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Liquid Muscle

By Josef Howard

"I'm going to put you in the trial for two reasons. You're one of the few applicants who is willing to let us take you to your physical limit, and you're also willing to join the company after the trial."

Dr. Hauptmann seemed an unlikely man to be running the medical trial that Wayne applied for. He barely tipped the scales at 160 pounds, though he was more than six feet tall. It made Johann wonder if the whole thing was a hoax, or subtrifuge for some secret experiment, but his lust for muscular development was more powerful than his anxiety. What they advertised was rapid, extreme muscular hypertrophy. Johann had just begun lifting. He'd made some good progress, but he was only a little more muscular than Dr. Hauptmann, and it had taken him three months to get that far. He knew that to get as big as he wanted would take years of hard work and painstaking attention to diet, even with all the drugs in the world.

"It's a liquid we give you," Dr. Hauptmann explained. "Liquid muscle one of our lab techs has called it. It passes straight through your stomach into your bloodstream and deep into your muscles. It doesn't build muscle, it IS muscle in liquid form. It fuses with your muscle tissue, making your muscles grow, ounce for ounce with the amount of liquid you drink. You don't exercise. You don't eat special food. You just come here every day and drink a couple gallons of the liquid. Sound good?"

Johann nodded.


Dr. Hauptmann shook his hand and left the room. One of Dr. Hauptmann's assistants brought the release forms and contracts. Johann signed papers for half an hour. Then the assistant took him to a waiting room, different from the one he'd been in before. Three other men were sitting there, two of them wearing shirts so tight it looked like their buttons would pop. The other was just a bit bigger than Johann. He smiled when Johann caught his eye. One by one they called them in. One by one, after a few minutes, they walked back out. The two big guys had removed their shirts before they came back through the waiting room.

Johann wondered if he was the only man in the trial who liked other men. You'd think gay men would be naturals for this kind of experiment, but he'd met plenty of straight men at the gym who got off on getting big, even openly admired other big men. Neither of the bare-chested big guys threw him a glance as his eyes locked on them. They were bigger than any men he'd seen at his gym, but then most guys there were just a few years more experienced than he was and none of them seemed really serious.

The other patients swaggered as they walked through the room. The smaller guy smiled at him again. He seemed to understand, Johann thought. Maybe he was gay. Or maybe he was just thrilled to be a part of this whole trial and as excited as Johann to see how big he'd be after a couple of weeks.

The receptionist poked his head through the door and called Johann's number. None of them went by their name in this room for the sake of their privacy. Johann was the only one left. Even the smaller guy had been called, had his treatment and left, dropping a wink in Johann''s direction as he passed by.

The treatment room was stark, concrete block walls, high frosted clearstory windows, a plastic chair, a steel table. A two gallon jug of clear, brown tinted fluid sat on the table with a clear plastic tube attached to the bottom of the jug. An attendant waited in the room standing next to the table. He looked like he'd been sampling the merchandise. He looked like he was stuffed into his white lab coat. His arms, shoulders and chest stretched the material to its limits and the connections between them created tight creases. The attendant motioned for Johann to sit. He explained that Johann needed to drink the entire jug today before he left. It always took longer the first time, but eventually he'd get the whole thing down. The fluid would start flowing into his bloodstream as soon as it landed in his stomach, making room for him to drink more. The attendant handed him the end of the tube. Johann put it into his mouth. The attendant opened the spigot. The liquid crept slowly toward his lips. When it reached his mouth Johann almost spit it out, it was so viscous and bitter. He suppressed a gag and swallowed forcefully. As soon as he had swallowed his mouth was full again. The second swallow was easier, but Johann began to wonder if he'd be able to drink it all. Still if this was the hardest part of getting big, Johann was determined to continue.

"You'll get used to it," the attendant said encouragingly. "After the first week most guys start to like the taste."

Johann kept swallowing. He could feel the cool liquid spreading from his stomach through his heart and veins. He could feel his muscles swell like he had a pump from working out. He stretched and flexed his arms. His muscles were so swollen they constricted his movement. The feeling was so unusual he stopped drinking for a minute. Then he realized the more he drank the more they would swell and he started swallowing again.

Johann feel his skin tightening. He cupped his one of his biceps in his hand. It actually filled his palm. He had a real peak. And his shirt sleeve was getting tight from his shoulders to his elbows. His lats were straining the sides of his shirt. His thighs were filling out his pant legs, and his calves were straining the narrow end of the legging.

Johann was gulping the liquid now. He didn't care how bad it tasted. The jug was almost half empty. He wondered whether his clothes would still fit when he was finished. No wonder the big guys walked out without their shirts. Obviously they'd outgrown them. Johann glanced at the attendant. The attendant was grinning.

