headed for his father's campus office.


Jacob reintegrated too late to grab Esau as he dashed for the stairs, but just in time to see him ascend into mid air and vanish. He sighed deeply. It was going to be a long night reading Isaac's papers. He had hoped to stop Esau before he used the stairs, but now he would have to learn all about them himself and follow him. If he let him go, no telling what damage he might do to the events Jacob knew as the past, or how he might affect Jacob and the lives of millions of potential bystanders. The only thing Jacob was sure of was that Esau would use the stairs to somehow take the Super Novae power he believed belonged to him.

Three days after he began reviewing his lover's notes, three days without sleep or food, which thankfully was optional to one who lived on the energy of the star heart, three days of refreshing his memory of the scientific notations he had learned in grad school as Isaac's star student, Jacob thought he finally understood how to use the stairs to arrive at the place Esau had gone, shortly after Esau arrived. Only "shortly after" might be minutes or months. He couldn't be sure without actually trying.

Jacob transmuted his costume to approximate appropriate clothing for the year to which Esau had gone and ran up the stairs leaping into space and uncertainty.


Isaac looked up from his desk to see a hulking stud silhouetted in the doorway to his office. At first he thought it was Esau, his lab assistant, but this figure was much, much larger -- his physical equal, which was not only exceptional, but practically impossible. His eyes adjusted to the light on the young man's face. It was a stunningly masculine structure of harsh angles and coarse stubble. The cheekbones were high and deeply etched. The chin was broad and cleft, the jaw wider than the forehead. Isaac squelched the pounding rise of his massive prick as best he could. "Can I help you?" he asked.

"I understand you are looking for a lab assistant" the young man's deeply resonant voice said.

Isaac's heart skipped a beat. To work side by side by this young man would surely get him in trouble. "Come in and sit down. The position was filled a few weeks ago, but depending on your qualifications, there might still be an opportunity for you."

The huge stud moved across the office floor with the grace of a jungle cat, belying his immensity. He settled in the chair in front of Isaac's desk and crossed his ankle over his knee. Isaac was captivated by the thickness of his thighs. He had never met another man who was his physical equal before. Isaac's secret sexual pleasure was the mirrored walls of his bedroom that allowed him to see his own body as he fucked his young wife. This was like looking in those mirrors, only the image was a real man, distinct from himself, blood rushing through thick veins and tight muscles sweeping out majestically and back in to connect to his small joints.

The young man leaned forward and shook his hand. "I'm Jacob," he said. He smiled sweetly. "I just moved here from MIT. I am working on my doctoral thesis in Astronomy. Well ... to be honest ... I've been working on the thesis for three years now since I finished my classes. I haven't been very diligent, but I need to get back to it and working on a campus might be just the motivation I need."

Finding such a studly advanced Astronomy student to fill his assistant position was too much like a sex fantasy for Isaac to let it pass without examination. He grilled Jacob for over an hour, asking not only questions of obscure scientific fact but unresolved scientific problems. He was so impressed by Jacob's knowledge and insights he could almost forget the raging hard-on that beat against the fabric of his slacks. Yet something about the young man's body language made Isaac think Jacob knew the effect he was having on him and relished it. He thought he sensed an attraction to himself just as strong as his own toward Jacob. This was a dangerous situation for a married man with toddler at home. Yet he could no more deny himself the opportunity for Jacob's company than he could deny himself air.


Esau heard footsteps behind him. Not just the familiar ones of his father, whom he had come to love working with, but another pair, just as heavy.

"Esau, I would like you to meet Jacob. He'll be working with you to compile the data for my paper."

The color of Esau's face deepened as Jacob's turned white. Esau had expected that Jacob would follow him, but the last few weeks with his father had lulled him into a dreamy torpor. Though Esau's scientific skills had been short of what Isaac would have wanted in an assistant, Isaac had taken an instant liking to him. Isaac brought him home for dinner almost every night. Seeing his long deceased mother again as the young woman he remembered from his childhood had softened Esau. Unaware of who he was, his parents had nonetheless developed parental feelings toward him. It didn't hurt that he had the same name as their toddler and bore a striking resemblance to his mother. He had traveled back in time to restore the proper succession of powers from father to son. Having arrived several decades too early, he knew he would have to improvise, but until now he had been content to bask in the love of his parents as he remembered them from his childhood, before his mother died and his father came out. Before the years of living with Jacob as his step parent.

