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Food of Love

By Josef Howard
(c) 2009

“A toast, then, to new romantic adventures,” Brice offered, his wildly muscular arm raised over the dinner table laden with an elaborate feast. His lover, Ali, grinned and raised his outrageously large arm in unison, and Mark, their new roommate, slightly inebriated from the pre-dinner cocktails, joined them.

Mark was still not sure what he was letting himself in for having agreed to be roommates with the hugely muscular gay couple he had met at the gym and chummed with for the last few months. But last week his girl friend had dumped him, putting him out of their shared apartment and turning him into a serial sofa sleeper, spending a night or two at each of his male friends’ homes. Finally he’d run out of friends to impose upon.

Mark had known Brice and Ali for several years, since he joined the gym in the Mission District. Brice and Ali worked out all the time, it seemed, because it didn’t matter when Mark went to the gym. He always saw them there. It was a serious gym, filled with many talented amateurs and the occasional visiting pro, but Brice and Ali outshone them all. They were the biggest men in the gym, spotting each other as they lifted unbelievable weights to the astonishment of the rest of the regulars. Yet Brice and Ali were not aloof. They made friends with everyone, although Mark suspected they were auditioning every guy they spoke to as a potential sexual conquest the two of them might ensnare and share.

When Brice and Ali heard about his predicament they offered to let him stay with them. They had a huge house. There was no reason he couldn’t sleep in one of their guest rooms for a few weeks.

Tonight, the first night of the new arrangement, Brice and Ali had cooked a feast for the three of them. It was as they sat down to eat that Brice raised his glass to toast.

Even a straight man like Mark had to admit they were a striking couple. Brice was a dirty blond with wide jaw, a button nose, a constant five o’clock shadow and chest hair that couldn’t be kept inside any shirt he wore. Ali was a classically beautiful African man, but with light blue eyes. Their physiques were practically cartoonish. Although Mark had spent very little time browsing muscle magazines, because he wasn’t particularly interested in getting really big, he knew that both Brice and Ali were bigger than any of the current champions. Brice admitted to having 25 inch arms, cold. Ali acceded to breaking 26 inches a few months ago. He’d watched them bench 900 pounds for five sets of twelve more times than he could remember.

Although the quantities of food they feasted on that evening exceeded the gastronomic capabilities of six normal men, every dish fit with the slavish diet of a serious bodybuilder. Mark had never followed a diet as strictly as he knew he should. He figured after a few weeks of eating with Brice and Ali he’d probably cut up and put on ten pounds.

Not that Mark needed to improve his appearance. He lifted mostly to improve his athletic abilities in other sports, so he didn’t get huge, but still he had tightened his muscularity, developed washboard abs and generous proportions that titillated men who enjoyed other men. Even before he started lifting Mark had attracted gay men like picnics attract ants.

Across the dinner table his hosts’ across the dinner table as brightly as the candle light glinting off the silver. As Mark looked at the two of them looking at him, he considered what it might be like to be sandwiched between the two of them – not that he was sexually attracted to men, but their bodies were so outrageously powerful it was hard not to think of them sexually. Mark wondered what they looked like with each other, what they did, how their faces looked strained in ecstasy. It didn’t help that it had been several days since he’d slept with his ex and was in no shape emotionally to meet other women.

There were plenty of extra bedrooms in the mansion, but the one Brice and Ali chose for Mark was arguably the most spectacular. It had been a conservatory originally. It was built entirely of glass on the roof of the house with a view of the City in all directions. A pedestal bed situated in the center of the room made Mark feel as though he were part of some citywide window display. One had to be very comfortable with ones appearance to walk around the room at night when the lights were still on.

The bright city lights kept Mark awake longer than usual and made him sleep more lightly than usual. Deep into the night Mark heard a floor board creak. He opened his eyes. In the shadows near the door stood a massive silhouette, a bare-chested man-mountain in boxer shorts with almost no neck.

“Just checking on you.” It was Brice’s voice. “Do you need anything?” He stepped closer.

Before Mark could decide how to answer, Brice stepped closer. It was a hot evening and Mark had been sleeping with the covers pulled back. Brice took his engorged cock, visible through his white jockey shorts, as a yes. He walked closer, his own dick long enough to hang out beyond the bottom of his boxer short leggings, bouncing in front of him. It was another way Brice and Ali intimidated their straight friends. Not even the straightest man could take his eyes off their boa constrictor cocks as they walked from the showers to the lockers. Mark had considered himself gifted before he met the two of them.