"Feels great, huh?" he said.

Johann wouldn't stop drinking long enough to answer. He just nodded. Around his upper calves, his tapered jeans were so tight the stitching was starting to pop. The button that held his shirt closed at his chest burst and flew across the room. Under his arms the seams at the side of the shirt started to rip. The muscle the liquid built was pound for pound the same weight as the liquid, so he couldn't have put on more than ten or fifteen pounds, but ten or fifteen pounds in the right places made quite a difference. He supposed he would look a little like a gorilla in street clothes on his way home, but he didn't much care. He couldn't wait to see how he looked in the mirror when he got home.

Johann made a slurping sound as the last of the liquid drained from the jug. The attendant took the end from his mouth and told him to go home and take it easy for a few hours while his body digested what he'd drank.

"Oh, and I wouldn't buy many new clothes for a while," he chuckled as he flexed his arm and glanced at the sizeable bulge his bicep made inside his lab coat.


"How do you feel?" Dr. Hauptmann asked as the entered the room. He looked up from Johann's chart. Johann sat on the edge of the examining table, hunched over. He looked like a fucking hairless gorilla. His shoulders stretched the XXL t-shirt as tight as skin, and his upper arms were as big as hams. He wore a pair of the baggiest shorts he could find. They were loose around the waist, but he could barely get his thighs inside them.

"Like I could stop a locomotive!"

"You weigh 235? How many days has it been?"

"This is my fifth day," Johann said. Even his face was broader and more muscular. Dr. Hauptmann hardly recognized him. His traps rose steeply from his delts and engulfed his neck.

"Any side effects?" the doctor asked.

"Just lots of energy," Johann said. "I hardly sleep anymore. It's hard for me to sit still long enough to read or watch TV. I know I don't have to, but I spend a lot of time in the gym to work it off. I'm lifting weights I couldn't even have imagined lifting before. And stamina. I just don't get tired. Especially in bed. I started getting multiple orgasms -- you know, like just when you think you've stopped cumming, you're peaking all over again -- four or five in a row. Some guys like it, but it freaks most of them out." Johann realized as he spoke that he'd just told the doctor he was sleeping with men. If it shocked him, the doctor didn't show it.

"Fifty-five inch chest, 30 inch waist," the doctor read the measurements the attendant had taken. "Your arms are 21 inches. Your thighs are 30 inches. Your body fat is down to 8 percent. All that muscle burns a lot of calories. In another week or so when you get down around 3 percent you’re going to need to eat more. Your development is well balanced. Are you happy with how you look?"

"Fuckin' love it. I never thought I could get like this!"

"Good, good. Of course you're committed to the program no matter what, you know, but I'm glad you're still feeling cooperative, because we have an improved formula we're going to try on you starting today. It's denser and more biologically active. Just started administering it to the guys in the study today." The attendant entered the room. Johann may have grown, but the attendant had grown too, but not as much. He and Johann were about the same size now. "Steven will get you set up," the doctor said as he left.

So he had a name. Johann had never asked and Steven had never volunteered. They walked out into the hall. Johann turned right. Steven called out after him. "We're using a different room this time." He opened the door on a small room with lockers. "Strip down to your underwear. Leave your clothes in one of the lockers. When you're ready, I'll meet you on the other side of that door." He pointed to a door at the back of the room.

Johann shed everything but his boxers and walked through the door.

The treatment room looked like one of the doctor's offices. It was wood paneled. The walls were lined with bookcases. Two enormous guys were slouched down in wide upholstered chairs sucking on the liquid, their eyes glazed over, completely unaware of him or anything else. They were so big that Johann stopped and stared. Both of them had to be over 300 pounds, even though one of them was shorter than him.

"Over here," Steven said and pointed to an empty chair. He handed a tube to Johann. "This formula is thicker, like a milk shake," he explained. Johann could see the fluid was darker. It looked more like oil. His dick stirred inside his boxers. He noticed one of the other two guys was boned too. One of them was wearing white jockey shorts and his thick, hard cock was draped over his hip and down the side. The big vein down the center was almost the size of an ordinary man's cock. He couldn't even see the head. Johann could see his balls though. They were as big as lemons. Johann wondered if his dick had always been that big. Maybe this new stuff made your dick grow too! The other guy was wearing boxers. It was difficult to tell how well hung he was, but he had the fingers of his left hand inside the waistband and he was rubbing the side of his dick.

