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Birthday Boy

By Josef Howard
(c) 2007

It was Drake’s 39th birthday, and Tom, his lover, had thrown him a dinner party to celebrate. Tom had Drake pick the guests although he was disappointed when Drake chose only two friends, Tom’s least favorite friends of all the couples they knew, Filiep and Bobby. But he hid his displeasure as best as he could and concentrated on making his lover happy on his birthday.

Filiep and Bobby were, as Tom was fond of saying, guys with great taste who did not taste good. They were both huge bodybuilder types, which explained at least some of Drake’s interest. Filiep was a doctor, although Tom was never sure what kind of doctor. Bobby did nothing useful. They lived in an impeccably decorated home in West Hollywood. They drove flashy cars, and they traveled extensively to exotic places. The travel alone should have made them interesting, but they were two of the most superficial men Tom had ever met. Conversations with them never strayed far from sex and where they planned to spend their next thousand dollars.  

As usual they arrived to the dinner party provocatively dressed. Filiep wore a satin vest, open in the front, displaying the fullness of his pectoral cleavage. His pecs were so large that Tom could have sunk all five of his fingers between them, and his abs were like eight smooth cobblestones sloping from his breast bone to his tight waist. His dress pants had to be made custom to hold his extra thick thighs and make enough space for his bulging crotch, and the pants were cut extra tight tonight, making a show of the striations that separated his quads. His boy friend, Bobby, wore a tight long sleeve pullover, that clung to him as tightly as his skin, and long baggy shorts that stopped just a couple inches above his knees so that the heft of his thighs could be fully appreciated as well as the thick dark fuzz that coated them.

They were also an hour late, but Tom had expected that as well and planned the dinner accordingly. After Drake got his birthday hugs from the both of them, Tom poured celebratory glasses of Dom Perignon. The four of them stood around the coffee table as Tom offered the first birthday toast to Drake.

“Oh,” Filiep said, after taking a quick sip of champagne and putting down the flute, “the first of your birthday presents!” He hurriedly motioned to Bobby who handed him his Tumi messenger bag. He pulled out an expertly rolled joint and held it up for everyone to see.

Tom groaned inwardly. He hated dope and rarely smoked even in a social setting. Tom waved the joint away, but the other three were insistent. “It’s Drake’s birthday. It’ll be part of YOUR birthday present to him,” Filiep said.

Tom figured that Filiep meant their sex after the party. He had to admit that smoking relaxed him and made him extra horny, sometimes stretching their nightly fucks by hours before they’d both cum for the last time.

Yet Tom knew the sex had never become routine although they’d been together almost fifteen years. Tom adored Drake’s sixteen incher, and even though Tom had lost some of the size and hardness he had when they first met, he was still a solid two hundred pounds, and he was the only man Drake had ever had who could take his whole cock down the throat without gagging and up the ass without pain – and loved doing both!

Drake took the joint from Filiep’s fingers and handed it to Tom. Tom smiled wanly at him and took it. Bobby lit the end and Tom took a deep drag. He coughed a bit on the first one, then calmed his irritated lungs and took another. The room got a little fuzzy and his ears rang. The weed was really strong. He offered it to Bobby, but Bobby waved it away and lit up another. Tom supposed they knew the only way he’d appreciate their company was if he were drugged, and they were probably right. But he hoped this dinner party didn’t turn out to be a sequel to Drake’s 35th. The four of them had gone swimming in Filiep and Bobby's pool after dinner. Drake had been the first to pull off his swimsuit, never bashful about what hung between his legs, but Filiep and Bobby weren’t far behind. Bobby swam between Drake’s legs from behind him. Drake pulled the broadly muscled boy against his chest. Before long the four of them were yanking and sucking each other and the whole evening ended with a four-way in their bed. As hot as Filiep and Bobby were, Tom was revolted later by the thought of the whole thing. It was the only time the four of them had fucked around together, although Tom knew that Drake had sex now and then with the two of them.

Drake met them in the sauna at the gym he and Tom belonged to. Tom worked out six days a week, but Drake only came occasionally and when he did, after just a few minutes going through the motions on the machines, he spent most of his time in the sauna where he seduced guys. He’d sit around waiting for someone hot to come in. Then he’d slowly let his towel drop, exposing a tube of meat that was over a foot long even when it was soft. If the guy was at all interested in other guys, that always got their attention. Before long the newbie would be working it up to its full glory. Drake would let him try to get it in his mouth a while, then he’d flip him over on his stomach and fuck the shit out of him. Sometimes other guys would walk in on them. If they were interested, Drake would let them join in. Afterwards, when they were driving home, Drake would give Tom a blow by blow account. Tom feigned an exaggerated puritanical disgust, and Drake understood the show really meant he enjoyed the whole thing vicariously.