As Jacob took a place at the work table and Isaac showed him what he needed him to do, Esau immediately recognized the lust that his father felt for this usurper. It disgusted him now more than it had after his mother had died, because his mother was still his father's young wife. Esau set down his work and excused himself. "I'm afraid I'm feeling ill," was all he said.

Isaac barely noticed him leaving, but Jacob felt Esau's hatred. It was even more intense now than it had been when he first moved in with Isaac when Esau was in his early teens. Yet the presence of his lost love hanging affectionately over his shoulder, his massively muscular arms on occasion reaching around on either side of him as he picked up paperwork and guided him through the job soon distracted him from Esau's rage. Jacob had thought he'd ever see Isaac again, looking just the way he had when they first met. The power of the star heart having suspended his visible aging at the moment it entered his body, Isaac still looked the same the day they met as he looked now when he was the young father of Esau and as he looked to the day he died. And Jacob still loved Isaac more than any other man before or since.

Jacob turned his head upward to look at his face. Their eyes locked. Their lips parted slightly. Jacob moved closer, but it was Isaac who lost control first, lunging and twisting Jacob around, putting his back against the table and pinning him on top of it as their open mouths joined and Isaac's swelling groin thrust between Jacob's splayed legs. Isaac's meaty fingers dug between the buttons of Jacob's shirt and tore it open, pausing to appreciate Jacob's thick, fibrous pecs and the deep crevices around his bulging abdominal muscles. He licked Jacob's nipples with his broad, wet tongue, before slipping it back inside Jacob's open mouth and desperately feeling around inside, wrestling tongues. Jacob clawed at Isaac's shirt, but Isaac willed it to disappear before it was even unbuttoned, suddenly revealing not only his immensely muscular body, but his supernatural abilities too.

If Isaac was surprised when Jacob reciprocated, he was too deep in lust to show it. Instead he positioned his long, thick tool at the crack between Jacob's melon sized glutes and drove himself inside. Jacob's hard cock tensed and lifted itself from his stomach as Jacob cried out in ecstasy. Jacob arched his back and met every one of Isaac's powerful thrusts. Isaac held Jacob's ankles high over his head and pounded his immense cock inside Jacob's squeezing ass. Jacob's rubbed his hands over Isaac's full, rounded pecs and squeezed at his nipples. Isaac leaned forward and their lips locked again. Isaac had never felt such lust in his life. Fucking Jacob's immensely muscled body as it wiggled and writhed against him was what he was made to do. And no matter how hard he fucked him, he didn't hurt him. Jacob only got more excited. His fence post cock was harder than steel and he wasn't anywhere near ready to come.

Isaac yanked at Jacob's waist, pulling him off the table. Jacob curled his abs and wrapped his arms around Isaac's 22 inch neck, sucking his mouth like a vacuum as Isaac bounced him up and down his cock. Then Jacob bent back, lowered himself to the floor with his huge arms  and rested his broadly muscled shoulders on the floor, wrapping his thick thighs around Isaac's back and inviting him to fuck him into the ground. As Isaac's cock rubbed furiously against his prostate Jacob's had finally had all it could take. It quivered and cocked like a pump handle. Jacob grabbed it with both hands and yanked it wildly as it gushed yellowish milk over his head to the floor.

But Isaac was still not satisfied. He separated Jacob's legs from behind his back and twisted Jacob's body around using his deeply embedded cock as a fulcrum until Jacob was facing down like a human wheel barrow, his legs on either side of Isaac's pummelling prick. Jacob lowered his face to the floor and licked at the pool of his cum like a cat. He'd never gotten the least bit soft. In fact he was already building toward his next orgasm. He pushed himself into his lover with his arms like he was doing push-ups and looked over his shoulder at Isaac's tightly clenched eyes and teeth. He was Isaac's fuck pig in a way he had never been able to be before he'd inherited the powers of the star heart. Giving Jacob what he had always needed so desperately was even more gratifying than getting this fuck of his life. He clenched Isaac's cock hard with his ass. Feeling it slipping deep inside him, the length of it rearranging his guts and the hard helmet head rubbing against a part of him no one had ever touched.