Brice crawled up from the foot of the bed between Mark’s legs, warming his cock with hot breath through Mark’s shorts. By the time Brice pulled down the waistband of Mark’s shorts, Mark’s long, fat dick was standing straight up, presenting itself, and Brice made a show of devouring it full staff in one gulp, taking Mark’s breath away.

It was an open secret that gay men gave better head than women because they had both enjoyed and entertained the plumbing, and Brice confirmed the myth. At first Mark kept his eyes closed and thought about women, but the job Brice was doing was so good, Mark couldn’t resist opening them and watching the man’s mouth slide up and down his delighted cock. Between deep lunges burying it down his throat, Brice spent what felt like hours licking and sucking on just the head, digging under the foreskin with his tongue, and making Mark hard as a nail and making his dick feel like a balloon about to burst. Brice finally began a series of full cock slurping sucks that made Mark’s heart pound until the cum burst from his balls.

The next morning not a word or even a sideways glanced passed between Brice and Mark. It was as if nothing had ever happened, yet the following night Mark had hardly even climbed into bed before Ali was standing next to his bed, his long, thick cock rising between them, his hands pulling back the covers to unveil Mark’s prick, rock hard in anticipation.

Ali was every bit as skilled with his mouth as Brice, a fact that made Mark fantasize about the two of them in sixty-nine, vigorously devouring each other’s enormous cocks with uncommon skill, and brought him to a climax far quicker than he wanted..

But Ali didn’t stop there. After rolling Mark’s tingling soft cock around his hips and thighs with his large hands awhile, after he sensed Mark’s dick beginning to swell once more, Ali began to finger Mark’s ass. At first he stayed outside, giving Mark just enough anal pleasure to inflate his spent prick, but not long after he had Mark back in his mouth, his thick, warm thumb poked past Mark’s sphincter and massaged his prostrate gland.

It wasn’t the first time Mark had had a finger up his ass. Hell, just about ever woman he’d slept with knew that trick. But Mark suspected that when a man like Ali put a digit up an ass, he was halfway to plugging that orifice with a different extremity. Yet, the combination of Ali’s thumb and his mouth was so hot, Mark didn’t want to stop him.

Only when Ali pulled back and he saw the enormously muscular dark-skinned man lit by the dim city lights, his impossibly large cock swollen and pointing up past the bottom of his pecs, only then did a shiver of fear shake Mark’s body. But the touch of Ali’s thumb at the door to Mark’s ass as Ali found his way in the dark reminded Mark of the pleasure possibilities.

As Ali raised and spread Mark’s legs, Mark had an out of body sensation, as though this wasn’t him this was happening to, as wide as his ass was stretched around the head of Ali’s cock. And when Ali propped himself up with his hands on either side of Mark’s shoulders, Mark began feeling up Ali’s impressively muscular arms, something he could never have pictured himself wanting to do before now.

The heat in Mark’s loins rose as he opened to Ali’s slow advance. Through the intense shivers of pleasure that radiated from his ass, Mark barely noticed how hard and wet his cock had become. He could feel his balls sucked tight against his groin. He could feel his purplish prick straining against his abs, but mostly he felt the monstrous member pressing deeper.

Ali shook his head once as he bottomed out inside his roomy, then slowly allowed himself to fall back, leaving Mark hungry for another assault with every inch that vacated him.

Even in the relative darkness Mark could see how insanely Ali’s muscles bunched and tightened as he fucked him, and the vicarious pleasure of penetrating someone intensified the pleasure of getting fucked.

Their sexual rhythm built into an incredible buzz that rose and rose until Mark felt himself emptying his jism spontaneously, spraying his chest, his chin and his face.

Before he had stopped, Ali had caught up and he felt a rush of warm liquid spraying inside him.

After a slow retreat from his ass, Ali kissed Mark’s wet belly lightly and left the room as quietly as he’d entered.

So began a repeating pattern of nocturnal visits by one or the other of Mark’s new roommates. As much as Mark loved women, he found he loved the sex with Brice and Ali even more

As Mark anticipated, the food his new roommates fed him, began to show on his body. Or maybe it was just that he was putting more time in the gym now that he wasn’t dating. Whatever the reason, Mark’s pants began to get tighter in the ass and the legs. His shirtsleeves felt constricting and even with the top button open, his shirts impinged on his neck. Mark didn’t want to be really big, but he had to admit it felt sexy to be growing, to be getting hard all over his body.