The liquid was thick enough that it was difficult to suck through the tube, and harder to swallow. It had the same acrid taste, only more intense, but Steven had been right. Johann had gotten used to the taste, like one gets used to black coffee, and drinking this stronger formula was like drinking Cuban coffee without the sugar. Just like the old formula, it started hitting his bloodstream as soon as it reached his stomach. It might have been the thickness or the intensity, but immediately Johann felt drowsy, light-headed. He looked around the room blankly. His veins stood out all over his body, and his nerve endings felt like they were humming. Every muscle in his body was swollen now. His skin felt as tight as a drum. Johann held his wrist in his hand and pumped his bicep, watching it bunch up like a cantalope. He straightened his arm and flexed his triceps. He curled his wrist and watched his forearm pop.

His muscles weren’t the only thing swelling. His cock had gotten hard, but then that happened every time he looked at himself. Steven had left the room. Johann brushed his thick cock with his fingers. Neither of the other guys were looking at him or each other. It was like they couldn’t even see him. But he could see them, and he liked what he saw. The short one was fucking unbelievable. Arms as big as his tiny waist, and shoulders and traps like a pyramid up to his ears. Johann pulled his cock out of his jockey shorts and let it point straight up. He’d never been ashamed of his endowment. Most guys thought he was on the large side, but fuck would it be cool if the new stuff made him bigger there too. Johann studied the guy in the boxers. Shit, that was his dick pointing out the leg, and it was thicker than a horse’s cock. Johann grabbed his cock and squeezed. Damn, this all felt good. Through the wide slit in the head he oozed a stream of pre-cum. Johann rubbed it over his dick head. All the muscles in his body tensed and he could feel how much bigger he was than when he’d sat down.

He looked up to see the short guy again and saw him playing with himself too. Man, his dick sure wasn’t short! Must have been a good ten inches! A couple minutes later the guy was squirting all over himself, still not aware of anything in the room but himself. Johann wanted to walk over and suck the rest of the cream out, but he didn’t want to stop drinking. He was about a third of the way through his bottle and he felt like a fuckin’ god!

The door opened. Steven was back in the room with a towel. The short guy had finished his bottle and Steven was wiping the cum from his chest. Was he watching from another room, or was masturbation common with this new formula?

Steven helped the guy to his feet and led him out of the room. Johann exchanged glances with him as he left the room, but he didn’t stop playing with himself. It felt too good. The big guy didn’t even acknowledge him, but Steven smiled.

The tall one still in the room was almost to the end of his liquid. He was boned now and furiously jacking his thick uncut horse cock. His pecs were bouncing. His arm muscles were engorged with blood and hard as rock. His eyes rolled back into his head; his hips thrust. Just before he shot he looked over at Johann. It was all the attention Johann needed to cum simultaneously with him. His buddy across the room shot like a fire hose, like he wasn’t even human – thick, long streams that flew straight up over his head over three feet – five, six times. His straw sucked air as he stopped. Steven walked in the room with three towels -- one for the big guy, one to wipe up the floor, and one that he tossed nonchalantly in Johann’s direction.

The big guy pulled his boxer’s off, and as he wiped himself clean his eyes locked with Johann’s. Their dicks started inflating again, and as Steven led the guy out of the room, the guys head swiveled, staring at Johann as his monster cock bobbed in front of him. As he walked out of the room, Johann was struck by how much bigger the guy was than when he had first noticed him. He was almost the equal of the shorter man.

Johann looked down at himself and noticed how much bigger he’d gotten since he sat down. His arms were thicker. His pecs stood out from his chest. And his thighs were so wide he couldn’t put his knees together. His cock was still stiff and getting stiffer as he flexed and enjoyed the view. It was thicker too, and almost a foot long. He rubbed a little left over cum into his cock head and swooned. He felt electricity in his balls, felt his cock swell and start spitting juice again.

Johann wiped himself off again with the wet towel and stood up to flex some more. Damn room should have mirrors, he thought. Still he was sticking out so much in all directions it was easy to see how big he had gotten. He was almost finished with his jug and his arms had to be 24 inches. His chest was at least 55 inches, maybe more because his lats were so wide that every time he stood up straight they pushed his arms out to his side. Johann wondered how much bigger he could get and for a fleeting second he felt a little scared. Would he end up like some muscle bound version of Jaba the Hut, immobilized by his own mass, dependent on attendants to feed him?

As he finished the last of the liquid, Steven entered the room. He smiled broadly at their guinea pig and took the end of the tube from his hand. "Take my hand," he told Johann, "You're going to feel light headed for a while. I'll take you to the recovery room." He took Johann's hand as he stood up.

Steven led him down a deserted hall, unlocked a door and held it open for him, but he didn't walk in the room. "There are some loose fitting medical pants and pullovers you can wear when you're rested. I don't expect the clothes you wore will fit."

Johann walked in. The lights were dim, but he could clearly see the two guys who had been in the treatment room with him. He could clearly see them fucking.

(more to come)

Liquid Muscle