Isaac shouted and fell to his knees, taking the two of them completely to the floor. He thrust harder and faster than ever now, never wanting to cum, but finally needing to. His body began to shake. Sweat coated everyone of his muscles and rolled off his body, dripping on Jacob's back and making the floor as slippery as mud. His huge stones sucked up tight against his groin and his cock started to spasm, drawing the cum from deep inside and forcing it down his twenty inch cock, through the spitting piss slit deep into Jacob's guts. He thrust harder than ever, but slower now, and finally allowed himself to collapse completely, hugging Jacob's wide strong back as his cock kept pouring cum inside him. Jacob arched his back and started to cum again himself, coating his chest, his abs and his face as it hung down between his arms. He opened his mouth and tasted it as it shot on his tongue and imaged it was Isaac's cum that he tasted, still filling his guts, instead of his own.

 After a long interlude, feeling Isaac's cock still pounding with every beat of his heart inside his ass, luxuriating in the enveloping arms of his lover wrapped around his back and his chest, Jacob caught his breath and lowered himself to one elbow, allowing them to separate and himself to turn to face Isaac, his back tight against the cum drenched floor. He sucked on Isaac's lips and cleaned his mouth with his tongue. Isaac stared into his eyes with awe.

As his heart and breathing slowed, Jacob felt they were not alone. He broke their deep kiss and jerked his head to the side. Esau stood in the doorway.

"I don't fucking believe it!" Esau screamed.

Isaac jumped to his feet and stood naked, magnificent, dripping cum from his long tumescent cock and sweat from everywhere else. "Esau - " he started to say, but before he could finish a sentence Esau lunged at his naked body and hugged his waist. Isaac didn't know what to make of it. He brushed Esau's hair with his hand. Suddenly Isaac bent over in pain. The two of them began to glow brightly. Slowly Esau's naturally beefy frame began to expand. His shoulders, his arms, his thighs swelled inside his t-shirt and jeans. His skin tightened around mounds of solid striated muscle and a look of pure ecstasy swept over his face. Jacob lept to his feet and dove at them, but something prevented him from touching them. Isaac stumbled and fell backwards. Esau pinned his arms to the floor. His muscles tore at the seams of his clothing, ripping the sleeves to shreds, splitting the trunk of his shirt at his lats. Even the double stitched seams of his pants snapped, giving way as his ass and legs expanded far beyond their capacity to clothe him. Jacob pounded with all his incredible strength at the force that separated him from the two of them. The room shook as the force of his blows transferred around the force field to the floor beneath them, cracking the concrete underneath and creating a shallow depression. Esau's clothes were completely tattered now, laying in shreds around them. Still he held his father tight, his face now twisted in unholy pleasure, eyes clenched. His cock had become as immense as the rest of him and swollen with blood and star energy it was stiffly curved up along his hard abs, dripping pre-cum on his father's naked writhing form. Finally Esau released him and stood in front of Jacob, his equal in every way. Jacob tackled him, driving the two of them across the lab into the brick wall, leaving an impression of Esau's huge, broad back in the brick as they wrestled nakedly. Esau broke free. He ran three steps toward the door, then lifted himself into the air and accelerated to near light speed.

Jacob wanted to follow, but he looked down at his lover, weak and shrunken on the floor, gasping for breath. He fell on him and sobbed, kissing and caressing his still form. The air around them began to glow. Jacob closed his eyes. Isaac stirred. Even without the energy of the star heart he was magnificently muscled, though no where near his former self. He looked like a angel fallen from the sky, wounded from some celestial battle. Jacob felt the power flowing from his touch, from his tears, replenishing what Isaac had lost. Isaac's muscles got hard and began to inflate and lift him like an air mattress. Isaac's eyes opened. Jacob kissed him, sending more of the star energy into his body, but Isaac broke the kiss and struggled against him. 

"That's enough," Isaac said. 

The glow around them faded.

"Thank you," Isaac said, "but it's time we talked."

Jacob relaxed his embrace and stood. Although the power was split between them, physically they looked the same as they had before Esau had intruded.

"Who are you?" Isaac asked.

"I can't tell you everything," Jacob said. "It's best that you not know all of it. I am your ... successor." Jacob willed his costume to appear. Although it was the same costume his lover had worn at his death, he knew it was different than the one he wore in the seventies. Still the design elements were similar enough that it was recognizable as Super Novae's cosutime. "Esau is your son."