His slow physical improvements made him feel more worthy of the studly couple’s nightly visits. The only thing he couldn’t understand was why their physical attentions never spilled over into the daylight. Mark often found himself lingering near them as they passed in the hall and enjoying their friendly embraces more than he had before, but he never sensed they acknowledged the physical nature of their relationship when they were clothed.

Was it possible that neither of them knew that the other visited him every night. Admittedly the alternation between the two of them was not perfectly symmetrical, lending the appearance that they might not be sharing him by mutual consent, but if neither knew of the other’s activities, how was it possible that the two of them had never arrived in the bedroom by chance on the same night?

Yet the lack of daylight acknowledgement made the situation easier for Mark emotionally. He wasn’t quite sure he was ready to have a real relationship with another man, and surely if they acknowledged him in their home, it would eventually lead to obvious overtures in the gym in front of their mutual friends. For now he could deflect the prurient inquiries of his straight gym buddies about his living arrangement by simply saying Brice and Ali’s sexuality wasn’t a problem for him, even if he had exceeded the original agreed timeframe for staying with them.

Still his friends at the gym were suspicious. The changes in Mark’s body were beginning to be more noticeable. At first his muscles had merely been tight cords that bunched when he moved. Now they were bulbous masses of sinew that bulged through his clothes and threatened to burst seams. Both his arms and his neck broke the 20 inch mark. Another mark passed merely because his size was important enough that he measured himself and spoke about it. The changes on top of Mark’s already stunning frame drove women and gay men crazy, but Mark had no eyes for either. The gay men understood him to be straight. The women understood him to be on the rebound. On some level this transformation into a man more like his two roomies seemed to imply a closeness of spirit. Or at least a shared purpose or pharmacological regime.

His straight friends could talk openly about his muscular growth, but none of them could bring themselves to mention the spectacularly obvious growth of the meat between his newly thick thighs. They couldn’t understand how that could be affected by diet and workout. Mark couldn’t either, but he didn’t care. It was another change that made him feel more confident, more worthy of his roomies’ attentions. It obviously delighted both Brice and Ali, and their reaction made Mark half suspect that he might be capable of driving a wedge between the two of them, not that he wanted to.

There was one final change that no one but Mark noticed, with the exception of Brice and Ali, who never spoke of it. That was the matter of his “loads”. Whenever Mark came, and he came much more frequently now, he came much, much longer, and the volume of spunk he expelled was far beyond anything he had thought was humanly possible.

No matter how much he came, Brice and Ali drank it all, whether it fired down their throats our whether they lapped it up from his chest, arms and face.

The changes accelerated when Brice and Ali invited Mark to train with them. He could only lift half their poundage at first, but the psychological push of lifting with the two of them and seeing how easily they controlled all that iron drove him to try harder. Every time he left the gym his muscles felt stretched larger than they had ever been before, filled with so much blood he could hardly bend.

When he was able to lift three quarters of their weights his body had become so extreme that no one could doubt he was hard core. Nothing he did could hide it. Short of Brice and Ali he was the largest man in the gym and could have stepped on any bodybuilding stage in the world and placed in the top three. His shoulders were four times as wide as his waist, and his lats pressed his arms out further still. His legs were so wide they forced themselves apart so that it was impossible for him to touch his knees together.

On the night of his third month in house of Brice and Ali, as the three of them rose from the dinner table, Brice pressed his body against Mark and gave him an open mouthed kiss. If that weren’t enough of a shock, Ali pressed against his back and kissed him on the neck. The two of them pulled his shirt over his head and began to devour his body right there in the dining room. When he was naked between them, Brice and Ali took turns slurping his cock while the other kissed and fondled his body from behind, sliding an elephantine cock between his ass cheeks and up the crevice of his back muscles.

The doubled stimulus of both their bodies brought Mark to a climax in record time, and as he came in long, forceful streams of milky honey, Brice and Ali took turns drinking his juice. When his orgasm finally abated, Mark was too weak-kneed to stand. Brice lowered him to a chair. Ali kissed him on the forehead, and the two of them walked hand in hand out of the room and upstairs to their bedroom, their fully engorged cocks pointing straight up and rubbing their chests.

Mark could not believe it. He thought this first act of shared love was the start of a deeper more affectionate relationship between them. He thought it would at least result in an invitation to share their bed that one night. Yet they left him sitting with the dirty dishes, feeling as consumed and forgotten as the meal they had just shared.