Tom was just starting to worry about the roast he had in the oven. He put down his glass of champagne and the joint.  "Where are you going," Filiep asked him. Tom mentioned the roast. "Drake, why don't you check it," Filiep said.

"Drake doesn't know anything about cooking," Tom objected, but Drake was already on the way to the kitchen. "Just check the temperature!" Tom called out after him. He wondered if Drake even knew he meant the meat thermometer, not the oven temperature.

After Drake was out of the room, Filiep spoke to Tom in a low conspiratorial voice, "We need to work on his birthday present." Bobby set down his drink and moved behind Tom. He grabbed Tom's wrists and held them together behind his back easily with one very strong hand. Filiep fished around in his bag. He held up a fat pill and picked up Tom's champagne glass.

"What the fuck are you doing? Let me go. I'm not taking that!" Tom protested and clenched his jaw shut.

But Bobby pinched Tom's nostrils until he had to open his mouth to breathe. Filiep stuffed the pill in his mouth, poured champagne after it and Bobby held his mouth shut. Bobby needed to breathe so desparately he had no choice but to swallow. After Filiep saw his Adam's apple bob he told Bobby to release him. Tom burst free and turned on them.

"What was that? One of your fucking party drugs? I told you I'm not into that shit. Get out of my house! I don't care if it is Drake's birthday!"

Filiep put his index finger over Tom's lips to quiet him, but Tom shoved his hand away. Bobby grabbed his wrists again, but this time it took both Bobby's hands to hold them. Filiep put his hand on Tom's crotch and squeezed. Against his will Tom's cock swelled inside his slacks. Filiep squeezed again, feeling it thicken to his touch. Tom opened his mouth to say something and found he'd forgotten what he wanted to say. Instead his eyes fixated on Filiep's pectoral cleavage and the deep ridges of his abs, and that made him harder. Filiep gave Tom an open mouthed kiss and Tom found himself unable to resist kissing back. Bobby let his hands go and Tom felt Filiep's tight stomach and thick lower back as they kissed. It seemed like the kiss went on forever and Tom was content to let it. How could he be so turned on by this man he detested. Filiep had worked Tom's cock through the leg of his boxers and down his pant leg, but it was throbbing and struggling to pull up to his hip. Finally the Doctor, as Drake often called Filiep, released him. Tom stared at him and his lover Bobby. “God, you guys are huge!” Tom managed to say in a drugged slur. His eyes went up and down Filiep’s exposed, hard chest. He noticed Filiep's rippled as he breathed, which made Tom’s boner even harder.

"I miss anything?" Drake asked as he returned. Bobby laughed. Filiep smiled and put his huge bare arm around Tom's neck and drew him close to his side. "We were just making amends," Filiep said.

Drake caught a glimpse of his lover's stiff dick pushing out his khaki's. "I can see," he said.

Filiep released Tom.

“Come here, my birthday boy,” Drake said as he put his hand behind Tom’s neck and drew his lips to his. It was an annual joke of theirs. Drake called him ‘birthday boy’ on Drake’s birthday because he said he was his present – the best fucking present a man could get. Drake gave him a wet, wide-open kiss. Their tongues entwined and Tom’s dick swelled even larger. 

As Tom swallowed he felt his shirt collar constricting his neck muscles. In fact his shirt felt tight everywhere – under the arms, around his delts, even the stretch band around his arms was tight. When Drake affectionately slapped his tummy it felt hard and tight, like it used to feel when they’d first fucked around. Tom had weighed a little over 220 back then and at 5’10” and with long wavy blond hair he had been the sexiest man in West Hollywood. He got offers from guys constantly, but until he’d caught sight of Drake’s basket inside a pair of baggy jeans and felt his mammoth pecker inside his throat, he’d never been impressed by any of them.

What was in that pill? Could it really make him more muscular? Tom had always figured the Doctor and Bobby took ‘roids, but ‘roids didn’t work this fast. Was he hallucinating? He wouldn’t mind recovering a little of his faded physical glory, but he didn’t want to be as ostentatiously huge as Filiep and Bobby. The two of them were like porno cartoon men, and you could tell they got off showing it by the way they dressed and the way they carried themselves. They fucked everyone in town and maintained a coterie of muscle boys who lavished attention on them night and day. Drake and Tom were the only normal guys they ever saw.

Tom swallowed hard and the top button of his polo shirt, stressed beyond its limits, popped open. In a moment of uncharacteristic unselfconsciousness, he split the remained buttons open and fingered the wider opening at his neck. There was chest hair at his neck. Tom had always been a little hairy on his pecs, but the hair pretty much stayed on the lower half of his chest. Now it was thick and coarse and up near his clavicle, and the muscles of his chest were so full that even up near his neck he had cleavage. He dug down deeper, feeling the separation between the solid mounds of muscle and the dense fur and popped the rest of the buttons.