"Stop. The more you say, the more you will influence my actions and jeopardize your timeline," Isaac interrupted. "Whoever either of you are, it is obvious Esau is the one we need to worry about. I can see why I didn't pass the power to him and gave it to you. How it happens is not important to us now."

"I - I don't understand how he took it from you."

"It's not as hard as you might think. When you have the power longer, you'll understand. Esau has obviously been doing his homework. He used the Stairway to get here?"

Jacob nodded.

"I should destroy that thing."

"We can't let him keep what he's taken. This is not what should have happened. I know that much," Jacob said.

"Then it's for the two of us to stop him." 

"The two of us?"

"Sure, I've always wanted a sidekick," Isaac smiled. He put a hand behind Jacob's neck and drew him close for a kiss. "You know him better than I do. What would he do next?"

"Where do you keep the Stairway to Everywhere?"

Isaac motioned for him to follow. A flash of light as Isaac transmuted to energy. Another as Jacob did likewise. In skies far away the two of them became material again, wearing their respective Super Novae costumes. They were above an abandoned mine in the desert, Isaac's hideaway, the place he kept things from prying eyes years before he met Jacob and the two of them built the mansion and the subterranean lab beneath it. Another pair of flashes and they appeared inside next to the stairs.

"It's been used in the last few minutes," Isaac said.

"Then we go after him."

"Better yet. We go before him."  

Esau stumbled slightly as his feet caught their footing on the sidewalk. He recognized this part of town. Not a neighborhood he frequented because of it's reputation, especially in the evening. He created an outfit he thought would allow him to fit in, a part of jeans that stretched tightly over his tremendous thighs and calves, with barely enough room for the huge bulge in the crotch, and a tight, white tank to show off his amazing upper body. He'd get all the right attention from the guys in this neighborhood, and one in particular that he knew liked men his size. Better yet, he thought, and allowed his facial features to blur and take the familiar form of Jacob.

"Hey, you fuck, what are you doing here?"

Esau turned. It was him.

"Toby!" Esau said as he smiled at the man coming his way. He said as little as possible to keep the sound of his voice from giving him away. He just needed to get a little closer and he'd have what he wanted.

"Toby! Get away from him! Run!"  

Toby was confused. He heard Jacob's voice, but it was coming from across the street. He turned. It was Jacob. But if that was Jacob, who was ...

From behind the man he had thought was his lover, another man as impossibly large as his lover leaped at him, knocking him to the sidewalk. The tackled look-a-like swore. His face twisted in hatred Toby could not imagine on the real Jacob's face. Toby ran across the street toward the real Jacob.

"Not here! Not now!" Jacob cried out. "Get as far away as you can. I'll catch you later! Run! Now!"

Toby shivered. He'd never heard such distress in Jacob's voice. He ran past Jacob and around the corner, back to his car.

Isaac tried to hold his son's massive arms behind his back, but Esau shrugged off his grip like loose rope. Jacob took flight and drove both his fists into Esau's brick hard stomach. His arms gave way and Esau brushed him aside. Jacob landed at his feet. With the power split between them, neither of them was a match for Esau individually, a fact that was becoming clear to all three of them. Still Jacob stood anyway and faced off with the man who had become his nemesis. Esau grinned from ear to ear. Finally he had the advantage over the faggot he'd hated all these years. He didn't know what he'd do with his dad, but he was going to beat this super-powered cocksucker to a pulp. Then he was going after Toby. Maybe he'd fuck his ass, really mess him up before he killed him. He doubted he'd be able to kill Jacob even in his weakened state, but knowing he'd been able to protect his lover would be his punishment.

Jacob's fist swung at Esau's chin. Esau dodged and landed an upper cut on Jacob's solar plexus, knocking the air out of him. Esau raised his fist above his head to reign down a double-fisted blow on Jacob's bent over body, but his father's arms wrapped around his waist again. When would the old man learn, he thought, but suddenly he felt paralyzed as a bright yellow glow enveloped the two of them. He stumbled and fell, the full weight of his father's 300 pound frame crashing on top of him and knocking the breath out of him. He felt his strength deserting him, his body shrinking, his clothes disappearing from his body, revealing only his ordinary, beefy body and the deep scar between his pecs from the operation that had implanted the nuclear heart in his chest. He swore under his breath as the light left his eyes and he passed out, pinned under his father.