After wiping himself with the napkins and briefly considering clearing the table, Mark thought to himself, ‘fuck it’. He left his clothing on the floor in the small pile where he had stood as they had had their way with him and walked naked up the stairs after them.

The door to their bedroom was wide open, whether as an invitation to watch or join in or merely a careless act of wanton lust Mark could not decide. Whatever the motivation had been neither of them noticed as Mark stood in the doorway and watched Brice sliding his donkey cock deeply in and out of his lover’s welcoming ass. The two of them were more enraptured with each other than Mark had ever seen any other couple, more even than he had felt with either of them in all the weeks they had made love. It was as though the whole of the world had stopped all around them. Nothing existed but their lust for each other and the paroxysms of passion they shared.

The sight of them made Mark hornier than he had ever been, yet as he moved around them, touched them, even entered the ass of Brice as they fucked – nothing he did registered with either of them. How could they have loved him so forcefully just a few minutes before and now ignore him completely? Had the bond between them always been this strong?

The next morning nothing was said of the events of the prior evening. Still it started a new, maddening phase of their relationship for Mark. He had never felt more attracted anyone than the two of them, even emotionally connected in a way he thought he could never be with a man. He had never felt more worthy of their attention, yet they still treated him as no more than a friend in public, and even in private in their home, except for the minutes before they left him for their separate bed, the sexual nature of their relationship was never acknowledged.

Still none of that kept Mark from trying to earn their attention. He pushed himself even harder as they worked out together. In that one area at least he was not frustrated. It was not long before he not only lifted the same weights as the two of them, he began to exceed their limits.

If Mark thought that would change things, he was wrong. The two of them congratulated him on his accomplishments and heaped praise on his increased size as he passed even their immense proportions, but it won him no added considerations of affection. If anything it seemed to Mark they began to consider him less than themselves, someone who belonged to them and had no other choice but to stay with them.

Mark considered moving out, but he was in worse shape financially than he had been when he moved in. His ridiculous development had torpedoed his job. Not only had he been unable to dress professionally, his appearance made his co-workers uneasy around him, and the distance that developed led to performance problems that made his position untenable. Mark’s other friends, while still cordial, had also become distant. Gone were the days they envied him. Now they simply couldn’t understand him. Why would he do what he did to himself? What would make anyone do that?

It seemed that the only thing that kept Mark going was the sex with Brice and Ali. No matter how lonely he felt when they left him, for the moments they loved his body, he felt essential, vital, powerful and desired. That feeling, that moment, became the central part of his life.

A reticent man, Mark had always found it difficult to talk about relationships. Perhaps that was why none of his had lasted more than a few months, but one evening as they were beginning their meal, before the end was in sight, before any of them could fixate what they expected was next, Mark put down his silverware and asked them what was going on. “What am I to the two of you?”

A look flashed between the two of them, sharpened by the glint of a shared smile.

“Dear Mark,” Brice said to him, “we know you have developed feelings for us.”

Tears welled up in Mark’s eyes against his will. “If you know that, why –“ but he couldn’t complete the sentence for sobbing.

Ali stood and kissed his head. Under Ali’s clothing, Mark could see his cock swell. Not even his sorrow quelled their lust. “It will be hard to understand,” Ali told him. “We are not the same as you are.”

“I know that you’re gay. That doesn’t explain it.”

“No, Mark, we are not even really human. Our kind have shared the earth with you for centuries in seclusion, until one of us discovered the symbiosis that was possible between our species.”

The absurdity of what he was saying stopped Mark’s tears.

“Our fluids are not like yours,” Brice continued. “Ours do not impregnate. We don’t reproduce that way. We have no separate sexes. But what we discovered was that our fluids could change the males of your species into something very special to us. It changes your fluids – your seed – into a kind of psychedelic aphrodisiac for us. Along the way it also changes your appearance. It makes you bigger, more muscular than your kind usually grows, even bigger than us. For some men this, plus the joy we give as we drink from you, is enough.”

“You expect me to believe that all I am to you is some kind of cow?”

“We don’t expect anything from you. You are free to leave whenever you want. You stay because you want to stay, or you leave because you want to leave. The changes you’ve gone through will stay with you, at least for a good while, maybe longer than you want them to,” Ali said as he lifted Mark to his feet. Ali kissed him and pulled down his pants. As much as he wanted to resist, as much as he wanted to leave, Mark’s cock wanted to stay. Nothing felt as good as the two of them on him, in him. He may not stay forever, but for now he wasn’t budging.

Food of Love