“Look at him,” Bobby laughed. “He’s getting into it.”

Tom stared at himself in the mirrors on the far wall. He’d been after Drake to get rid of those mirrored walls for years. They were so hopelessly seventies it made him ill, but he loved what he saw in them now. No wonder he’d burst his buttons, he was two sizes larger than he’d been earlier in the evening. He was filling out his clothes to their limits and as much as it almost scared him to realize it, he could feel himself growing even bigger with every breath he took.

“Do you think you are going to like my gift?” Tom heard Filiep ask Drake. What was he talking about?

“I like it already,” Drake said. Was Drake in on the whole thing?

To the side of his image in the mirror, Tom saw Bobby pull off his shirt and expose a chest even more magnificent than Filiep's. Even though Tom had seen it many times before when they had gone swimming together or gone out dancing, he still couldn't believe it could be so big. As Tom stared at him through the mirror, Bobby flexed and stared back.

"See what you have to look forward to?" Filiep said. "In fact I think you might get even bigger than Bobby, here."  

What had Filiep had given him? Maybe they gave it to all their muscle bound friends.  Tom thought he wanted it to stop, but every time he drew a deep breath and felt the hot blood rushing through his veins he changed his mind.

Filiep stood behind his lover, unbuckled his shorts and slid them down around his thick thighs. Bobby's enormous cock swelled and rose. If Tom had been able to take his eyes off of it, he would have noticed his lover was just as mesmorized by it as he was. Bobby stopped flexing enough to tug on his cock and work it until it pointed straight up and grazed the underside of his chest. He grinned at Tom and licked his lips.

“Help Tomout of his shirt, Drake,” Filiep said as he shucked his vest.

Drake tugged the tails out from his loose waistband. The stretchy cotton caught on his wide lats and massive chest muscles. Drake jerked. Tom heard the seams tear a little. Tom bent over and wiggled as Drake pulled the shirt over his head. Tom took a deep breath and watched his amazing chest expand in the mirror’s reflection. He drew up his fist. His biceps swelled like cantaloupes. He flexed a double biceps. He was magnificent! He was still not the size of the Doctor and Bobby, but he was bigger than he’d ever been in his life and he was ecstatic.

Filiep unbuckled Tom's khakis, pulled open his pants and drew out his cock. It was hard and red. It took Tom’s breath away to feel it bobbing in front of him between a pair of balls the size of his lover’s huge eggs. It was definitely larger than it had been before. He’d never felt deficient, but his cock was easily twice as thick and the head was the size of a small lemon.

The Doctor knelt in front of him and took it into his mouth. As good as it felt, Tom pushed him away, but Drake leaned in. He kissed Tom and tugged on his dick, clearly enjoying it as much as Tom. Then he guided it into Filiep’s eager mouth again. Bobby bent slightly and began sucking on Tom’s nipple. “Here goes the reprise of thirty-five”, Tom thought. He felt a burst of fire in his groin and he shot hard down the Doctor’s throat. He broke his kiss and gasped for air. As much as he disliked Filiep and Bobby, his need to get off overcame it. He yanked Filiep’s head into his dick hard, trying to bury his whole dick inside the man’s mouth. Most of it fit, but he could see it was so thick it was sticking in the back of his mouth. The orgasm was so intense that Filiep saw stars! For several minutes he yanked and fucked Filiep’s head like a cowboy riding a bucking bull. Drake and Bobby just gave them space and licked their lips in appreciation, waiting their turn at the action.

Tom ground hard on the last spurt. The Doctor’s face was beet red from lack of oxygen and soaked with milky cum. Tom fell away from him and stumbled. Drake and Bobby caught him and leaned him against the back of the couch.

Tom’s dick was still on fire, though softer. Tom tugged at it, milking the last dribbles of cum from the shaft, his eyes clenched shut. Drake worked his feet free of his shoes and pealed his pants down and off his legs.

Tom heard Filiep say, “He's in the final phase now.” His muscles began to feel heavier. His skin stretched so fast it sounded like a straining rubber balloon. His heart pounded like a jackhammer inside his chest. His teeth rattled. His dick sprang to full erection again and gushed even harder than before.

The other three held him, but even Filiep and Bobby were having trouble holding him upright. The two of them seemed smaller to him now. He realized it was because he was even larger than they were, and a deep throated roar escaped his chest. He thought he never wanted to be as big as they were, and now that he realized he was bigger he couldn’t have been more happy!