After taking Esau home and taking the stairway from him, Jacob had gone back in time with Isaac, unable to say a sudden goodbye, knowing that however much they wanted to stay together, eventually they would have to part again and each would have to return to their separate lives in their own eras. But Isaac knew of an empty cabin in the Rockies, a bed they could share for a while as they enjoyed each others bodies.

With the doors locked and curtains drawn Isaac had slowly, lovingly stripped Jacob of his clothing until he stood naked, inches from him, his huge chest, shoulders and arms eclipsing Isaac’s view of his lower body. But Isaac could feel Jacob’s cock brush against his muscular thigh as it rose between the two of them. Isaac allowed his costume to disappear. He leaned toward Jacob. Their lips and tongues tasted each other’s mouths as their huge cocks jousted between their muscled abs. Their feet rose from the floor. Suspended in air, Jacob lifted and spread his legs. Isaac positioned his cock head, slick with burbling pre-cum, at the entrance to Jacob’s ass and pulled him closer, sliding inside.

Instantly Jacob not only felt the satisfying fullness of being entered as his ass muscles instinctively tightened around his lover, he felt a rush of power as sun energy flowed from Isaac into him. He moaned loudly.

“Feel good?”


Isaac became breathless as his cock swelled larger in Jacob’s intestinal embrace and the energy rushed from him, energy he had to spare after absorbing it from his son while still sharing half of Jacob’s power.

Isaac plowed deep inside Jacob in long, full strokes. As the power equalized between them, Jacob allowed it to pour back into Isaac, starting a continuous wave that rolled back and forth between them. The combination of sexual bliss and the endless ebb and flow of energy intensified their rapture. Isaac’s muscles were so pumped he thought they might burst, and once again he fucked Jacob with complete abandon, pleasuring himself without limit, knowing no matter how rough they fucked neither could hurt the other. Tears began to well in Isaac’s eyes as his excitement overwhelmed him. He smiled through them at his lover and saw Jacob’s eyes were wet as well.

Isaac’s fucking became more frantic as he felt Jacob stiffen. Jacob grabbed his slick fuck pole with both his muscular hands. It jerked uncontrollably and he felt cum rush from deep inside him. It gushed out his piss slit like oil bursting from a drilling rig. The sight of it and all Jacob’s muscles flexing hard at once sent Isaac off. In long deep thrusts he forced quart after quart of his seed deep inside Jacob’s ass.

As Jacob caught his breath, he grinned at Isaac and wiped his cum from their faces, pausing to suck his finger playfully and taste some of it.

They were loath to separate and spent most of the first night in the cabin joined together by Jacob’s hard cock, desperate, knowing there would be an end to their ecstatic embraces. Then for several days their pace had slowed. As much as they made love, they also made time to lay together, to walk hand-in-hand in the forest, to talk, and to laugh. For Jacob it was getting re-acquainted, even though the man he was with had not yet met him. For Isaac it was indulging himself in the deep emotional current of physical love with a man. His sexual feelings had never been so intense. He'd never felt so much desire for another person. As much as he loved his wife and his son, he realized that although his will was strong enough to still his passions, even for years, he would never be able to give this up indefinitely.

Eventually they left. Isaac took Jacob to the stairs. He explained how to return to the day he had left. He watched Jacob bound up the steps and disappear. Then he opened his eyes wide and a flash of light and heat consumed them leaving only ashes on the floor. The intense light faded from his pupils, replaced by tears, though the memory of Jacob and his adult son had already begun to dissipate like smoke. He remembered he had destroyed the stairs, but he couldn’t remember why.

If Isaac destroyed the stairs in 1975, then there was no way that Esau could have stolen them in 2007. If Esau had never stolen them, he hadn’t traveled back to meet his father. Jacob hadn’t followed him.

Yet somehow Isaac still felt emptiness and unexplainable loss.

And back in the future Jacob stepped from the shower and took a dry towel from Toby. He smiled sweetly at him. He loved “date night”, and every time the two of them made it through the evening without an unwelcome, unexpected interruption of duty was just one more evening they had in each other’s arms growing closer in each other’s love.