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the Deal

By Josef Howard
(c) 2007

When Rob opened his eyes he saw a stranger standing naked near the couch. Rob had been laying on his living room sofa enshrouded by wisps of smoke from a spent joint. Deep in a sexual fantasy, his eyes had been closed and his hands had been massaging his cock inside his boxers, the only clothing he wore.

Tall, brown skinned with black beard stubble, he was a man Rob might have fantasized being. He was muscular and hairy, and between his thick thighs hung a dick well over a foot long, marbled with thick veins. High on his forehead near the hair line sprouted a pair of dark, curled goat horns.

The horned stranger crossed his huge arms over his bulging chest and grinned.

Rob might have been startled, or frightened, but floating in the thick haze of his marijuana high he only asked, “Who are you?”

The horned man grinned. “I am who you think I am. Yet I wager that what you feel is lust more than fear.”

Rob didn’t acknowledge it, but the stranger was right. His cock was fully engorged with blood inside his loose boxer shorts and lifting the cotton away from his leg.

Rob’s lazy, dilated eyes roved over the stranger’s body, and he thoroughly enjoyed everything that he saw. Below his huge crossed forearms his abs descended between widely flaring lats in tight round pairs then tucked into a pair of symmetical Nike swoosh-shaped obliques that girded his narrow waist. His muscular hips were framed by thick buttocks that blended into thighs with enormous quads ending in well formed teardrops, and between them hung the largest sausage Rob had ever seen on a man. It twisted slightly as if it had a life of its own, drawing his attention. His mouth watered, he wanted so badly to taste the meaty head. It looked bigger than he could fit into his mouth, but he relished the chance to try.

“Go ahead,” the stranger coaxed him, “touch it.”

The stranger’s cock wiggled in Rob’s direction. Rob sat up and put his hand around its middle. He felt the warm tender meat swell at his touch and lengthen, as though it wasn’t already more than anyone could desire. When had firmed and straightened he leaned in and licked the head. The stranger pulled his face closer. Rob opened wide and sucked the head into his mouth. He swirled his tongue around the thick intruder, feeling it stiffen inside him as it lifted upward from between the stranger’s strong thighs, forcing Rob to sit up straighter himself.

The head filled his mouth completely and as the stranger pushed the first few inches of his shaft further inside, Rob began to gag. He backed off and stared it the monster poking at his face as he worked his spittle down the steely shaft.

The horned stranger pulled Rob’s face down on it again. “Go ahead, enjoy it. I’ll help.”

Before Rob had a chance to wonder what he meant, the swarthy man’s pole was pushing at the back of his mouth again. Only this time Rob DIDN’T gag. This time he felt his throat stretching as the stranger’s gigantic cock pushed down deeply into his throat. It was impossibly easy and so erotic that Rob’s hard cock, sticking out the fly hole of his shorts, began to drizzle pre-cum, glazing his cock head with shiny slickness. Rob worked it down his dick as the stranger went deeper until Rob’s widely stretched lips were sucking the hairy root and the stranger’s ostrich egg-sized gonads grazed his chin and tickled his neck. The horny gentleman withdrew and forced his way down again, this time eliciting a deep rumbling appreciative moan from Rob’s distended throat. Rob felt the cock down in his chest, and it felt damn good! Better than being fucked, better, in a surprisingly odd way, than cumming. Rob tilted his head up and looked up with adoration into the stranger’s face. His dazzling white teeth were clenched in ecstasy as he worked himself into a face fucking frenzy.

The harder he fucked, the thicker his cock. The thicker his cock the more Rob swooned as he beat his meat. Finally the stranger threw back his head, his equine neck bulging with reddish veins, his chest, arms and shoulders popping in bold relief, his entire body shot through with fantastic striations, and Rob felt his hot cum spewing into his stomach. Rob beat his pre-cum coated cock as furiously as he could while being impaled on what had to be eighteen inches of cock and squirted so hard he drenched his own neck.

Slowly, savoring the feeling of every last inch of his still engorged cock slithering up out of Rob’s throat, the stranger withdrew. As it fell from Rob’s red lips, Rob drew a deep breath. It was the first he’d been able to take since the stranger had entered his throat, yet he wasn’t out of breath!

The stranger pulled on his long, thick cock, coaxing the last dribbles of cum from his piss slit and laughing at how completely he’d subjugated his young friend and how totally he’d enjoyed it. He let his cock flop down and lifted Rob to his feet. He put Rob’s hands on his mammoth chest. Rob caressed it and tongued his nipples.

He loved the stranger’s body as though it were his own, and he wished it could be his own with all of his being.

The stranger raised his arms, thick with bulging biceps, and flexed his them. Rob’s eyes widened. The stranger laughed. He seemed to know how badly Rob lusted after his body and it amused him to encourage his lust. His arms swept smoothly down to his sides, tightening his traps, shoulders, chest, abs, arms and thighs, making them swell so much they appeared they might burst. It was the most erotic most-muscular Rob had ever seen. Rob’s face was flush. His whole body tingled. He was delirious with lust. He could hear his heart beat harder and faster. Rob’s cock was rising up again.

“You want this. Not like you just had it. You want to be this. That’s why I’m here.”

Rob knew he was right. He would give anything to have a body like that. He’d been working out since he was fifteen, and he’d put on some size, but he’d never done what he knew you needed to do to get that big.

“What do you want?” Rob asked.

“A simple exchange.” he answered.

“You want my soul, then?”

The massively muscular man laughed again. “I tell you what. I’ll let you take it for a test drive. No charge, no obligation. One day free. From now until tomorrow at sunset.”