He must have weighed almost 300 pounds. His arms were like watermelons. His thighs were rounded ovals like wheels and thick as tree trunks. Yet his waist was 30 inches again, like it was when he was 23. He flexed and stared at himself in the mirror and he couldn’t help it; he came again. He shot like a fire hydrant and spattered the mirror six feet away. Bobby yanked on it appreciatively. Tom felt even hornier than he did before he came. He had to get off again and he didn’t care that it meant having sex with Bobby, who he practically despised. In fact he found himself getting harder looking at Bobby’s pretty muscle boy face and thinking about fucking it, using his throat like he’d used the Doctor’s. Bobby knelt at his feet and opened his mouth. Tom shoved his cock between Bobby’s lips and fucked Bobby’s pretty muscle boy face as hard as he had Filiep’s, only Bobby seemed to love it. Tom shot down his throat; then on the floor after Bobby broke free and milked him.

When Tom’s eyes opened he looked at his lover, the six foot four inch stud he’d loved all these years. Tom dropped to the floor on his knees eye level with his lover’s crotch. He looked up obediently into his lover’s eyes. He’d just face fucked Drake’s two best friends in front of him, but he knew watching it got his lover hot, and feeling like he did now, Tom was more than happy to give him what he liked. In fact Tom couldn’t imagine why he had resisted fucking around with Drake’s friends and fuck buddies all these years.

Drake undid his pants and hauled out the magnificent flesh tube. Though it was firm and full from standing near three muscle studs and watching his lover explode, it hung downward between his legs between his knees.

Tom wrapped his hand around it like he might a snake, raising it to his mouth. He opened wide and sucked it in, drawing it deeper and deeper, down his throat, all the while looking submissively up into his lover’s face. Although Tom was grateful that his oral talent was special and that it kept Drake in his bed, he could never understand why other guys found it so hard to devour his lover’s big thick cock. All you needed to do was relax and inhale deeply from the diaphragm.

His lover’s cock swelled appreciatively inside his throat. Drake steadied himself on Tom’s traps, twin mountains of muscle on either side of his bullish neck, and gazed down at the canyon of Tom’s spine between the thick muscles of his back. Nothing turned Drake on like muscle, and for him there was never too much of it. He loved what the three of them had turned Tom into. He loved Tom, more now than ever. He cradled Tom’s head, one hand on top, the other under his chin, where he could feel his rock-hard cock stretching his gullet as he poked around inside. When Tom looked up at him adoringly with that sex dazed look in his big blue eyes like he was doing now, it always made him hot.

Drake pulled back, drawing his dick out. He tugged under Tom’s huge arms. Tom stood. He lifted his arms, now almost as big around as his legs, and hung them around Filiep and Bobby’s necks, and leaned against the back of the couch again. His cock was limp once more and he felt it bobbing against his lower thighs, which felt like they must have been thirty-five inches around. He couldn’t see Drake over the enormity of his pecs, but he could feel his lover’s lips sucking on his dick, drawing it deep down his throat like he used to do for Drake. And he could feel his lover’s fingers slip into his ass, making way between the huge hard glutes for a thick sixteen incher that had waited all evening for this.

Drake eased off Tom’s fully erect cock. “Are you ready, Tom?” he said, now working all four fingers up his ass. “Are you ready to be my Birthday Boy?”

Tom nodded. Drake kissed him and backed him up to the dinner table. He swiped it free of the neatly set plates and silverware, letting them crash on the floor. It may have been what Tom called their wedding china, but as far as he was concerned this was their second honeymoon.

Tom raised his massive legs. Drake rested them on his skinny shoulders and spit on his long cock. As he plugged Tom’s ass, he dribbled more saliva on Tom’s cum soaked dick and worked it in hard. Tom’s ass clenched tight around his lover’s thick cock and he moaned deeply.

“Do you like being my Birthday Boy, Tom?" Drake said.

Tom arched his back, struggling to impale himself completely on his lover’s cock. His chin pointed up, he could see Filiep kissing Bobby as he helped him out of his shirt. Bobby undid his shorts and worked his gargantuan erection out. He let the baggy shorts drop to the floor and climbed up on the table on his knees. Bobby positioned his groin over Tom’s face and pointed his cock down toward Tom’s lips. Tom was so hungry for cock now he didn’t care that it was Bobby’s. In fact, seeing the massive prick, almost the same size as his lover’s, near his lips, he wanted to suck it as deep inside him as he sucked Drake’s. Bobby fed him the first few inches and Tom inhaled the rest. Bobby began fucking his throat as hard as Tom had fucked his, and Tom enjoyed taking it as much as he’d enjoyed giving it to Bobby.

"Do you like giving your lover exactly what he’s always wanted?" Drake asked. "The biggest, tightest muscle boy in the world. The hottest pig bottom, muscle boy on earth, who never gets tired of getting his big-dicked lover off, and never gets off enough himself.

What could Tom say, especially stuffed, as he was, at both ends? Of course he did, and Drake and Bobby and the Doctor all knew it. He was Drake’s Birthday Boy, now and forever.

Birthday Boy