The story of AlphaMale was inspired by the Marvel comics hero Captain America, which is especially appropriate since his comics origin in the early 1940s may have been the first muscle growth story in comics history. It certainly must have been the first time the phrase "super soldier" was written. I wanted to write a story about what it must be like to be suddenly inside a body like Captain America's and to suddenly find ones self to be a superhero. Of course my muscle growth stories are erotic fiction, and I try not to make the reader wait more than a paragraph or two before describing something arousing or providing some sort of a sex scene. The easiest way to get there quickly was to have AlphaMale fool around with his side-kick. That led me to consider that Beta Boy had always had a crush on AlphaMale. And that led me to consider that perhaps AlphaMale's previous struggles and relationships could all be resolved through the mindset of a gay man -- the man who now inhabited his body.