Rob sat down on the sofa. His eyes worshipped the full roundness of the stranger’s physique. It was more marvelous than any he had ever seen, even in pictures. It was bigger, more beautiful than any man on earth. He’d fantasized about bodies not half as big and hard as this since before he could remember. He wanted nothing as long or as much as to have such a massively muscular body, to be inside such a construct, to feel so powerfully alive. He swallowed. What could he lose? “You’re on.”

The stranger laughed. Rob looked up at his heaving chest, admiring how the uncontrolled laughter made his pecs separate into two massive chords of fleshy steel from the center of his breastbone. Rob blinked. The tenor of the laughter had changed. He heard his voice laughing. Yet he was not. He felt himself standing. He looked down over the same huge pecs he had admired from below. In the periphery of his vision he could see huge hard globes of shoulder muscle, HIS shoulders! And in front of him, sitting on the sofa was himself, or at least his former body, grinning like he had seen the stranger grin.

“What? You switched?” Rob felt the deep vibrations of his powerful new voice inside his chest.

“I had to go somewhere,” he heard his old voice say. “Even for one day there must be some kind of exchange. And you won’t being using it.”

The sight of his new body in the mirror over the fireplace had already distracted him from the potential perils of his situation. The body he had admired. It was him now. He felt immensely strong. The thickly entwined muscles of his back held his shoulders back, widening his stance. As he stiffened his lats, his elbows were pushed away from his sides. The steely girdle of his abdominal muscles forced his meaty chest high. He felt he could do anything. He looked up at his face. “You left the horns,” he said, feeling them with his hands. They were smooth and hard, like ivory.

“You liked them on me.”

“But – “

“Keep them for the day. If you decide you don’t want them, I’ll get rid of them before we finalize the deal.”

The stranger reached out for Rob’s thick, meaty cock and tugged on it. Rob moaned. He heard his former voice laughing.

“Feels real good, doesn’t it?” The stranger sucked on his cock head. “Time to try it out.” The man he had once been sucked and slurped aggressively at Rob’s new cock and in seconds it stood straight out in front of him. Rob rubbed his rough calloused hands down his chest, over the ridges of his abs. “God! It feels so good to feel myself and to feel my old self feeling me!” he thought. He put both hands behind the stranger’s new blond treassed head and pulled him down on his cock, but the stranger pulled free. He leaned back on the sofa, raised his legs and pointed with his fingers to his winking asshole.

Rob grasped his legs by the ankles and leaned down poking toward the tight hole. The stranger guided his blunt cock and Rob pushed inside. The tight hold stretched, but barely accommodated the head of his new tool. Rob would not be denied. He raised the strangers ankles higher and wider and let his thunderous weight force himself in. The stranger cried out in pain, but Rob couldn’t hear over the pounding of his heart, and even if he had he couldn't have forced himself to stop fucking if he'd wanted to.

Rob withdrew, but only to try another position. The little man under him made a move to pull himself away, but Rob held him down and flipped him over. He laid him over the back of the couch, climbed up on the cushions behind him and pierced his asshole again. Before tonight Rob had always been more of a bottom, but right now, struggling against this tight bottomed guy he no longer recognized as having been himself, he was getting more excited by the minute forcing the slut to service his cock. He yanked the little guy's ass back hard into his groin and thrust into it. He twizzled both his nipples and felt his thickly muscled chest. This little queer was lucky to have him, he thought. Who wouldn't be? He twisted him slightly to the side and raised one of his legs to get a better angle at his ass. Damn! He was almost there, and when he came this fuck bag was going to get gut full of juicy cum. He could feel it swelling up inside his groin and fighting for freedom. Everytime he plunged into that ass it got closer to overflow. Finally it was all too much and he started thumping the guy's ass like a trip hammer, jerking inside him, pumping air at first, then feeling the jism fly through his cock, pushing through to his piss slit and pouring into that tight ass. Long, thick jets of cum pulling free of his cock like rope being yanking through it. The harder he fucked the more intense the release. The thick coat of sweat all over his stony body was finally so full he was dripping on the couch, the floor and this guy's back. He wrapped his thickly muscled arms around the little guy's chest and pulled him up tight against his own rough, hairy pecs, squeezing the air out of him as he continued to fuck him. Even when the cum was all spent he kept fucking and his cock kept spasming. Not until the prodigious strength of his huge new body was exhausted did he stop thrusting and collapse on top of the little guy, pinning him under him.

As his heart rate slowed, his dick began to soften a bit, although it was still hard. He rolled off his friend and chuckled. His chuckle broke into hilarious, deep throated hysterical laughter. His whole body shook uncontrollably. What a fuck! What a fucking body! If he never lived another day he could die tonight content. But that wasn't going to happen. He was already starting to get his strength back. His cock, propped up against his hairy chest was starting to bob in front of his face demanding attention. He wrapped his hands around as much of it as he could and twisted it. Shockwaves of ecstacy flooded every nerve. How could he ever give this up?

He slapped his friend on the butt. "Hey, buddy. You ready to go another round?" He laughed again. "I'm getting horny. Can you believe it?" His friend didn't move. "Hey, buddy, you want to suck my cock again?" Still no response. He rolled him over on his side. His eyes were open but unresponsive. Rob felt his wrist. There was no pulse.

Suddenly he recognized his former body and realized it was dead. He jumped to his feet, crushing the cocktail table next to the couch. He backed away from the body. He had no where to go now when the day was over. He was trapped. He looked around the room. He was alone. "Come back! Where did you go?" The only sound in the room was his own voice.

the Deal